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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

19 June 1976

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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Cat: Club:
1Harrison RMLiverpool Harriers1-05.31
2Temperton JMAiredale & Spen Valley1-05.38
3Byrne AMBolton UH & AC1-05.47
4Hill RMClayton-le-Moors1-05.52
5Evans DMLiverpool Harriers1-06.07
6Pratt DMSheffield1-06.18
7Deakin NMStoke1-06.36
8Flatman PMEast Hull Harriers1-07.12
9Harrison JMPreston Harriers1-07.39
10Austin LMStoke1-07.43
11Carroll LMWirral AC1-07.55
12Padgett WMBingley Harriers1-07.59
13Duckworth KMAiredale & Spen Valley1-08.25
14Watson DMWirral AC1-08.31
15Edge DMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-08.42
16Jones BMEast Hull Harriers1-08.48
17Prescott JMLeigh Harriers & AC1-08.50
18Lloyd BMSutton Harriers1-09.17
19Lindesay DMWirral AC1-09.34
20Hudson AMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-09.55
21Mason PMHalifax1-10.14
22Wilson NMTVH1-11.06
23Kilbey PMManchester AC1-11.32
24Whitson DMUniversity of Toronto1-11.50
25Woods BMSefton Harriers1-12.22
26McFarlane JMLeigh Harriers & AC1-12.41
27Hobden MMGrimsby1-12.46
28Rimmer FMSutton Harriers1-13.07
29Regan VMBolton UH & AC1-13.21
30Pouncy JMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-13.36
31Bagley AMStretford AC1-13.47
32Mould JMWindsor1-13.49
33Ford JAM40Victoria Park1-13.52
34Hoyle RMHorwich RMI1-14.02
35Etchells JMBarrow AC1-14.24
36Berry JM40Northern Vets1-14.26
37Jenkinson DMLeigh Harriers & AC1-14.31
38Mason GMBarrow AC1-14.35
39Vickers DMBolton UH & AC1-14.53
40Blakey CMWirral AC1-15.16
41Leviston PMBarrow AC1-15.20
42Coleman RMEast Hull Harriers1-15.23
43Cubin AMBarrow AC1-15.25
44Knott PMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-15.40
45Penrose JMBingley Harriers1-15.45
46Longman DMCity of Hull1-15.45
47Napier JMCity of Hull1-15.49
48Whiteside MMSalford Harriers1-15.55
49Goodyear PM40Manchester YMCA1-16.02
50Waite DMSale Harriers1-16.21
51Parr TMBolton UH & AC1-16.23
52Jones AMSutton Harriers1-16.32
53Spink GM40Bingley Harriers1-16.48
54Fawcett AMWigan Harriers1-16.59
55Montgomery PMSefton Harriers1-17.03
56Kernighan RM40Liverpool Pembroke AC1-17.06
57Hyland LM40Southport1-17.24
58Hogg JMBarrow AC1-17.27
59Harney BMRotherham AC1-17.34
60O'Leary DMManchester YMCA1-17.35
61Patrick KMSefton Harriers1-17.37
62Roach PMLiverpool Pembroke AC1-17.47
63Calderbank SMOldham & Royton1-18.11
64Brown DMNewcastle1-18.12
65Rhodes FMRotherham AC1-18.13
66Colquitt GMSutton Harriers1-18.14
67Nunn MMLongwood Harriers1-18.39
68Nielson NM50Blackpool & Fylde AC1-18.57
69Smith TMBarrow AC1-19.01
70Vickery PMOrion1-19.15
71Jackson GMManchester YMCA1-19.29
72Knowles AM40Sefton Harriers1-19.56
73Vose KMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-20.06
74Quigley HMSmall Heath1-20.08
75Tyler EMRotherham AC1-20.19
76Meadowcroft RMAltrincham1-20.26
77Dearing PMEast Hull Harriers1-20.29
78Willan GMSefton Harriers1-20.30
79Atkinson RMBarrow AC1-20.35
80Haige MMHalifax1-20.43
81Garrity PMUnattached1-21.06
82Jordan SMLiverpool Pembroke AC1-21.20
83Stobbs HMWirral AC1-21.31
84Thompson NM40Newcastle1-21.34
85Crook BM50Rochdale Harriers1-21.39
86Harris RMStretford AC1-21.54
87Haslam JM40Bolton UH & AC1-22.35
88Jones NMWarrington AC1-22.56
89Akers DMStretford AC1-22.56
90King DMSutton Harriers1-23.33
91Lawton KMHolmfirth1-23.34
92Jordan KM50Barnsley AC1-23.50
93Midgely WMAiredale & Spen Valley1-23.50
94Shillito RMLiverpool Pembroke AC1-24.00
95Talbot DMClayton-le-Moors1-24.02
96Corless GMManchester YMCA1-24.42
97Elliott DMBarrow AC1-24.59
99Dale BMHarrogate1-25.21
100Oxley AM40Rotherham AC1-25.42
101Hutchinson JMManchester YMCA1-26.03
102Wollerton AMBarnsley AC1-26.06
103Benson WM40Barrow AC1-26.31
104Eckersley BMSale Harriers1-28.17
105Travis MMSefton Harriers1-28.38
106Kay JMSefton Harriers1-28.53
107Thompson PMWigan Harriers1-29.18
108Crahan JMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-29.39
109Windle CMHarrogate1-30.04
110Loftus JM40Manchester YMCA1-30.22
111Hunter DMBolton UH & AC1-31.04
112Dick GMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-31.44
113McEwan DMManchester YMCA1-34.39
114Watkin BMManchester YMCA1-35.51
115MacKay KM50Preston Harriers1-38.14
116Buck GMUnattached1-40.12
117Edgar JMSefton Harriers1-42.34
118Mohammed SMManchester YMCA1-42.41
119Brown WM50Manchester YMCA1-43.12
120Caplan MM50Manchester YMCA1-57.45
121Dack GMBlackpool & Fylde AC2-00.26

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