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Miscellaneous bits and pieces

This page will contain a simple list of items 'stored' in this section of the web site. It may not be in any particular order except perhaps for the latest addition to be at the top of the page. The date shown will generally be the date the item was stored, rather than the date of the item itself. There may be a mixture of zip, doc, pdf and other files. If any club or event organiser wants to send general information or newsletters for inclusion here, please feel free to do so. Try to use a reasonably common format as I don't intend to rearrange things too much! Time is a precious commodity these days.
5 MayThe physiological effects of prior cycling on run performance - by Lee Cook
5 MayInvesting your training time efficiently - by Lee Cook
4 JanuaryAthletics North West Magazine - January 2006 edition (589k)
23 JuneAthletics North West Magazine - June 2005 edition (687k)
9 FebruaryAthletics North West Magazine - January 2005 edition (232k)
30 DecemberSue Hanisch - the Kili-Queen! Read her account of climbing Africa's highest mountain.
16 DecemberYet Another Race Time Predictor Program!
3 JanuaryRace Time Predictor Program plus static chart
3 JanuaryAnother Race Time Predictor Program
1 AprilGo on - wind us up at your next race - all the best ways to drive a race organiser/results compiler to the brink.....
15 MarchIt's Grim up North - not at all running related, but quite funny - read all about Word for Northerners!!
1 JanuaryAccrington Road Runners Newsletter Jan 03 (31k Word .doc)
1 AprilNorthern Pulse April 2002 (186k zipped pdf)
4 MarchNorthern Pulse March 2002 (95k zipped pdf)
8 FebruaryNorthern Pulse Feb 2002 (86k zipped pdf)
8 FebruaryNorthern Pulse Jan 2002 (241k zipped pdf)

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