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Sweatshop St. Annes 10 Mile, Lancs - Lancashire Championship results

16th March 2014

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1(6)Christopher TullyM35Preston Harriers58.44
2(8)Andrew VauseM40Garstang Running Club59.49
3(9)Nick GaskellM40Clayton le Moors Harriers1-00.05
4(10)Paul MullerM55Horwich RMI Harriers1-00.35
5(11)Lee BarlowM40Wesham Road Runners1-00.35
6(16)Troy WatsonM45Wesham Road Runners1-01.30
7(18)David WatsonM45Preston Harriers1-02.21
8(20)Thornton TaylorM55Rossendale Harriers1-02.57
9(21)Allan McCormickMWilmslow RC1-03.23
10(22)Ian DawsonM35Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-03.27
11(24)Andrew FairbairnM35Thornton Cleveleys RC1-03.41
12(28)Mark GibsonM45Horwich RMI Harriers1-03.58
13(29)Chris WalesM40Preston Harriers1-04.11
14(32)Alan MetcalfM50Preston Harriers1-04.31
15(34)Peter MilliganM55Northern Vets AC1-04.42
16(35)John CollierM60Wesham Road Runners1-04.43
17(36)Kenneth AddisonM55Red Rose Road Runners1-04.46
18(37)Joanna GoorneyF45Lytham St Annes RR1-04.59
19(38)Chris HornerM35Garstang Running Club1-05.06
20(40)Jason BarlowM45Wesham Road Runners1-05.16
21(42)Rachel WoodFBlackburn Harriers1-05.38
22(44)Peter CruseM50Lytham St Annes RR1-05.58
23(50)Richard OakleyM60Red Rose Road Runners1-07.35
24(51)Peter CowlingM50Preston Harriers1-07.51
25(52)Graham WebsterM60Lytham St Annes RR1-08.07
26(56)Alan HudsonM60Wesham Road Runners1-08.51
27(57)Alan ApplebyM65Preston Harriers1-08.53
28(60)Martin QuinnM40Chorley AC & Tri Club1-09.31
29(63)Kevin AshworthM40Lytham St Annes RR1-09.39
30(64)Emma J. LundFWesham Road Runners1-09.46
31(66)Bev WrightF50Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-10.04
32(72)Peter WaywellM45Thornton Cleveleys RC1-10.57
33(73)Tony PritchardM60Garstang Running Club1-11.00
34(75)Willie RichmondM50Lytham St Annes RR1-11.23
35(78)Joe GuestMArmy1-12.30
36(83)Louise GoddardF45Lancaster & Morecambe AC1-13.14
37(85)Kevin HuntM40Preston Harriers1-13.18
38(88)Debbie KirkmanF40Red Rose Road Runners1-13.34
39(91)Carmel SullivanF45Wesham Road Runners1-14.06
40(97)Philip LeaverM60Wesham Road Runners1-14.56
41(102)Ken StanleyM60Northern Vets AC1-15.52
42(117)Michaela DempseyF45Wesham Road Runners1-18.16
43(122)Ray SmithM65Northern Vets AC1-18.58
44(130)Kath HoyerF50Wesham Road Runners1-19.33
45(136)Margaret LuptonF45Red Rose Road Runners1-20.03
46(139)Chris MossM45Wesham Road Runners1-20.46
47(142)Helen LawrensenF40Wesham Road Runners1-21.00
48(143)Greg OultonM45Lytham St Annes RR1-21.07
49(144)Peter MorganM55Northern Vets AC1-21.21
50(149)Frank MillerM65Garstang Running Club1-22.22
51(152)Ted OrrellM75Clayton le Moors Harriers1-22.27
52(163)Michael BriggsM50Unattached1-23.29
53(164)Nina GreenF50Stockport Harriers1-23.30
54(167)Margaret KeighleyF40Blackburn Road Runners1-24.12
55(171)Robert MasseyM65Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-24.22
56(183)Steven WildeM60Northern Vets AC1-25.47
57(184)Philip McCullaghM55Chorley AC & Tri Club1-25.48
58(186)Paul CarterM40Wesham Road Runners1-26.13
59(187)Carole DouglasF65Red Rose Road Runners1-26.14
60(195)Matt LovickMUnattached1-26.58
61(197)Peter CookeM50Wesham Road Runners1-27.13
62(198)John WintersM75Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-27.15
63(208)Wayne McIntoshMTrawden AC1-28.45
64(211)Joan GouldthorpeF60Red Rose Road Runners1-29.06
65(217)Lorna BowesF45Blackburn Road Runners1-30.01
66(222)Nicola NallyFSouth Ribble Runners1-31.13
67(223)Alex OakleyMRed Rose Road Runners1-31.21
68(225)Pam BinnsF65Lytham St Annes RR1-31.57
69(226)Norma SmithF65Blackburn Road Runners1-32.10
70(227)John HoworthM60Wesham Road Runners1-32.13
71(230)Michelle HoughtonF45Blackburn Road Runners1-32.48
72(232)Bernard SingletonM65Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-33.41
73(236)Sylvia GittinsF65Lytham St Annes RR1-34.03
74(239)George FletcherM70Red Rose Road Runners1-34.49
75(244)John BradleyM70Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC1-35.49
76(251)Julie SherwoodF45Thornton Cleveleys RC1-36.36
77(255)Dave JonesM65Thornton Cleveleys RC1-37.29
78(262)Lisa GallowayFRed Rose Road Runners1-40.14
79(263)Emily StapletonF40Lancaster & Morecambe AC1-40.27
80(265)Linzi YoungFWesham Road Runners1-41.00
81(269)Mike WalshM80Wesham Road Runners1-42.47
82(279)Hilary GoorneyF70Thornton Cleveleys RC1-48.38
83(286)Richard StapletonM70Lancaster & Morecambe AC1-50.13
84(287)Malcolm SherwoodM60Thornton Cleveleys RC1-50.21
85(293)Sue WickhamF50Preston Harriers1-54.54

