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Huddersfield 5k Park Series (Race 2), West Yorkshire

12th July 2018

Results couresty of Cannonball Events
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Cat: Club:
11027Matthew MerrickMU23Bingley Harriers & AC15:4615:46
2913Luc BurnipMU23Holmfirth Harriers AC16:4817:06
3928Michael GaughanMSHalifax Harriers & AC17:2117:22
41015Harry JohnsonMU23Halifax Harriers & AC17:4217:43
5978Paul SmithM40Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited17:4217:44
61017Ben CrowtherMSHalifax Harriers & AC17:4917:50
71030Simon JohnsonM50Halifax Harriers & AC18:2018:21
81000Ashley CrawfordMS 18:3218:33
9968Edward PritchardMSHolmfirth Harriers AC18:3418:35
10942Michael KingM35Halifax Harriers & AC18:4618:47
111038Brandon HolroydM40Holmfirth Harriers AC18:5118:53
12914Richard ButterwickM45Todmorden Harriers19:0519:07
131041Tom PagetM35Halifax Harriers & AC19:2819:30
141034Sean McLaffreyM50Holmfirth Harriers AC19:3219:35
151003Simon KendallM40 19:3619:40
16961James OĠrourkeM40Halifax Harriers & AC19:4319:44
17905Margaret BeeverW35Stainland Lions Running Club19:5319:54
181032Julia JaggerW35 20:0720:09
191028Victoria MerrickFU23Bingley Harriers & AC20:1320:14
201024David LancasterM60York Acorn Running Club20:3920:41
211022Philippa BarrettWSWharfedale Harriers20:4620:48
22912Jon BurdonM40Holmfirth Harriers AC20:5620:58
23972Marc RocheteauM55Halifax Harriers & AC21:1821:20
241001Rachael BeaumontW45Halifax Harriers & AC21:2021:23
25975Stephen SkidmoreM60Denby Dale Athletics Club21:3521:37
261007David MiltonM50Holmfirth Harriers AC21:3821:40
271040Robert HickM60Halifax Harriers & AC21:4021:43
281035Liz WoodfieldW40Holmfirth Harriers AC21:4421:48
29965Henry PhilpottMS 21:5121:55
30934Philip HobbsM50Holmfirth Harriers AC21:5521:57
311029John MerrickM50Bingley Harriers & AC22:2022:22
32986Nigel TaylorM45Halifax Harriers & AC22:1822:23
33983Wayne StevensM45Halifax Harriers & AC22:2122:24
34940Robert KerseyM65Holmfirth Harriers AC22:2322:26
35999Nigel RiggM55Halifax Harriers & AC22:2722:31
361037Lorraine NaylorW45Stainland Lions Running Club22:3022:33
371014Angela ClarkeW45Halifax Harriers & AC23:2423:28
381025Emer DudleyW55Roberttown Road Runners23:5723:59
391031Chris GreenwoodMSHalifax Harriers & AC24:0324:07
40932Philip HansonM60Holmfirth Harriers AC24:0624:09
41957John MooreM45Halifax Harriers & AC24:1024:17
42910Paul BunkerM35Unattached24:1724:21
43974Sally ShacklockW35Halifax Harriers & AC24:2824:32
44944Samantha LayfieldWSHalifax Harriers & AC24:2924:32
45922Shane FieldMS 24:3824:44
461021Steve RandallM40 24:5224:55
47904Debbie BeckW45Holmfirth Harriers AC24:5424:58
48977Anna SmithW50Queensbury Running Club25:3325:36
49948William MurgatroydM65 25:5726:00
50997Colin SmithM60 26:0126:05
51982Charles SouthernM50 26:0426:09
52911Becky BurdonW40Holmfirth Harriers AC26:1326:16
531033Stephen BrookM70Queensbury Running Club26:1726:22
54929Kathy GriffinW40 27:1327:18
55994Jane StirlingW45Holmfirth Harriers AC27:4127:46
56902Charlie AdamsonM65 28:0328:10
57966John PhilpottM60Holmfirth Harriers AC29:0729:11
581036Gillian BuckinghamW35Roberttown Road Runners30:1930:24
591039Kirsty CarverW40Halifax Harriers & AC31:4531:50
60919Oliver DaviesMS 32:5132:57
61946Kirsty LeihWS 33:5033:56
62988Myra WellsW60Todmorden Harriers34:0934:14
63989Stephanie WilkinsonWS 34:1234:19
64945Dianne LeihW45 35:5235:58
65958Gary MortonMS 36:4936:54
66916Ashlie CostelloWS 36:4936:55
67992David WoolleyM70Halifax Harriers & AC37:5938:05
68917Tracey CourtneyWSHolmfirth Harriers AC38:0038:05

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