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Thirsk 10 Mile Road Race, North Yorkshire

27th March 2011 (postponed from 28 Nov 2010 - only entries prior to 28/11/10 are included)

North of England Championships - Men

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Cat: Club:
1593AndrewPEARSONMen 17 to 39Longwood Harriers A.C.00:50:1000:50:10
2206MikeBURRETTMen 17 to 39Leeds City AC00:52:5900:52:59
3237JamesASKEWMen 17 to 39Aycliffe Running Club00:53:4400:53:44
4368JamesBULMANMen 40 to 44North York Moors AC00:53:4700:53:48
5792ChrisMILLERMen 17 to 39Harrogate Harriers & AC00:55:1200:55:12
6320JamesPEARSONMen 17 to 39Beverley AC00:55:3400:55:35
7450AndyMAYMen 17 to 39Valley Striders00:56:0500:56:08
8632NigelARMITAGEMen 17 to 39Pudsey Pacers RC00:56:1300:56:17
9432GaryDUNNMen 40 to 44Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers00:56:1700:56:18
10787StephenBAILEYMen 17 to 39Bingley Harriers00:56:3200:56:42
11587WillKERRMen 17 to 39Saltaire Striders00:56:4800:56:51
12542ThomasMIDGLEYMen 17 to 39Otley AC00:56:5600:57:00
13976MarkHALLMen 50 to 54Barnsley AC00:57:0300:57:03
14631LeeDALTONMen 17 to 39Nidd Valley Road Runners00:57:3800:57:41
15698MichaelAPPLETONMen 17 to 39Ripon Runners00:57:4700:57:48
16124AndrewPEARSONMen 17 to 39North York Moors AC00:57:5800:57:59
17675MarcTEASEYMen 40 to 44Bingley Harriers00:58:0100:58:04
18165StuartSPOONERMen 50 to 54Bridlington Road Runners00:58:2700:58:28
19550PaulKAISERMen 17 to 39Valley Striders00:58:3000:58:33
20913MartinMURRAYMen 40 to 44North York Moors AC00:58:3500:58:38
21242DuncanCLARKMen 45 to 49Abbey Runners00:58:5200:58:55
22444RichardSPOONERMen 17 to 39Barnsley Harriers00:58:5100:58:56
2355DezFIELDENMen 17 to 39North York Moors AC00:59:0800:59:14
24518KirkHADDONMen 17 to 39Gateshead Harriers00:59:1100:59:15
25592JohnBROOMMen 40 to 44Barnsley Harriers00:59:2400:59:29
26544StevenWESTONMen 40 to 44Ilkley Harriers00:59:3300:59:37
27155TrevorCLOUGHMen 50 to 54Leeds City AC00:59:4100:59:46
2842SteveMIDDLETONMen 17 to 39Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers00:59:5000:59:51
29786MatinFIRTHMen 50 to 54Queensbury Running Club00:59:5100:59:58
30120PhilMUSGRAVEMen 17 to 39North York Moors AC01:00:0401:00:06
31690JohnTRELFAMen 45 to 49Scarborough A C01:00:0701:00:07
32834AnthonyJEFFORDMen 17 to 39Ripon Runners01:00:1001:00:11
33803MatthewCHADWICKMen 17 to 39Beverley AC01:00:1401:00:19
34819BillySHIVELYMen 50 to 54York Postal Harriers01:00:1801:00:24
35286SteveLARGEMen 45 to 49Horsforth Harriers01:00:2401:00:28
36563BryanASTILLMen 45 to 49Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers01:01:1001:01:16
37571PaulEMMETTMen 45 to 49Wetherby Runners AC01:01:3001:01:37
3847NigelBROWNMen 40 to 44Chester le Street & District AC01:01:5901:02:01
39801AndrewJOHNSONMen 40 to 44Beverley AC01:02:2301:02:29
40873PaulMcGOUGHMen 17 to 39North York Moors AC01:02:3101:02:38
41471PeterO'CALLAGHANMen 45 to 49Scarborough A C01:02:4501:02:47
42480LloydBESTMen 45 to 49Otley AC01:02:3801:02:48
43217MarkCALVERTMen 17 to 39Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers01:02:4701:02:53
44987SteveTRUDGEONMen 50 to 54Harrogate Harriers & AC01:02:4701:02:54