1Preston Harriers 'A'Total = 21 pts - Positions: 1, 7, 13
 Christopher TullyDavid WatsonChris Wales
2Wesham Road Runners 'A'Total = 27 pts - Positions: 5, 6, 16
 Lee BarlowTroy WatsonJohn Collier
3Garstang Running Club 'A'Total = 49 pts - Positions: 2, 18, 29
 Andrew VauseChris HornerTony Pritchard
4Preston Harriers 'B'Total = 61 pts - Positions: 14, 22, 25
 Alan MetcalfPeter CowlingAlan Appleby
5Lytham St Annes RR 'A'Total = 70 pts - Positions: 20, 23, 27
 Peter CruseGraham WebsterKevin Ashworth
6Wesham Road Runners 'B'Total = 76 pts - Positions: 19, 24, 33
 Jason BarlowAlan HudsonPhilip Leaver
7Northern Vets AC 'A'Total = 84 pts - Positions: 15, 34, 35
 Peter MilliganKen StanleyRay Smith
8Red Rose Road Runners 'A'Total = 88 pts - Positions: 17, 21, 50
 Kenneth AddisonRichard OakleyAlex Oakley
9Thornton Cleveleys RC 'A'Total = 94 pts - Positions: 11, 28, 55
 Andrew FairbairnPeter WaywellDave Jones
10Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC 'A'Total = 100 pts - Positions: 10, 42, 48
 Ian DawsonRobert MasseyJohn Winters
11Wesham Road Runners 'C'Total = 128 pts - Positions: 36, 45, 47
 Chris MossPaul CarterPeter Cooke

1Wesham Road Runners 'A'Total = 18 pts - Positions: 3, 7, 8
 Emma J. LundCarmel SullivanMichaela Dempsey
2Red Rose Road Runners 'A'Total = 30 pts - Positions: 6, 10, 14
 Debbie KirkmanMargaret LuptonCarole Douglas
3Lytham St Annes RR 'A'Total = 40 pts - Positions: 1, 18, 21
 Joanna GoorneyPam BinnsSylvia Gittins
4Wesham Road Runners 'B'Total = 45 pts - Positions: 9, 11, 25
 Kath HoyerHelen LawrensenLinzi Young
5Blackburn Road Runners 'A'Total = 48 pts - Positions: 13, 16, 19
 Margaret KeighleyLorna BowesNorma Smith
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