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ukresults/Sweatshop Chorley Challenge Series 2004

This was a new race series, taking place during almost all of 2004. Races at which ukresults has a presence were selected for inclusion in this unique series. All you had to do was complete 8 races out of the 12 selected to be in with a chance of winning a Sweatshop voucher, courtesy of ukresults and Sweatshop Chorley.

Finalised 2005 series events table now available - click this link - general rules and prize list will remain as per 2004 series unless I can get more prizes. This will be 7 from 12 in 2005.

Prize List

The final prize list is below. Everyone who completed the series will receive at least 10 of Sweatshop vouchers. Therefore, anyone who is in the table below and hasn't already provided me with their postal address should please do so as soon as possible. Email me via the contact page with "Challenge" in the subject line.
PosNameCatClubPointsAward valueAddress/distributed?
1Robert JacksonMHorwich RMI Harriers83375Yes
2Lee PasscoMUnattached86750Yes
3Paul GuinanMBlackburn Harriers86925Yes
4Mark EllithornMChorley Harriers89710Yes
5Dave WaywellM55Wesham Road Runners9231st M55 - 30Yes
6Mark HumphreysM45Unattached9301st M45 - 30Yes
7Paul BoardmanM40Horwich RMI Harriers9411st M40 - 30Yes
8Barry AllmanM45Horwich RMI Harriers105510Yes
9Bill AtkinsonM60+Northern Vets10751st M60+ - 30Yes
10Stewart ForsythM40Lytham St Annes Road Runners107910Yes
11Ken WilliamsM45Chorley Harriers115010Yes
12Sid MolyneuxM55Picton Running Club119910Yes
13Jim TaylorM55Darwen Dashers Running Club125510Yes
14Conrad SlaterM60+Kendal AC130110Yes
1Karen HutchinsonF35Horwich RMI Harriers82575 + 1st F35, 30Yes
2Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers Running Club88150Yes
3Kathleen HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners94725 + 1st F40, 30Yes
4Vanessa HamletFRossendale Harriers95510Yes
5Judith DeakinF55+Preston Harriers11141st F55+ - 30Yes

