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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

17 June 1984

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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Cat: Club:
1Brewster RMClayton-le-Moors Harriers67.26
2Gwilt RMSalford Harriers69.41
3Peters RMSpringfields AC69.45
4Connolley SMSpringfields AC70.13
5Woodburn GMBlackburn Harriers & AC70.18
6Ritson JMDerwent & West Cumberland AC70.32
7Robinson PMClayton-le-Moors Harriers70.40
8Hesketh KWMSpringfields AC71.06
9McKenna BMClayton-le-Moors Harriers72.19
10Moseley DRTMBlackpool & Fylde AC72.36
11Hughes DMClayton-le-Moors Harriers72.51
12Williams BMBolton United Harriers & AC73.10
13Hopkins MMStretford AC73.40
14Walsh FM40Wirral AC74.10
15Cronshaw MAMUnattached74.13
16Atkins RHM40Southport Waterloo AC74.54
17Eckersley BM40Sale Harriers75.03
18Singleton JMClayton-le-Moors Harriers75.17
19Cove RIMAltrincham & District AC75.30
20Townend SM40Sefton AC75.36
21Walton DAM40Altrincham & District AC75.43
22Wright AM40Altrincham & District AC75.47
23Burke TCM40Rochdale Harriers75.49
24Whittaker SMAltrincham & District AC76.11
25McGall RMAltrincham & District AC76.22
26Llewellyn JAM50Lancaster & Morecambe AC76.35
27Doherty NMClayton-le-Moors Harriers76.45
28Tomes CMBlackpool & Fylde AC77.36
29Doherty PMAltrincham & District AC77.37
30Fowler KJMBolton United Harriers & AC77.42
31Piner GMUnattached77.47
32Addison KRMSpringfields AC77.51
33Tate DMPreston Harriers78.13
34Burgess KM40Altrincham & District AC78.17
35Wood IMBlackburn Harriers & AC78.18
36Barker JM40Sefton AC78.21
37Robinson TMClayton-le-Moors Harriers78.26
38Hindle DJMSpringfields AC78.46
39Roberts PMRochdale Harriers78.57
40Home SMMUnattached (R)79.11
41Wrigley MM40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers79.26
42Thomas GMWrexham AC79.34
43Lancaster RMUnattached79.42
44Bebbington HMPreston AC79.52
45Scott DIM40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers79.57
46Addison DM40Springfields AC80.07
47Dishman DMLancaster & Morecambe AC80.15
48Patten AM50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers80.24
49McGeever JMBlackpool & Fylde AC80.25
50Kenny JMSpringfields AC80.26
51Lane RMSpringfields AC80.45
52Winters JTM40Blackpool & Fylde AC80.49
53Owens GMAltrincham & District AC80.50
54Catterall SFBolton United Harriers & AC80.51
55Foster FM40Lancaster & Morecambe Ac81.02
56Bland PM40Kendal AC81.18
57Crumpton JM40Oldham & Royton H & AC81.42
58Ashcroft KM40Kendal AC81.43
59Singleton PMBlackpool & Fylde AC81.49
60Wright IMClayton-le-Moors Harriers81.51
61Blackshaw GDMOldham & Royton H & AC81.54
62Wood SM40Altrincham & District AC81.58
63Wilkinson AM40Nidd Valley Road Runners82.06
64Shaw RFMSpringfields AC82.14
65McKenna DAMRed Rose Runners82.35
66Ogden SMBlackpool & Fylde AC82.36
67Lunt MHCMUnattached (R)82.38
68Rowlinson JMAltrincham & District AC82.43
69Harvey PMNidd Valley Road Runners82.45
70Collinson BMRed Rose Runners82.56
71Wilson MMSpringfields AC83.36
72Parry BM40Unattached83.39
73Wood GMWigan Harriers83.57
74Berrie RDMKendal AC84.18
75Wiseman PJM40Garstang Running Club84.31
