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Green Drive Five, Lytham, Lancs

21st October 2012

Lancashire Championships

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Cat: Club:
1(1)Anthony FordMSale Harriers Manchester24.17
2(2)Luke MinnsMBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC25.41
3(3)James KevanMHorwich RMI Harriers26.15
4(4)Marc TillotsonMBolton United Harriers26.52
5(5)James MulvanyMBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC27.09
6(6)Gareth BoothM40Horwich RMI Harriers27.27
7(8)Steven WaterhouseM40Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC27.34
8(11)Joe GreenwoodMLytham St Annes RR28.40
9(12)Karl LeeMWesham Road Runners28.46
10(14)David WatsonM40Preston Harriers28.50
11(18)Peter CruseM50Lytham St Annes RR29.47
12(20)Trevor UttleyM45Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC30.10
13(23)Richard JonesMGarstang Running Club30.30
14(26)Jim WoodcockM60Menai Track & Field30.38
15(27)Ken AddisonM55Red Rose Road Runners30.45
16(29)Adam WeightmanMBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC31.01
17(30)Graham WebsterM60Lytham St Annes RR31.07
18(31)Helen BoothFLancaster & Morecambe AC31.10
19(35)Joanna GoorneyF40Wesham Road Runners31.29
20(36)Chris HornerMGarstang Running Club32.00
21(39)Peter BroomeM55Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC32.07
22(42)Alan HudsonM60Wesham Road Runners32.22
23(43)Karl GoverMThornton Cleveleys RC32.46
24(44)Lauren GoraFLancaster & Morecambe AC32.48
25(50)John BertenshawM55Wesham Road Runners33.09
26(51)Simon GoraMGarstang Running Club33.17
27(52)Roy UptonM45Lytham St Annes RR33.36
28(53)Ian MeedsM40Bolton United Harriers33.39
29(57)Sarah GohilF40Preston Harriers34.14
30(63)Stasia BlighF35Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC34.46
31(66)Colin LaidlawM55Lytham St Annes RR34.57
32(69)Andrea SmithF45Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC35.01
33(72)Helen LawrensonF40Wesham Road Runners35.07
34(76)Zoe GmerekF35Sale Harriers Manchester35.21
35(82)Melvyn ThistlethwaitM60Clayton le Moors Harriers35.37
36(85)Derek CraneM45Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC35.49
37(86)David WilkinsonM50Lancaster & Morecambe AC35.54
38(88)Mike CronshawM60Kendal AAC36.08
39(90)Emma Essex-CrosbyFPreston Harriers36.19
40(102)Roy StevensM60Lytham St Annes RR37.22
41(103)Alison TitteringtonF55Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC37.29
42(107)Alan WilkinsonM60Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC37.56
43(114)Jennifer AdamsF60Northern Vets AC38.43
44(116)Jayne PerryFLancaster & Morecambe AC38.47
45(120)Carole WilkinsonF50Lancaster & Morecambe AC38.55
46(122)Pamela HardmanF50Lytham St Annes RR39.11
47(132)Philip McCullaghM55Chorley39.59
48(141)David TwizellM55Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC41.09
49(142)David RobertsM65Preston Harriers41.11
50(143)Julie SherwoodF45Thornton Cleveleys RC41.18
51(144)John WintersM75Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC41.21
52(148)Doug BrownM75Wesham Road Runners41.33
53(149)David YoungM65Wesham Road Runners41.35
54(150)Richard ShieldsM55Lancaster & Morecambe AC41.42
55(155)Robert GoodallMLytham St Annes RR41.59
56(157)Norma SmithF65Blackburn Road Runners42.12
57(163)Robert MasseyM65Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC42.26
58(170)Judith DeakinF65Preston Harriers43.40
59(173)Glenis SpeakF60Northern Vets AC44.02
60(180)Johnny PouncyM65Wirral AC44.59
61(183)Norman GreenwoodM70Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC45.05
62(188)Mike WalshM80Wesham Road Runners45.28
63(189)John BradleyM70Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC45.29
64(197)Bernard ElkingtonM75Lancaster & Morecambe AC47.12
65(207)Hilary GoorneyF65Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC48.59
66(209)Shirley M AddyF50Accrington Road Runners49.06
67(227)Evelyn ElkingtonF75Lancaster & Morecambe AC52.24
68(237)Kathleen GarnettF75Clayton le Moors Harriers54.03
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