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Comberbach Fete 5k, nr. Northwich, Cheshire

11th May 2014

Results courtesy of Tumay Nicholls
1John Richardson19.17
2Rob Hough19.39
3Tom Banks20.31
4Matt Lord20.34
5Emma Wood21.03
6Antony Dunn21.05
7David Stacey21.28
8David Madders21.39
9Vanessa Griffiths22.14
10Rob Doel22.24
11Carol Shaw22.41
12Jon Ashford22.57
13Barry Chambers23.00
14Rob Corney23.05
15Mr Shaw23.13
16Tim Gresinger23.28
17Billy Lord23.32
18Nicky Lord25.16
19John Gregory26.46
20Christina Millachip27.05
21Rachel Cameron27.09
22Issac Millachip27.35
23Louise Shorney27.58
24Sandra Fisher28.47
25Ann Barr29.40
26Lucy Evans32.51
27Vicky Lawson32.53
28Molly Ashvord33.48
29Sian Chandler34.35
30Wendy Cooper36.20
31Grace Austin54.58
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