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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

15 June 1968

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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Cat: Club:
1Fewery JMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-07.20
2Byrne AMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-08.43
3Reilly JTMSefton Harriers1-10.35
4Baum KMBolton United Harriers1-11.58
5Mitchell WMAiredale & Spen Valley1-12.05
6Howson FMBarrow AC1-12.15
7Carrington NMSale Harriers1-12.41
8Hogg JMBarrow AC1-13.08
9Leonard IMBarrow AC1-13.24
10Regan VMBolton United Harriers1-14.32
11Balmer JJMSefton Harriers1-15.05
12Wood CMBarrow AC1-15.55
13Leviston PMBarrow AC1-15.55
14Boland WMBury & Radcliffe AC1-16.16
15Knott PMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-16.50
16Knowles AMWaterloo Harriers1-16.55
17Sawford TMLancaster & Morecambe1-17.10
18Large DMBarrow AC1-17.18
19Haslam JMBolton United Harriers1-17.38
20Iddon JMBolton United Harriers1-17.44
21Shaw BMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-17.52
22White ABMLongwood Harriers1-18.26
23Lever PRMBolton United Harriers1-18.57
24Wilson NMSefton Harriers1-19.40
25Jones NMWarrington AC1-19.53
26Walton DMAltrincham & District AC1-20.23
27Jackson RMSalford Harriers1-20.28
28Spencer DMBarrow AC1-20.44
29Quinnell CEMWarrington AC1-21.34
30Jackson BobM40Salford Harriers1-21.51
31Radcliffe JTMBury & Radcliffe AC1-23.33
33Faris SMAltrincham & District AC1-24.17
34Campbell IEMHorwich RMI H & AC1-24.21
35Nielson NMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-24.22
36Hardman AMAltrincham & District AC1-24.26
37Read JMSefton Harriers1-24.34
38Schofield PMHorwich RMI H & AC1-24.49
39Williams PMWinton Harriers & AC1-25.26
40Walker ABMHorwich RMI H & AC1-25.38
41Holmes DRMBury & Radcliffe AC1-25.40
42Crook BM40Bury & Radcliffe AC1-25.58
43Gaffney JPMBury & Radcliffe AC1-27.56
45Whittle AMPreston Harriers1-30.51
46Beckett JGMLongwood Harriers1-31.11
47Moore SMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-31.36
48Smith JMBury & Radcliffe AC1-31.44
49Thompson AMWarrington AC1-32.35
50McGovern MMHorwich RMI H & AC1-33.56
51Brierley EMPreston Harriers1-34.42
52Hesketh WRMWarrington AC1-36.50
53Farran PAMBolton United Harriers1-40.17

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