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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

16 June 1973

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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111Blinston AAltrincham & District AC1-05.40
296Jordon GRochdale Harriers1-06.00
395Robinson CRochdale Harriers1-06.56
4121Child MWakefield Harriers1-06.57
5226Keith ABHuntingdon AC1-07.28
687Brown RLiverpool Pembroke AC1-07.37
791Cooper WManchester & District1-07.51
886Balmer JJLiverpool Pembroke AC1-09.11
961Mayor KBolton UH & AC - A1-09.23
1059Entwistle GBolton UH & AC - B1-09.47
11215Hodkinson KNorthern Vets1-09.50
1294Binks KManchester & District1-10.02
13164Kilbey PManchester AC1-10.11
1460Regan VBolton UH & AC - A1-10.17
1555Lee DBolton UH & AC - A1-10.41
1698Taylor TRochdale Harriers1-10.52
1792Boxon BManchester & District1-11.09
1828Brechell SBlackburn Harriers & AC1-11.12
1982Hargreaves DJClayton-le-Moors Harriers1-11.20
20152Walsham ASalford Harriers1-11.29
2190Malcolmson PLiverpool Pembroke AC1-11.36
2226Fay CBlackburn Harriers & AC1-12.13
23115Johnson RSheffield University1-12.17
24125Berry JWakefield Harriers1-12.30
2539Hudson ABlackpool & Fylde AC - A1-12.35
2615Rydout AAltrincham & District AC1-12.51
27102Woods BSefton Harriers1-13.03
2877Darcy MBolton UH & AC - A1-13.09
2964Parr TBolton UH & AC - B1-13.53
3063Wakefield MBolton UH & AC1-13.54
3134Lynch PBlackburn Harriers & AC1-14.00
3240Kenyon KBlackpool & Fylde AC - A1-14.03
3338McGuire FBlackpool & Fylde AC - A1-14.49
3489Rigby CLiverpool Pembroke AC1-15.25
35206Gemson BLancaster & Morecambe AC1-15.49
36106Cave PSefton Harriers1-16.46
3797Proctor TRochdale Harriers1-17.17
38114Lunn KSheffield University1-17.31
39232Booth JFBury & Radcliffe AC1-18.30
4099Shaw TRochdale Harriers1-18.35
41155Taylor GSwinton AC1-18.36
42217Byers ABorder Harriers1-18.54
43109Gregory DSheffield University1-19.00
44126Walton SWakefield Harriers1-19.35
4542Booth JBlackpool & Fylde AC - B1-19.52
46210Ashcroft NSutton Harriers1-20.11
47132Cubin ABarrow AC1-20.25
48153Hoon WOxford1-21.34
4941Knott PBlackpool & Fylde AC - B1-21.43
5076Lister BBolton UH & AC - B1-21.47
51209Shields RLancaster & Morecambe AC1-22.46
5281Hargreaves RKClayton-le-Moors Harriers1-23.06
53136Smith TBarrow AC1-23.28
54105Wilson NSefton Harriers1-23.36
5519Hardman AAltrincham & District AC1-23.41
5684Betney JClayton-le-Moors Harriers1-24.54
5754Nielson NBlackpool & Fylde AC - B1-25.51
5883Smith HClayton-le-Moors Harriers1-28.29
59233Sumner DGRAF1-30.43
60158Lovett DLongwood Harriers1-38.30

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