Update 27th December

Well, that's over and done with - it's been a long year! The final results are now in - just for your information, I've left the 26/12 update in a table below as many positions changed at Clitheroe on the 27th. Some people suffered a bit due to course records for both male and female in this last race, so there are several discarded points etc.! This is a complete listing of the final positions. Anyone missing or with incorrect details MUST contact me - if you stay quiet I will never know. It's up to you to get this right. No corrections after midnight on 31st December.
 Open  SerWinter WarmerRoddlesworth RollerRadcliffe 10kChorley Park (2)Witton Trail RaceFreckleton HalfRochdale 10kBlackburn 10kGreen Drive 5Through VillagesBoxing Day 10kRibble Valley 10kBest 8Discard1Discard2Discard3
1Robert JacksonMHorwich RMI Harriers8107.2821100102.0337103.3435  101.8962105.0949108.8859105.1611  833.6974   
2Lee PasscoMUnattached8   104.6606104.9613 104.8403106.4436111.1406107.6135110.2139117.2958867.1696   
3Paul GuinanMBlackburn Harriers8108.6154  103.9514105.5412105.951 112.5375109.4828109.9561 113.5211869.5565   
4Mark EllithornMChorley Harriers8114.359 110.2183109.8278112.5114.2124109.5808114.2358114.1247112.6647116.9082124.4507897.3645114.359124.4507116.9082
5Dave WaywellM55Wesham Road Runners8115.2308 113.1944  115.6359111.2774114.4855120.0928114.5681118.8406122.5352923.3255122.5352  
6Mark HumphreysM45Unattached8119.4872111.1275111.4583114.691 119.8366115.8184121.7782117.9708117.6794124.4997 930.0108119.8366124.4997 
7Paul BoardmanM40Horwich RMI Harriers8 113.7371118.254116.3121117.5902 115.6188118.1818120.6897121.3397121.8081 941.7234121.8081  
8Barry AllmanM45Horwich RMI Harriers8135.641  131.8136131.8299 129.3912128.2717132.0955130.0146136.577143.94371055.6345143.9437  
9Bill AtkinsonM65Northern Vets AC8135.5897128.3604128.3234136.1702144.4588 129.0918134.3157139.191   1075.501   
10Stewart ForsythM40Lytham St Annes RR8 130.6745 130.3951137.951132.9288 142.9071133.3554132.1742 139.26761079.6537   
11Ken WilliamsM45Chorley Harriers8147.5385 140.7242134.8531137.4356  141.1588 150.3294145.8247153.07041150.9347   
12Sid MolyneuxM55Picton RC8156.7692143.7715 148.6322150.1933 146.8064151.7482153.6472147.6208  1199.1888   
13Jim TaylorM55Darwen Dashers8164.1026150.7632161.4583151.6717156.9588  153.047 156.9912 160.78871255.7815   
14Conrad SlaterM65Kendal AC8173.5385159.5766159.2262163.6272  164.6208164.6853158.2228157.6501  1301.1475   
1Paul BoardmanM40Horwich RMI Harriers8 113.7371118.254116.3121117.5902 115.6188118.1818120.6897121.3397121.8081 941.7234121.8081  
2Stewart ForsythM40Lytham St Annes RR8 130.6745 130.3951137.951132.9288 142.9071133.3554132.1742 139.26761079.6537   
1Mark HumphreysM45Unattached8119.4872111.1275111.4583114.691 119.8366115.8184121.7782117.9708117.6794124.4997 930.0108119.8366124.4997 
2Barry AllmanM45Horwich RMI Harriers8135.641  131.8136131.8299 129.3912128.2717132.0955130.0146136.577143.94371055.6345143.9437  
3Ken WilliamsM45Chorley Harriers8147.5385 140.7242134.8531137.4356  141.1588 150.3294145.8247153.07041150.9347   
1Dave WaywellM55Wesham Road Runners8115.2308 113.1944  115.6359111.2774114.4855120.0928114.5681118.8406122.5352923.3255122.5352  
2Sid MolyneuxM55Picton RC8156.7692143.7715 148.6322150.1933 146.8064151.7482153.6472147.6208  1199.1888   
3Jim TaylorM55Darwen Dashers8164.1026150.7632161.4583151.6717156.9588  153.047 156.9912 160.78871255.7815   
1Bill AtkinsonM65Northern Vets AC8135.5897128.3604128.3234136.1702144.4588 129.0918134.3157139.191   1075.501   
2Conrad SlaterM65Kendal AC8173.5385159.5766159.2262163.6272  164.6208164.6853158.2228157.6501  1301.1475   
 Open  SerWinter WarmerRoddlesworth RollerRadcliffe 10kChorley Park (2)Witton Trail RaceFreckleton HalfRochdale 10kBlackburn 10kGreen Drive 5Through VillagesBoxing Day 10kRibble Valley 10kBest 8Discard1Discard2
1Karen HutchinsonF35Horwich RMI Harriers8108.3583114.5480109.4203108.0214107.5708100.0000100.0000100.0000100.4717101.2760  825.6982114.5480109.4203
2Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers8105.7008 118.9764108.2888107.6253102.0270106.6500  100.0000 132.7179881.9862  
3Kathleen HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners8118.6884    122.3552115.3782114.1870111.1635113.3828119.3790133.0769947.6110  
4Vanessa HamletFRossendale Harriers8  127.4457  120.6757114.9210115.3659110.4298112.4332119.7815134.0513955.1041  
5Judith DeakinF55Preston Harriers8137.4625144.2864 138.5027144.2811  133.8211126.8344133.7389 155.64101114.5681  
1Karen HutchinsonF35Horwich RMI Harriers8108.3583114.5480109.4203108.0214107.5708100.0000100.0000100.0000100.4717101.2760  825.6982114.5480109.4203
2Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers8105.7008 118.9764108.2888107.6253102.0270106.6500  100.0000 132.7179881.9862  
1Kathleen HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners8118.6884    122.3552115.3782114.1870111.1635113.3828119.3790133.0769947.6110  
1Judith DeakinF55Preston Harriers8137.4625144.2864 138.5027144.2811  133.8211126.8344133.7389 155.64101114.5681  

