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Hameldon Hill Junior Race (Under 8), Accrington, Lancashire

3rd May 2015

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Cat: Club:
  Under 8    
16Isaac SmithM7(1/5)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:01:30
239Bobby BurneyM7(2/5)Halewood C of E00:01:32
33Joshua McKayM7(3/5)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:01:34
452Daniel BrownM7(4/5)Trawden AC00:01:38
548Heidi Sagar-MossF7(1/5)Hyndburn AC00:01:41
623Lola DugdaleF7(2/5)Trawden AC00:01:42
721Felix ThomsonM6(1/4)Holy Trinity00:01:43
834Maisie HowarthF7(3/5)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:01:46
949Archie T. BoltonM7(5/5)Unattached00:01:48
109Eleanor RosthornF7(4/5)Trawden AC00:01:51
118Peter Sagar-MossM6(2/4)Hyndburn AC00:01:56
1235Jessica BradleyF7(5/5)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:01:58
1344Lewis A. BottomleyM6(3/4)Trawden AC00:01:59
142Tamzin OsborneF6(1/1)Trawden AC00:02:00
1545Owen A. BottomleyM6(4/4)Trawden AC00:02:07

Hameldon Hill Junior Race (Under 10)

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Cat: Club:
120Dexta ThompsonM9(1/7)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:02:53
236James AshworthM9(2/7)Worsthorne00:02:56
312Nathan KewinM9(1/2)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:07
45W. Rowlands-WhiteoakM8(1/6)Trawden AC00:03:08
546Joe CzapowskiM9(3/7)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:11
633Finley StubbsM8(2/6)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:12
757Davis FentonM9(2/2)Benjamin Hargreaves00:03:13
847Joe Mackenzie SimsM9(4/7)Trawden AC00:03:15
924Amelia DugdaleF9(1/5)Trawden AC00:03:15
1043Callum J. BottomleyM8(3/6)Trawden AC00:03:16
1130Jenson BenthamM8(4/6)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:18
121Callum OsborneM8(5/6)Trawden AC00:03:24
1342Imogen FergusonF9(2/5)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:24
1440Ellie SingletonF9(3/5)Trawden AC00:03:24
1514Alexander ThompsonM9(5/7)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:31
1637Dominic MasseyM9(6/7)St Dominics Oswaldtwistle00:03:32
1741Paige SingletonF9(4/5)Trawden AC00:03:32
1815Matthew ArmstrongM8(6/6)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:03:50
1927Rachel StevensonF8(1/2)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:04:05
2063Tallulah EganF9(5/5)St. Johns Baxenden00:04:13
2125Deacon PirtM9(7/7)Huncoat00:04:30
2218Milly McCabeF8(2/2)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:04:30

Hameldon Hill Junior Race (Under 16)

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Cat: Club:
14Jackson L. McKayM11(1/9)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:11:23
27C. Rowland-WhiteoakM11(2/9)Trawden AC00:12:09
311Henry HunterM10(1/2)Helm Hill Runners00:12:25
453Leon BarrittM11(3/9)Trawden AC00:12:34
565Andrew MacDonaldM13(1/2)Parrswood00:12:38
616Isaac WilkinsonM12(1/2)St. Augustines00:12:55
731William SmithM13(2/2)Unattached00:13:05
851Ella DorringtonF10(1/4)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:13:09
932Millie StubbsF12(1/3)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:13:13
1058William M. NichollsM10(2/2)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:13:13
1126Adam StevensonM11(4/9)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:13:17
1260Lennon JacksonM11(5/9)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:13:24
1322Sophie StanworthF11(1/4)Trawden AC00:13:51
1455Charlotte CorriganF11(2/4)Hyndburn AC00:13:58
1559Leon HargreavesM11(6/9)Peel Park00:14:04
1650Atheer SaminM11(7/9)Peel Park00:14:07
1719Liberty ThompsonF12(2/3)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:14:07
1829Sophie AshworthF11(3/4)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:14:08
1964Harry MasonM12(2/2)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:14:53
2062Natasha OlszewskaF12(3/3)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:15:50
2128Keira StevensonF10(2/4)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:16:23
2213Heidi KewinF11(4/4)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:16:42
2354Rhys C. AtkinsonM11(8/9)Peel Park00:17:08
2456Arron HansonM11(9/9)St. Marys00:19:13
2561Bronia OlszewskaF10(3/4)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:20:06
2610Harriett RosthornF10(4/4)Trawden AC00:26:07

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