76Nowell DTMUnattached (R)84.44
77Marsh AJMClayton-le-Moors Harriers85.00
78Bowen DIM40Harrogate AC85.06
79Swift JHM40Chorley AC85.06
80Haresceugh RIMRed Rose Runners85.24
81Nuttall G MUnattached85.29
82Bell JMSpringfields AC85.37
83Rawcliffe DJMUnattached85.47
84Meakin BMRoyal Navy85.48
85Garrat SMUnattached85.50
86Sandford PWMUnattached85.53
87Stilton KMPreston AC85.58
88Briggs MMClayton-le-Moors Harriers86.15
89Sharrat PDMUnattached86.16
90Borrows AM40Liverpool Pembroke H & AC86.24
91Benson RMUnattached86.26
92Burns JMUnattached86.28
93Ashton SMPreston Harriers86.31
94Rayton JDM40Red Rose Runners86.36
95Wilson TM40Unattached (R)86.39
96Wynne REMUnattached (R)86.49
97Hardley LFAltrincham & District AC87.19
98Galvin JMWarrington AC87.20
99Unsworth T MUnattached (R)87.24
100Parkinson AMUnattached88.18
101Hasley HMUnattached88.19
102Rhodes PGMGarstang Running Club88.19
103Holmes MMUnattached88.24
104Metcalf BM50Red Rose Runners88.25
105Hall DMUnattached88.26
106Mason CJMUnattached88.29
107Heaney VM40Altrincham & District AC88.41
108Dibb PJM50Longwood Harriers89.05
109Knott PGM40Blackpool & Fylde AC89.16
110Helm AMRed Rose Runners89.20
111Hargreaves JPMUnattached (R)89.32
112Pridham BMUnattached89.34
113Nelson FBMUnattached90.06
114Hargreaves NMClayton-le-Moors Harriers90.12
115Thomas IMUnattached90.21
116Cook DMMRed Rose Runners90.23
117Higginson WMUnattached90.38
118Bates GMSpringfields AC90.59
119Waring FM40Blackpool & Fylde AC91.31
120Hughes IMDeeside AC91.37
121Hothersall TM40Cloggers AC91.40
122Bashall FMUnattached91.40
123Banks DM50Unattached91.46
124Gili-Ross AMUnattached91.51
125Davies PJMClayton-le-Moors Harriers92.03
126Hudson PMUnattached92.07
127Wright PCMUnattached92.11
128Smith AMRed Rose Runners92.18
129Cameron IMSpectrum Striders RC92.18
130Hilton IBMChorley AC92.24
131Newton GBM40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers92.38
132Gwilliam DJM40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers92.39
133Busby MM40Blackpool & Fylde AC92.43
134Traynor PJMSpringfields AC92.47
135Henry BM40Unattached93.03
136Luty JM40Unattached93.08
137Fisher DRMPreston Harriers93.23
139Jenkins PMRochdale Harriers93.44
140Woodruff EMWorsley Harriers93.46
142Robinson DMBlackpool & Fylde AC94.08
143James GM40Blackpool & Fylde AC94.11
144Stephenson C MUnattached94.26
145Webster NMUnattached (R)94.26
146Cumming IFMUnattached94.26
147Ogden GM50Northern Veterans AC94.50
148Ball SR MRed Rose Runners94.55
149Newton JBM40Unattached94.55
150Fitzsimons RMUnattached95.06
151Cockshaw DM40Red Rose Runners95.19
152Warburton BDMUnattached95.38
153Regan D MUnattached95.42
154Woods RJMPreston Harriers95.44
155Hughes PJMSpringfields AC95.45
156Bradley MJMRed Rose Runners95.46
157Nelson SJMUnattached95.47
158Bruce JGMUnattached95.48
159Bourn JIMUnattached95.54
160Heppenstall DM40Unattached95.55
161Lavelle PM40Red Rose Runners95.55
162Towers FMUnattached95.56
163Richardson MMUnattached96.11
164Smith TM40Red Rose Runners96.14
165Hall BMRed Rose Runners96.17
166Howse GAMLancaster & Morecambe AC96.19
167Bowling LFRockingham AC96.25
168Phillips MRMUnattached (R)97.05
169Chapman RMUnattached97.13