As at 26 December, prior to final race

Males  SerWinter WarmerRoddlesworth RollerRadcliffe 10kChorley Park (2)Witton Trail RaceFreckleton HalfRochdale 10kBlackburn 10kGreen Drive 5Through VillagesBoxing Day 10kBest 8Discard1Discard2
1Robert JacksonMHorwich RMI Harriers8107.2821100.0000102.0337103.3435  101.8962105.0949108.8859105.1611 833.6974  
2Dave WaywellM55Wesham Road Runners8115.2308 113.1944  115.6359111.2774114.4855120.0928114.5681118.8406923.3255  
3Mark HumphreysM45Unattached8119.4872111.1275111.4583114.6910 119.8366115.8184121.7782117.9708117.6794124.4997930.0108119.8366124.4997
4Mark EllithornMChorley Harriers8114.3590 110.2183109.8278112.5000114.2124109.5808114.2358114.1247112.6647116.90821014.2727114.3590 
5Barry AllmanM45Horwich RMI Harriers8135.6410  131.8136131.8299 129.3912128.2717132.0955130.0146136.57701055.6345  
6Paul BoardmanM40Horwich RMI Harriers8 113.7371118.2540116.3121117.5902 115.6188118.1818120.6897121.3397121.80811063.5315  
7Bill AtkinsonM65Northern Vets AC8135.5897128.3604128.3234136.1702144.4588 129.0918134.3157139.1910  1075.5010  
8Sid MolyneuxM55Picton RC8156.7692143.7715 148.6322150.1933 146.8064151.7482153.6472147.6208 1199.1888  
9Conrad SlaterM65Kendal AC8173.5385159.5766159.2262163.6272  164.6208164.6853158.2228157.6501 1301.1475  
10Lee PasscoMHyndburn AC7   104.6606104.9613 104.8403106.4436111.1406107.6135110.2139749.8738  
11Paul GuinanMBlackburn Harriers7108.6154  103.9514105.5412105.9510 112.5375109.4828109.9561 756.0354  
12Stewart ForsythM40Lytham St Annes RR7 130.6745 130.3951137.9510132.9288 142.9071133.3554132.1742 940.3861  
13Ken WilliamsM45Chorley Harriers7147.5385 140.7242134.8531137.4356  141.1588 150.3294145.8247997.8643  
14Jim TaylorM55Darwen Dashers7164.1026150.7632161.4583151.6717156.9588  153.0470 156.9912 1094.9928  
1Paul BoardmanM40Horwich RMI Harriers8 113.7371118.2540116.3121117.5902 115.6188118.1818120.6897121.3397121.8081941.7234121.8081 
2Stewart ForsythM40Lytham St Annes RR7 130.6745 130.3951137.9510132.9288 142.9071133.3554132.1742 940.3861  
1Mark HumphreysM45Unattached8119.4872111.1275111.4583114.6910 119.8366115.8184121.7782117.9708117.6794124.4997930.0108119.8366124.4997
2Barry AllmanM45Horwich RMI Harriers8135.6410  131.8136131.8299 129.3912128.2717132.0955130.0146136.57701055.6345  
3Ken WilliamsM45Chorley Harriers7147.5385 140.7242134.8531137.4356  141.1588 150.3294145.8247997.8643  
1Dave WaywellM55Wesham Road Runners8115.2308 113.1944  115.6359111.2774114.4855120.0928114.5681118.8406923.3255  
2Sid MolyneuxM55Picton RC8156.7692143.7715 148.6322150.1933 146.8064151.7482153.6472147.6208 1199.1888  
3Jim TaylorM55Darwen Dashers7164.1026150.7632161.4583151.6717156.9588  153.0470 156.9912 1094.9928  
1Bill AtkinsonM65Northern Vets AC8135.5897128.3604128.3234136.1702144.4588 129.0918134.3157139.1910  1075.5010  
2Conrad SlaterM65Kendal AC8173.5385159.5766159.2262163.6272  164.6208164.6853158.2228157.6501 1301.1475  
Females  SerWinter WarmerRoddlesworth RollerRadcliffe 10kChorley Park (2)Witton Trail RaceFreckleton HalfRochdale 10kBlackburn 10kGreen Drive 5Through VillagesBoxing Day 10kBest 8Discard1Discard2
1Karen HutchinsonF35Horwich RMI Harriers8108.3583114.5480109.4203108.0214107.5708100.0000100.0000100.0000100.4717101.2760 825.6982114.5480109.4203
2Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers7105.7008 118.9764108.2888107.6253102.0270106.6500  100.0000 749.2683  
3Caroline ScholesFChorley Harriers7120.7458 121.9656118.5383117.9739111.0232111.4713110.8130   812.5311  
4Kathleen HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners7118.6884    122.3552115.3782114.1870111.1635113.3828119.3790814.5341  
5Vanessa HamletFRossendale Harriers7  127.4457  120.6757114.9210115.3659110.4298112.4332119.7815821.0528  
1Karen HutchinsonF35Horwich RMI Harriers8108.3583114.5480109.4203108.0214107.5708100.0000100.0000100.0000100.4717101.2760 825.6982114.5480109.4203
2Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers7105.7008 118.9764108.2888107.6253102.0270106.6500  100.0000 749.2683  
1Kathleen HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners7118.6884    122.3552115.3782114.1870111.1635113.3828119.3790814.5341  
1Judith DeakinF55Preston Harriers7137.4625144.2864 138.5027144.2811  133.8211126.8344133.7389 958.9271  
What do you have to do? - Absolutely nothing! I'll automatically extract your times and calculate your points from any series race in which you finish. No need to register. All I ask is that you follow the rules below and please ensure some consistency when completing your race entry forms. For example, if you enter one race as "Mike A" and another as "Michael A" I'll assume these are two different people taking part - unless you tell me otherwise! Which also reminds me - ladies, if you get married, please let me know your new and old names otherwise I won't know!!

