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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

16 June 1979

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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Cat: Club:
1Bowler BMStaffs Moorlands AC1-06.05
2McGee AMBolton UH & AC1-06.19
3Wilson DMBlackburn Harriers & AC1-06.31
4Flatman PMEast Hull Harriers1-06.57
5Byrne AMSalford Harriers1-07.52
6Kelly SMManx AC1-09.03
7Ashworth JMBingley Harriers1-09.29
8Flynn MMLiverpool Pembroke AC1-09.37
9Adams AMStaffs Moorlands AC1-09.49
10Bowler PMStaffs Moorlands AC1-09.51
11Keeney RMSCC ?1-10.03
12Little BMBolton UH & AC1-10.12
13Barlow AMWirral AC1-10.16
14Lloyd BMWigan Harriers & AC1-10.18
15Bird SMLancaster University1-10.20
16McGuire FMLiverpool Harriers1-10.33
17McGamm MMEast Cheshire Harriers1-10.38
18Kilbey PMAltrincham & District AC1-10.48
19Watson DM40Wirral AC1-10.59
20Farwell DMManchester YMCA1-11.05
21Crimes SMHorwich RMI Harriers1-11.10
22Breckell SMBlackburn Harriers & AC1-11.12
23Lonergan TMBingley Harriers1-11.38
24Walker SMSale Harriers1-11.49
25Entwistle GM40Manchester H & AC1-12.20
26Coaker JMAltrincham & District AC1-12.25
27Newton DMManx AC1-12.29
28Lomas PMStockport Harriers1-12.37
29Fox RMSale Harriers1-12.45
30Binney KMBarnsley RRC1-12.51
31Parr TM40Bolton UH & AC1-12.54
32Dearlove GMHarrogate1-12.55
33Lennon AM40Wirral AC1-12.56
34Williams SMEast Cheshire Harriers1-13.00
35McCormack FMLiverpool Harriers1-13.08
36Smith DMTynedale Harriers1-13.16
37Gledhill PMBarnsley RRC1-13.27
38Jones DMBlackburn Harriers & AC1-13.30
39Morrell MM40Wirral AC1-13.41
40Bayliss VM40Wirral AC1-13.41
41Dohery PMAltrincham & District AC1-13.44
42Heathcote KM40Bolton UH & AC1-13.55
43Maloney EMWigan Harriers & AC1-14.05
44Peters KMSpringfields AC1-14.12
45Abbott CMLancaster University1-14.28
46Hoyle RMHorwich RMI Harriers1-14.36
47Bardsley TMSalford Harriers1-14.37
48Coe WMSutton-in-Ashfield Harriers1-14.39
49Weir DM40Sale Harriers1-15.22
50Sharp KMBarnsley RRC1-15.29
51Mayor KMBolton UH & AC1-15.34
52Taylor MMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-15.39
53Cooper RMEast Cheshire Harriers1-15.42
54Minshull PMManchester H & AC1-15.43
55Connolly SMSpringfields AC1-16.08
56Hulme AMAltrincham & District AC1-16.19
57Jones NMWarrington AC1-16.46
58Smith KMBury AC1-17.11
59Kenyon KMSpringfields AC1-17.17
60Pearson WMWigan Harriers & AC1-17.22
61Standring RM40Salford Harriers1-17.30
62Thorpe DMLeigh Harriers1-17.37
63Llewelyn RMRochdale Harriers1-17.42
64Smith GMBolton UH & AC1-17.47
65Butler CMWigan Harriers & AC1-17.59
66Knott PM40Blackpool & Fylde AC1-18.26
67Eckersley BMSale Harriers1-18.36
68Cowley DMStafford AC1-18.46
69Addison DM40Springfields AC1-18.51
70Bragg SMManchester H & AC1-18.59
71Rogerson HMAltrincham & District AC1-19.11
72Purdy HMWarrington AC1-19.15
73Lomax EMBolton UH & AC1-19.55
74Brennan MMPreston Harriers1-19.58
75Borrows AM40Liverpool Pembroke AC1-20.08
76Dale BMMiddlesborough & Cleveland1-20.12
77Cadwallader AMSefton Harriers1-20.21
78Shaw RMSpringfields AC1-20.40
79Manning PMSpringfields AC1-21.04
80Simpson PMManx AC1-21.43
81Blow WM50Altrincham & District AC1-21.50
82Fowler KMBolton UH & AC1-21.55
83Peat AMWirral AC1-22.10
84Braddon BMManchester YMCA1-22.24
85Winters JM40Blackpool & Fylde AC1-22.30
86Deggan BMHorwich RMI Harriers1-22.42
87Hyland LM40Southport AC1-22.47
88Rushton JM40Tynedale Harriers1-22.56
89Smith BMSpringfields AC1-22.58
90Green DMSpringfields AC1-22.58
91Whitter JM40Wigan Harriers & AC1-23.11
92Payne KMBury AC1-23.14
93Chapman CFBolton UH & AC1-23.14
94Graham RMSpringfields AC1-23.39
95Pouncy JMWirral AC1-24.14
96Bancroft MM50Wirral AC1-24.20
97Burnett GMSpringfields AC1-24.59
98Gregory PM40Blackpool & Fylde AC1-25.05
99Wilson MMSefton Harriers1-25.07
100Evans JMManx AC1-25.47
101Singleton DMSpringfields AC1-26.10
102Harkin GMBolton UH & AC1-27.49
103Thomas GMUnattached1-27.59
104Ainsworth KMSpringfields AC1-28.16
105Walsh SMPreston Harriers1-28.20
106Taylor GMSalford Harriers1-28.47
107Radcliffe PMUnattached1-29.07
108Pajak JMEast Cheshire Harriers1-29.14
109West RMPreston Harriers1-29.15
110Barker KM40East Cheshire Harriers1-29.38
111Eastman AMSouthport AC1-30.05
112Evans SMManx AC1-30.11
113MacKay KM50Preston Harriers1-30.15
114Pond GMUnattached1-30.29
115Jenkins SFChester1-32.51
116Cheers JMWirral AC1-33.13
117Addison KMSpringfields AC1-37.55
118Barker SMEast Cheshire Harriers1-39.12
119Brier PMHalifax1-39.12
120Downey BM50Stockport Harriers1-42.57
121McDermott BFManx AC1-43.25
122Greeves KMUnattached1-47.32
123Williams DMPreston Harriers1-47.38
124Horrocks EM50Wigan Harriers & AC1-48.27
125Condon JMUnattached1-49.43
126Kerrigan MMUnattached1-51.05
127Margerison WM40Unattached1-51.40

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