Missing from the results?

Sometimes tags (chips) don't work - they may have been damaged in the post, or bent and the internal wiring broken, or just be faulty. Sometimes the timekeepers may have missed recording you as you crossed the line, or maybe you were disqualified (e.g. for wearing an iPod or mp3 player when the rules did not permit this).

If you're not shown in the results, email me (john at ukresults dot net) and I'll do my best to get you included. I will need some basic information first, though:

(1) The name of the race

(2) Your full name

(3) Your race number

(4) Your finish time (if you recorded it or there was a race clock at the finish)

(5) If you recorded your own time, let me know if this was from when the race officially started, or from when you crossed the start line.

(6) If you don't know your time, did you finish with, or near, someone you know or can identify? If so, were you with them, in front or behind?

(7) In case your tag (chip) didn't work at the start, let me know if you started with or near someone you can identify.

(8) It sometimes also helps to know what you were wearing so, if we have a race video, we can try to spot you on that.