The list of races is set out below. The first race was the Blackburn "Winter Warmer" 10k on 1st February and the last is the Ribble Valley 10k at Clitheroe on 27th December 2004. The races are broadly one per month but some months may have more than one qualifying race (e.g. December 2004). If any race should be cancelled or postponed, a substitute race will be announced (in the same month if possible).

The prize winners will be announced on this site around New Year of 2005 and your prize vouchers will be posted to you shortly thereafter (you'll need to contact me to let me have your address though!!). These have been co-sponsored by ukresults and Sweatshop Chorley and are redeemable at any branch of Sweatshop in the UK either in person or via mail order.

The rules of the challenge are quite simple and are set out at the bottom of this page. Please read them carefully. My decision with regard to prize winners is final and in my absolute discretion. I reserve the right to seek verification of any questioned results before awarding any prize vouchers.

The current prize list may be subject to change in the absolute discretion of ukresults if for any reason there are insufficient entrants/finishers in any of the veteran age categories.

The ukresults/Sweatshop Chorley Challenge Series 2004

February 2004
Sunday 1 February
Blackburn "Winter Warmer" 10k (10k only)
March 2004
Sunday 14 March
Roddlesworth Roller, Abbey Village, nr. Chorley (Roller only)
April 2004
Sunday 25 April
Radcliffe 10k
May 2004
Friday 21 May
Chorley Park Series, race 2 (Senior race only)
June 2004
Friday 11 June
Witton Trail Race, Blackburn (4 Mile race only)
Sunday 20 June
Freckleton Half Marathon
July 2004
Tuesday 6 July
Rochdale 10k
August 2004
Sunday 15 August
Blackburn 10k (10k only)
October 2004
Sunday 17 October
Green Drive 5, Lytham
November 2004
Sunday 7 November
Through the Villages Race, Wheelton, Chorley
December 2004
Sunday 26 December
Boxing Day 10k (shortened), Leyland (10k only)
Monday 27 December
Ribble Valley 10k, Clitheroe

The Rules

1To qualify for a prize in any category (open or vet) a runner needs to record a valid finishing time in his or her selection of at least 8 races out of the 12 listed.
2If there is more than one race at a venue (e.g. a Junior race or Fun Run in addition to the "main" 10k, half marathon or other race) only the "main" race at that venue is a counter for the purposes of this series.
3If a runner records more than 8 finish times, the best 8 (i.e. the 8 lowest points scores) will count.
4If a runner changes category during the year, his/her category will remain as that in which he/she completed his/her first recorded finish in this series.
5Points will be awarded to each runner based on a percentage of the male and (as appropriate) female race winner's time (this will balance out any difference in size of field which might cause unfair results in larger races).
6The male race winner will be awarded 100%. The female race winner will be awarded 100%. All male points will be computed against the male winner's time (and will therefore be higher percentages). All female points will be computed against the female winner's time (and will similarly be higher percentages).
7The person with 8 best finish points who records the lowest total number of points will be the winner in any category.
8If a person wins a prize in the "Open" category, he or she can also win a prize in their own "Vet" category in addition to the "Open" prize (i.e. one person can win two prizes). Also, older age categories do not score in respect of younger age categories (e.g. an M65 who is beating all M55 runners only counts in the M60+ category)
9In the unlikely event of a tie on points, the results for which will be calculated to four decimal points, the runner with the highest number of finishes shall be the winner. If the tied runners have the same number of finishes then any relevant prizes will be added together and shared equally.
10If the series should end and no person has won a prize in a particular category (for example because no-one has completed 8 races in that category) the prize in that category may be awarded to the next finisher in the age category below (e.g. no Male 55, prize may go to 2nd in Male 50) or to such other person as ukresults may, in their absolute discretion, think fit (e.g. spot prizes).
11Any change of club does not affect a person's scoring but it shall be the responsibility of the runner involved in any change of club to ensure that ukresults are notified of such change to ensure that they are correctly identified in the results. Every effort will be made to ensure accuracy - runners are expected to assist by promptly pointing out any errors or omissions in the results of any race and/or the compiled series results.
12These rules may be subject to amendment by ukresults at any time during the series but will only be amended for the express purpose of clarification of any point or matter of dispute which may arise, but the basic method of calculation and award of prizes will not be materially altered at any time.
13Current standings in the series may be published on this site at intervals, subject to pressures of time allowing. Remember, it's not over until the final race!!

The Prizes

Open Prizes:

1st Male 75, 2nd Male 50, 3rd Male 25
1st Female 75, 2nd Female 50, 3rd Female 25

Vet Prizes:

1st Male Vet 40, 45, 50, 55, 60+ - all 30
1st Female Vet 35, 40, 45, 50, 55+ - all 30
Additional prizes may be added to this list when numbers in each category become clear and if additional funding and/or sponsorship becomes available.
The current prize total is 600 value of Sweatshop vouchers. No cash prize or alternative is available.