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Freckleton Half Marathon, Lancs

18 June 1966

(This is a sortable table - click column heading). Re-typed from archives by Rod Hindle
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Cat: Club:
1Ravald PMManchester & District LCH1-05.42
2Shelley DMNorth Staffs & Stone AC1-06.21
3Craven NMKendal AC1-06.43
4Cooper WMManchester & District LCH1-07.30
5Byrne AJMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-08.10
6Sugden JTMPontefract & Castleford AC1-08.47
7Hardicker SMManchester AC1-09.06
8Lewney RMBarrow AC1-09.35
9Cranny MAMWirral AC1-10.08
10Swindlehurst AEMLiverpool Harriers & AC1-10.34
11Vickers JDMBolton Harriers & AC1-10.55
12Boyden RKMNorth Staffs & Stone AC1-11.14
13Kilbey PMManchester AC1-11.30
14Quennell SBMWarrington AC1-11.54
15Jackson BEMBolton Harriers & AC1-12.12
16Balmer JJMSefton Harriers1-12.31
17Walsham AJGMSalford Harriers & AC1-12.32
18Sheehan TMPreston AC1-12.44
19Chambers PMManchester AC1-13.03
20Walton DAMAltrincham & District AC1-13.55
21Moore WTMLiverpool Harriers & AC1-14.16
22Wood CHMBarrow AC1-14.18
23Norman GJMAltrincham & District AC1-14.49
24Knott PGMBlackpool & Fylde AC1-15.23
25Hall PMBarrow AC1-15.57
26Shuttleworth NMBolton United Harriers1-15.59
27Stobbs JMMWirral AC1-16.12
28Boland WMBury & Radcliffe AC1-16.18
29Jones NMWarrington AC1-16.59
30McSweeney PJMPembroke Harriers1-18.05
31Grenville MMUnattached1-18.52
32Reid JWMSefton Harriers1-18.55
33Sinclair ASMLiverpool Harriers & AC1-19.02
34Meadowcroft RWMBury & Radcliffe AC1-19.05
35Lesbirel FM40Sefton Harriers1-19.19
36Sawford THMLancaster & Morecambe Harriers1-19.27
37Delooze JMWarrington AC1-20.40
38Beesley TMBolton Harriers & AC1-20.40
39Thompson JMSwinton Sports & AC1-22.13
40MacKay KAM40Preston Harriers1-22.28
41Nielson NM40Blackpool & Fylde AC1-22.48
42Gaffney JPMBury & Radcliffe AC1-23.20
43Smith JMBury & Radcliffe AC1-23.39
44Miller GM40Pembroke A & CC1-24.44

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