170Mitchell AMBirmingham Prison AC97.13
171Shakespeare PJMBrooklands Road Runners97.13
172Elliott JRMUnattached97.21
173Hacker JWMGarstang Running Club97.54
174Moore BM50Springfields AC98.01
175Smith RBM40Preston AC98.06
176Ward KDMUnattached98.10
177Price DWM40Achille Ratti CC98.22
178(Name N/A)MBlackpool & Fylde AC98.26
179Hall A MUnattached98.29
180Wright SJMUnattached98.51
181Semple DMUnattached99.27
182Potter MMUnattached99.55
183Dagger MJMUnattached99.55
185Gresty JKM40Blackpool & Fylde AC100.17
186Huddleston GJMUnattached100.24
187Riding VAM40Unattached100.25
188Matthewson MJMUnattached100.27
189Robinson RM40Unattached100.30
190Peake ASMUnattached (R)100.35
191Wilkinson AM40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers100.46
192Houghton RAMUnattached101.17
193Boardman BMUnattached101.17
194Drinkwater JMMUnattached101.21
195Higham FVM40Unattached (R)101.21
196Jones SMUnattached (R)102.00
197Wright IMUnattached102.10
198Crahan PEMUnattached102.21
199Hesketh MFBlackburn Harriers & AC102.26
200Harris AMUnattached102.30
201Thornton NMUnattached102.39
202Bardsley PTMUnattached102.54
203Fisher JRM50Red Rose Runners103.21
204Coulton HMUnattached104.13
205Billington PMUnattached104.23
206Hardicker PMUnattached104.33
207Worswick PFMSpringfields AC104.50
208Parkinson DJMUnattached105.00
209Raynor BMUnattached105.04
210Garstang EMUnattached106.01
211Whalley JMClayton-le-Moors Harriers106.18
212Hyland DJMUnattached106.19
213Knibbs BSMUnattached106.21
214Morris NMRed Rose Runners106.21
215Gallagher PMSt Bedes AC Bradford106.34
216Brown PMUnattached106.44
217McSavage FMSpringfields AC107.00
218Wall MMUnattached107.02
219O'Reilly DMUnattached107.06
220Clements NEMUnattached (R)107.39
221Pearson DJMUnattached108.08
222Pearson RMKendal AC108.14
223O'Reilly SMPreston Harriers108.24
224Crahan JJMBlackburn Harriers & AC109.13
225Skelly TEMM40Unattached (R)109.15
226Knott MLMUnattached109.38
227Williams AJMUnattached110.02
228Wiseman RFGarstang Running Club110.11
229Hey LM50Preston Harriers110.42
230Carter MM40Unattached111.39
231Scholz PCMUnattached111.49
232Breaks LFGarstang Running Club111.58
233Richards IMUnattached112.21
234Coyne AMUnattached112.37
235Asquith RMUnattached113.04
236Brooks KMRed Rose Runners113.35
237Thacker RIMLancaster & Morecambe AC113.53
238Gates AHMUnattached113.53
239Halliday SMUnattached (R)114.09
240King PTMUnattached114.27
241Bounds MSMUnattached114.49
242McLellan AMUnattached115.13
243Tierney DMUnattached115.38
244Audley AMPreston Harriers115.45
245Martin PJMUnattached115.48
246Lancaster DMUnattached116.11
247Salthouse JMUnattached (R)116.25
248Eaves GMUnattached116.37
249Bryan DM40Unattached (R)116.53
250Jones TGMUnattached116.53
251Quincey JAM40Unattached118.03
252Liddell JAMSpringfields AC118.29
253Kelly TMUnattached118.34
254Jones MMUnattached118.34
255Ashcroft JJMUnattached118.56
256Towers BFUnattached120.48
257Edwards MDMUnattached122.31
258Procter P MUnattached123.56
259Wade SMMUnattached (R)126.14
260Gradwell BLM40Unattached131.46
261Hopper PCMUnattached138.33
262Brooks JFRed Rose Runners139.12

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