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Rochdale 10k, Lancashire

23rd July 1980

Results courtesy of Rochdale Harriers
1P. Ravald Horwich RMI31.28
2M. Deegan Oldham & Royton31.56
3C. RobinsonM40Rochdale Harrs32.10
4K. Best Bolton Utd Harr32.18
5J. Reade Clayton-le-Moors Harrs32.40
6R. HillM40Clayton-le-Moors Harrs32.40
7M. Burgess East Cheshire Harrs32.54
8M. Short Horwich RMI32.58
9T. Byrne Salford Harrs33.02
10K. BarrettM20Rochdale Harrs33.07
11H. KellyM40East Cheshire Harrs33.14
12P. Morris Manchester Harrs33.23
13B. Aspen Salford Harrs33.40
14B. McKenna Clayton-le-Moors Harrs33.45
15G. Claff Salford Harrs33.49
16A. UttleyM20Bolton Utd Harr34.07
17S. Bullen Salford Harrs34.13
18P. Gaulding Rossendale Harrs34.25
19V. Reagan Bolton Utd Harr34.28
20G. Bennison Bolton Utd Harr34.35
21K. HeathcoteM45Bolton Utd Harr34.40
22A. Freer Oldham & Royton34.41
23M. Kay Wigan Harriers34.44
24D. Brown Salford Harrs34.47
25D. Hazell East Cheshire Harrs34.48
26D. OgdenM20Rochdale Harrs34.50
27J. JacksonM40Rochdale Harrs34.52
28E. Maloney Wigan Harriers34.59
29S. MalcolmM40Bolton Utd Harr35.00
30P. Lomas Stockport Harrs35.02
31R. Cooper East Cheshire Harrs35.05
32J. Horrie Manchester Harrs35.15
33J. Leah Oldham & Royton35.17
34I. Buchanan Clayton-le-Moors Harrs35.18
35A. DunnM45Stockport Harrs35.20
36J. Halliwell Wigan Harriers35.23
37T. Bardsley Oldham & Royton35.28
38R. Hoyle Horwich RMI35.38
39A. ShanM40Rochdale Harrs35.45
40M. Edwards Warrington Harrs35.50
41F. Brooks Salford Harrs35.52
42D. Thomas East Cheshire Harrs35.54
43J. Cheetham Oldham & Royton35.56
44A. LeighM20Wigan Harriers36.07
45B. JacksonM40Bolton Utd Harr36.11
46B. CourtM40Bolton Utd Harr36.13
47S. Barnes Rochdale Harrs36.14
48A. Brierley Unattached36.16
49K. Payne Bury AC36.19
50P. Carter Oldham & Royton36.20
51J. FilesM20Bury AC36.25
52G. Jackson Manchester YMCA36.29
53A. Sunter Horwich RMI36.34
54E. BatesM40Bolton Utd Harr36.41
55M. Standring Rochdale Harrs36.47
56N.OutramM20East Cheshire Harrs36.58
57K. Smith Bury AC37.03
58J. Soothill Oldham & Royton37.08
59K. SumnerM40Leigh Harriers37.09
60D. Holmes MDOC37.10
61P. Bates Bury AC37.15
62J. Grigson Oldham & Royton37.18
63D. Tierney East Cheshire Harrs37.19
64D. Beresford Horwich RMI37.22
65B. HarwoodM45Oldham & Royton37.23
66M. Veseley ASVAC37.28
67T. Burice Rochdale Harrs37.30
68K. Fowler Bolton Utd Harr37.34
69B. Chester Horwich RMI37.38
70A. WalshamM50Salford Harrs37.40
71M. StephensonM40Manchester Harrs37.40
72T. Markham Stockport Harrs37.49
73H. ThorntonM45Northern Vets37.54
74W. Hurst Leigh Harriers37.58
75S. SmithM50Liverpool Pembroke37.59
76P. Kenyon East Cheshire Harrs38.00
77B. SabiniM45Bolton Utd Harr38.05
78P. Waddington Rochdale Harrs38.06
79B. Deegan Horwich RMI38.90
80J. Jinks Oldham & Royton38.15
81J. WhitterM40Wigan Harriers38.18
82M. Jacob Stockport Harrs38.28
83M. Boulton Rochdale Harrs38.29
84D. AshmanM20Todmorden Harriers38.30
85J. Haley Holmfirth Harriers38.32
86P. Mills Rochdale Harrs38.34
87G. DoggettM40Salford Harrs38.41
88S. Cripps Anglesey Joggers38.46
89D. Ashcroft South Liverpool RC38.48
90S. Barker East Cheshire Harrs38.54
91A. Wynter Unattached38.56
