Classified ads

This page is open to anyone involved with the sports involving running, triathlon (and derivatives), cycling and similar activities to place classified ads for short periods of time at a nominal cost. These can relate to goods, services or events being promoted or sold by the advertiser.

UKresults accepts no responsibility for the content of any advertisement placed on this page, or for any goods or services advertised on this page or any linked page or site, or the content of any external site. UKresults reserves the right to edit and/or refuse to publish any advertisement submitted for publication.

Adverts can be contained within a jpg, png or gif image which usually should be associated with a hyperlink to an external site. Images should scaled to one of the following dimensions (if not, they may be rescaled which could lead to loss of clarity or odd effects!): 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high; 100 pixels wide by 200 pixels high; 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high; 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. UKresults will place the advertisement in a location determined by UKresults.

Emails should be sent to classified at ukresults dot net (replacing at and dot of course!) stating your required period and box size.
PLEASE PUT 'CLASSIFIED AD' IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE otherwise it may get junked!! You may take a single box, or multiples of boxes, on this page. For example, you may take a single 200 x 200, or 4 of 100 x 100 in a block. Alternatively, you may want a banner style ad of say 800 x 100 - this would take up the space of 4 200 x 100 boxes in a horizontal line.

Where possible and subject to design limitations, new advertisements will be placed at the top of the page and older ones will gradually drop down the page until they close ("tetris" style).

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