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Results on paper!!

The list below sets out all of the results I have in paper form which have not been, or cannot be, reproduced within the site for various reasons. Some of the results sheets are not mine(!) but I have retained these over the years, out of interest. Some of these will get re-typed into the web site in time, so may disappear from this list!

If you should want a copy of any of these results, please send me a LARGE (at least A4 size) stamped addressed envelope plus a payment of 10p per page of results, by cheque payable to 'John Schofield'. Some results are a single sheet, some are several sheets (especially the multi-discipline events). The minimal charge is intended to be an fair charge for each set of results, bearing in mind the page count.

Please don't ask for more than about 10 pages of results at a time without enclosing an additional SAE or more postage paid, otherwise you may find that part of your 'page cost' goes towards additional postage.

I hope that there is something of interest for you 'veteran' runners and that you can fill a gap or two in your collection. If you have 'spare' results you'd like to put into this library, please get in touch. Details at the bottom of the page.
Running events - Multi-Discipline events
Running events
DateEvent titlePages
8 February 1987Habergham 9 Road Race, Burnley5
29 April 1987Ian Woodward Memorial 10 Road Race, Chorley11
3 May 1987Witton Park 10k, Blackburn2
6 June 1987Warton 10k, Preston2
14 June 1987Reebok 10k, Bolton3
19 July 1987Westhoughton 10k2
9 August 1987Ashurst Beacon 10k Road Race, Newburgh2
16 August 1987Rishton 2.5 mile Fun Run2
16 August 1987Westwood 73
31 August 1987Blackburn Borough 10k1
5 September 1987Kirkham 10k Road Race2
6 September 1987Windmill Half-Marathon, Lytham10
20 September 1987Oldham 10k9
27 September 1987Darwen United Fun Run (untimed!)2
27 September 1987Darwen United 10k Road Race (untimed!!)2
4 October 1987Burnley Fire Station 72
25 October 1987Accrington 10k4
28 November 1987Wesham 10k2
8 February 1988Habergham 9 (8.3), Burnley4
10 April 1988Myerscough Country Canter Half Marathon and Fun Run2
22 May 1988Witton Park 10k, Blackburn4
8 June 1988Horwich RMI Series, Race 22
13 July 1988Horwich RMI Series, Race 3 (part incorrect draft)2
28 June 1988Banbury 5 (Oxon)2
7 August 1988Newburgh 10k1
10 August 1988Horwich RMI Series, Race 42
21 August 1988Lincoln 10k Classic10
4 September 1988Windmill Half Marathon7
20 May 1990Witton Park 10k, Blackburn2
30 June 1991Darwen Dashers 5, Darwen1
8 September 1991Bury 10 Mile Road Race2
20 October 1991Heritage Rollercoaster Half-Marathon, Darwen1
12 May 19929th Annual Colin Robinson 5 Mile, Rochdale3
27 May 1992Neil Horsfield's Peelers 'n' Weavers Road Race, Rochdale2
21 June 1992Cowpe Fair Fell Race, Rossendale1
9 August 1992Bury and Radcliffe 10k2
16 August 1992Capricorn Fulton Bacup 10k1
13 September 1992Bury 10 Mile Road Race2
18 October 1992Heritage Rollercoaster Half-Marathon, Darwen3
28 February 1993Snake Lane 10, Pocklington3
27 March 1993Salford Harriers 5km Road Race2
9 April 1993Salford Harriers 10k Road Race2
27 April 1993Colin Robinson 5 Mile, Rochdale2
26 May 1993Dave Lewis's Peelers 'n' Weavers 5.5, Rochdale2
30 May 1993Barnard Castle Meet 10 (also poor Fun Run)4+
14 July 1993Lancaster and Morecambe 10k Road Race2
8 August 1993Bury and Radcliffe 10k1
15 August 1993Blackburn College (Witton Park) 10k and Fun Run3
17 October 1993Heritage Rollercoaster Half-Marathon, Darwen2
2 October 1994Radcliffe Ladies 5k Race1
3 May 1995Hemsworth 5k Road Race1
3 May 1995Hemsworth Junior Road Race1
10 May 1995Pontefract 5k Road Race1
10 May 1995Pontefract Junior Road Race1
26 May 1995Wakefield 5k Road Race1
26 May 1995Wakefield Junior Road Race1
3-26 May 1995Wakefield Junior Road Race Series3
3-26 May 1995Wakefield 5k Road Race Series6
4 April 1998Coniston 148
Triathlon/Duathlon events
DateEvent titlePages
30 May 1994West Lancs Sprint/Novice Triathlon6
21 August 1994Wakefield Triathlon (Nat. Olympic Champs)15
6 July 1996Otley Triathlon3
20 October 1996Dearne Valley 10-60-5 and 5-30-5 Duathlons2
19 October 1997Yorkshire Duathlon, Barnsley1
7 December 1997Wombwell Winter MB Series Duathlon1
1 January 1998New Luce Duathlon (aborted cycle)1
11 January 1998Wombwell Winter MB Series Duathlon1
1999Pendle Triathlon and Quadrathlon9
 Any enquiries, please feel free to Email me via the Contact page, telephone (01254) 723029

The address to write to is John Schofield, 1 Sutton Street, Feniscowles, Blackburn BB2 5ES