92D. EdgeM40Oldham & Royton38.58
93J. Wynne Bolton Utd Harr39.00
94R. Leah East Cheshire Harrs39.00
95C. Etherden Rossendale Harrs39.05
96J. Monks Rochdale Harrs39.08
97S. CoffeyM50Manchester Harrs39.12
98G. Fairhurst Wigan Harriers39.14
99J. Ingham East Cheshire Harrs39.18
100E. Wickstead Rochdale Harrs39.20
101G. Greenwood Unattached39.30
102A. Sidebottom Warrington39.31
103P. Baddeley Stockport Harrs39.33
104J. Barlow Sale Harriers39.38
105R. Scrivener Unattached39.38
106B. Brindle Horwich RMI39.39
107T. Jackson Manchester YMCA39.40
108J. SmithM40Rochdale Harrs39.41
109M. Pittock Todmorden Harriers39.43
110J. LochheadFASVAC39.48
111E. Birtwhistle Clayton-le-Moors Harrs40.00
112N. Bailey Bolton Utd Harr40.29
113J. Brownhill Anglesey Joggers40.31
114K. Barker East Cheshire Harrs40.37
115T.Scully Oldham & Royton40.39
116J. CosperM40Stockport Harrs40.40
117A. GrimesM40Oldham & Royton40.45
118M. Allen Manchester YMCA40.47
119G. SutcliffeM45Rochdale Harrs40.49
120H. SmithM50Clayton-le-Moors Harrs40.56
121T. Knight Leigh Harriers40.58
122A. WrenchM20Todmorden Harriers40.59
123J. Hargreaves Stockport Harrs41.04
124W. BrownM50East Cheshire Harrs41.09
125P. Taylor Unattached41.12
126P. Radcliffe East Cheshire Harrs41.15
127B. LeighM50Stockport Harrs41.18
128S. CooperM45ASVAC41.22
129J. Feist Stockport Harrs41.29
130J. McCarthy Oldham & Royton41.32
131A. Duckworth Bolton Utd Harr41.42
132D. Banks Horwich RMI41.52
133A. Pimblott Unattached41.55
134H. ClaytonM45Todmorden Harriers41.56
135S. Sidebotham Unattached41.59
136D. Alston Oldham & Royton42.02
137B. RobinsonF35Bury AC42.14
138J. CurtisM45East Cheshire Harrs42.19
139R. Ridings Wigan Harriers42.22
140M. Jones Chester & EP42.42
141R. Hodkin Manchester YMCA42.47
142P. MackeyM40Northern Vets42.58
143B. FilesM45Bury AC43.00
144T. Knight Leigh Harriers43.02
145P. Powell Stockport Harrs43.03
146J.D. Froggatt Unattached43.05
147A. BarberM40East Cheshire Harrs43.08
148G. Wilkinson Unattached43.24
149A. Tetlow Sportsman43.33
150R. BarlowM45Salford Harrs43.37
151J. Feerick Stockport Harrs43.42
152P. WhillitoeM45Liverpool Pembroke43.46
153W. DoddsFASVAC43.49
154D. Scott Salford Harrs44.10
155B. MaudsleyM45Rochdale Harrs44.15
156S. Hendry Unattached44.36
157K. Kendrick Unattached44.40
158B. Megram Unattached44.40
159A. ReadM40Oldham & Royton44.52
160Y. McGregorFASVAC45.10
161R. Leigh Unattached45.19
162H. GillM40East Cheshire Harrs45.25
163M. Garry Manchester YMCA45.30
164C. Poole Todmorden Harriers45.44
165J. Hemborough Stockport Harrs45.42
166G. TireyM45Stockport Harrs45.53
167G. Brophy Unattached45.57
168A. Bancroft Unattached46.04
169A. AllenM20Manchester YMCA46.31
170T. Poole Salford Harrs46.37
171P. Miskell Bolton Utd Harr46.40
172R. ForrestM50Bolton Utd Harr46.44
173W.P. BowlerM45Oldham & Royton47.36
174A. KostilekF20Burnley AC47.45
175P. Raidy Burnley AC47.46
176B. DoweyM40Stockport Harrs48.25
177D. MasonM50ASVAC49.01
178E. StuttardM50Todmorden Harriers50.25
179A. TomkinsonF35Rochdale Harrs51.15
180A. Buckley Rochdale Harrs51.33
181T. LeahM55Oldham & Royton52.00
182N. StephensonFUnattached54.33
183K. BaxterM45Northern Vets57.15
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