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On this page, there are links to a miscellany of sites - some you may find useful, some are essential, some might just make for a little interesting reading. If, on your own internet travels, you come across any sites not listed here, which you think would be good additions, please let me know. I'm always interested in linking to where you want to visit!
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Fed up with England Athletics (UKA or whatever they want to call themselves these days)? Does your club organise road races? Have a look at ARC (Association of Running Clubs) as a viable alternative - they issue race permits, event insurance etc. and you get to keep a proportion of the unattached levy to plough back into your club and/or event!

Links to entry forms, other results services and some event sites
Graham Fecitt's site - for other results from the running and athletics world
StuWeb Productions - an ever-expanding site from Stuart Steele
Running Diary
Running Diary - excellent site listing useful range of events and info.
tri 24/7
Tri 247 - Formerly Triathletes Homepage - the definitive UK site for triathlon news, event details, products, reviews and results
Multidays - if you have an interest in ultra and multi-day races, this just has to be the site for you!
Time Outdoors
Time Outdoors - for race information. Free to race organisers to add your event!!
Running Partners
Running Partners - This site was created in response to various requests placed on the Runners World forums for running/training partners. A fairly new site but already over 600 partners listed. Have a look.
human race
Human Race - Professional organisers of some of the best events in the UK - home of the Salford Triathlon, Fila Mudman, Windsor Tri and many more. Great site with loads of pictures.
Runningpix - a site dedicated to bringing you quantity as well as quality in the field of athletics photography. Worth a visit - see if you are there!
Mick Hall Photograhy
a new site being developed by Mick, a Staffordshire runner, covering a variety of local events.
Dave Pinno
Dave Pinnington - Dave Pinnington provides a valuable service at a number of events in the North of England - have a trawl through his gallery.
Dark Star Photos
Dark Star Photos - a new site operated by David Greenwood from Manchester, with a strong northern and athletics bias.
Top of pageLinks to Sporting Associations, National and Regional
Association of Running Clubs
Association of Running Clubs - ARC has been recently established to provide a more cost effective affiliation route for running clubs. ARC is a not-for-profit company entirely controlled by its members. ARC aims to minimise bureaucracy and does not apply unnecessary rules and regulations. Affiliation to ARC includes liability insurance for the club, club officers, coaches, volunteer helpers and club members whilst they are engaged in club activities. Race permits will be issued subject to the race organiser agreeing to complying with certain standards.
UK Athletics
uk:athletics - the reference site for all that's going on in UK Athletics at the moment, including any breaking information on the new event code which will govern all events in the UK
Lancashire AA
Lancashire AA - Lancashire Athletic Association is the official body charged with organising and managing all County competitions in the various athletic disciplines. The Association selects representative teams in regional and national competitions. In particular there is county selection for the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships, the Northern Inter Counties and the National Inter Counties Track & Field Championships together with major inter county road and fell races.
Northern Athletics
Northern Athletics (formerly North of England AA)
Fell Runners Association
Fell Runners Association - contains the guide to what's on where in the fell running scene
Trail Running Association
Trail Running Association - The TRA is an unincorporated association of trail runners based in the UK. It is governed by its Annual General Meeting and run on a day to day basis by an elected management committee. It exists to serve the needs of all those who enjoy trail running and to promote the sport. It is a growing organisation and currently has about 700 members. It is an associate member of UK Athletics. Unlike road running clubs we are not orientated towards the London Marathon. Trail races can be of any length. The Association regards anything below half marathon to be short, from half marathon up to and including 30 miles as being medium, and anything above 30 miles length as being ultra.
British Orienteering FedBritish Orienteering Federation
English Schools AAEnglish Schools Athletic Association
100km AssociationThe 100km Association
British AthleticsBritish Athletics site - does what it says on the tin! - athletics site for Britain
Race Walking Association
Scottish Athletics Federation
Scottish Athletics Federation
Athletic Association of Wales
Athletic Association of Wales
Northern Ireland AF
Northern Ireland Athletic Federation
British Veterans AF
British Masters Athletic Federation
British Association of Road Races
English Federation of Disability Sports
English Federation of Disability Sports
British Paralympic Association
British Paralympic Association
BTA logo
British Triathlon Association's site - now being regularly maintained.
STA logo
Scottish Triathlon Association
British Cycling site
British Cycling - definitive site - a starting point for all of you interested in all aspects of cycling
RTTC site
Cycling Time Trials - (formerly the Road Time Trials Association) THE site to visit if you have any interest in this aspect of cycle sport, be you a road cyclist, time trialler or triathlete. Give it a go - loads of info for you!
Top of pageLinks to magazine type sites etc.
Active Europe
Active Europe - information and online entries for many of the top running and other events in the UK and the rest of Europe.
Momentum Sports
Momentum Sports - Running Training and Advice - We aim to give you everything you need to know about running and track athletics, from online personalised coaching to news and from speed and strength tips to where to train and compete. All runners are catered for from sprinters to marathon runners.
Northern Pulse
Northern Pulse - this started off as an e-magazine which got too big! Now it's a site with all you need to know about triathlon in the North East of England. Nicely produced and packed with useful info. Well worth a visit.
Peak Performance
Peak Performance - no-nonsense advice relating to fitness, stamina and strength. On-line and postal newsletters available. Free copy available - click here
Runner's World logo
Runner's World UK - the magazine for all runners everywhere!
Runners' Forum
Runners' Forum - UK Runnning issues discussed at runnersforum.co.uk.
Run Repeat - (TripAdvisor for running shoes). It's the largest review site in running with more than 100,000 reviews. There are no ads, and no brands pay us anything.
220 logo
220 Triathlon Magazine - the mag for triathletes and duathletes and extreme competitors of all descriptions - web site improving all the time! Get those back issues online chaps!
sports fitness advisor
Sport Fitness Advisor - health benefits of running - detailed, updated and comprehensive on 35 amazing health benefits of running (+10 tips for beginners). It is over 7,000 words and packed with practical tips and advice.
Trionium - Trionium Magazine is a free-to-download pdf magazine of tough events: running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, climbing, expeditions and much else besides. Also organisers of tough events such as the Knacker Cracker and Midsummer Munro.
Waddle On
Waddle On - the "somewhat home-made" site of John ("The Penguin") Bingham, who writes for Runner's World and is the champion of slow runners everywhere. Runner's World decribes his site as "based around his tours and products, but you won't find his brand of ultra-affirmative writing anywhere else". Worth a visit then!
Top of pageLinks to sites not otherwise categorised on this page
C2C Guide
C2C Guide - if you are thinking of doing the C2C cycle route (Workington/Whitehaven to Tyneside/Newcastle) then this is a fantastic first port of call. Brilliant site full of very useful tips and information. In addition, there are links to numerous journals supplied by C2Cers, so an all round great site!
This is Lancashire
Visit the Lancashire Evening Telegraph (my local evening newspaper) plus lots of news and information from the whole county
Top of pageLinks to various international sites
Runner's World logo
Runner's World - (US version) the magazine for all runners everywhere!
Duathlon.com logo
American Duathlon site - loads of good info and links from the other side of the big pond
Runner's Web logo
Runner's Web - US site with plenty of useful links
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