45405SimonRYCROFTMen 17 to 39Pocklington Runners01:02:4401:02:55
46682MarkKETLEYMen 17 to 39Elswick Harriers01:02:5001:03:02
47947DavidWOODHEADMen 17 to 39Pudsey Pacers RC01:02:5401:03:03
48417MarkTOBINMen 17 to 39Wetherby Runners AC01:03:0901:03:20
49525AlCHAPMANMen 17 to 39Pudsey Pacers RC01:03:1201:03:21
50585MarkHARNEYMen 45 to 49York Acorn Running Club01:03:2101:03:25
51277NeilMcNISHMen 40 to 44Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:03:2301:03:27
52839MichaelGOMERSALLMen 40 to 44Rothwell & District Harriers01:03:2701:03:31
5363RobertMcWILLIAMMen 40 to 44Selby Striders01:03:2601:03:39
54995PaulSTALKERMen 17 to 39Nidd Valley Road Runners01:03:4401:03:49
55523RichardFOSTERMen 17 to 39Abbey Runners01:03:4501:03:53
56553MikeDEACONMen 45 to 49Nidd Valley Road Runners01:04:0001:04:07
57366DavidATKINSONMen 17 to 39Swaledale Road Runners01:04:1701:04:28
58559GrahamBELLMen 55 to 59Darlington Harriers & AC01:04:1801:04:30
59370DerekPARRINGTONMen 45 to 49Swaledale Road Runners01:04:3801:04:49
60933PaulSTOCKBURNMen 50 to 54Harrogate Harriers & AC01:04:5901:05:05
61296JackVERITYMen 50 to 54Saltaire Striders01:05:0601:05:18
62601GeoffreyHOWARDMen 65 to 69Ilkley Harriers01:05:1701:05:27
63646BrandonHOLROYDMen 17 to 39Holmfirth Harriers01:05:1401:05:27
64979ChrisALLENMen 40 to 44Scarborough A C01:05:1401:05:31
65914GeoffCUMBERMen 60 to 64Halifax Harriers & AC01:05:2701:05:37
66415PaulFORDHAMMen 40 to 44Barnsley Harriers01:05:4001:05:49
67877StuartTHOMPSONMen 60 to 64Bingley Harriers01:05:4501:05:51
68488MichaelFLAHERTYMen 45 to 49Pontefract Athletics Club01:05:5601:05:59
69253Paul WayneFREEMANMen 45 to 49Wolds Veteran Runners Club01:05:5501:06:02
70340IanROSSERMen 40 to 44Valley Striders01:05:3201:06:05
71680EricGREENMen 50 to 54Valley Striders01:06:0301:06:06
72609DavidBROWNMen 40 to 44Ilkley Harriers01:05:5601:06:11
73840AndrewTURNERMen 50 to 54Ripon Runners01:05:5101:06:19
74460MarkWALKERMen 40 to 44Quakers Running Club01:06:0801:06:20
75257JohnWALLACEMen 40 to 44Valley Striders01:06:0701:06:23
76596TomBUTTONMen 17 to 39Valley Striders01:06:1301:06:25
77377GrahamWILSONMen 40 to 44Crossgates Harriers01:06:2501:06:30
78382PeteDOWNESMen 45 to 49York Knavesmire Harriers01:06:0801:06:33
7983NeilCHAPMANMen 55 to 59Ilkley Harriers01:06:2801:06:43
80882KeithPAILINGMen 60 to 64Rothwell & District Harriers01:06:4101:06:47
81700MickHOGANMen 50 to 54Eccleshill Road Runners01:06:3901:06:52
82210IanOGDENMen 17 to 39Spenborough AC01:06:5601:06:59
83558JimHOLDINGMen 50 to 54Pocklington Runners01:06:5201:07:05
84434RichardCAMPBELLMen 17 to 39Aycliffe Running Club01:06:5301:07:12
85177SimonWATSONMen 45 to 49Harrogate Harriers & AC01:07:0501:07:20
86291BobbyWEIGHTMANMen 50 to 54Gateshead Harriers01:07:1801:07:20
87342TomPAGETMen 17 to 39Otley AC01:07:0901:07:21
88556John EdwardMcNERNEYMen 17 to 39Harrogate Harriers & AC01:07:1901:07:28
89183StevenSNOOKMen 50 to 54Quakers Running Club01:07:1901:07:34
90219MarkROBINSONMen 17 to 39Quakers Running Club01:07:3101:07:41
91940BlaneJONMen 45 to 49Harrogate Harriers & AC01:07:2801:07:42
92101DavidGREENSMITHMen 40 to 44Redcar Running Club01:07:3501:07:45
93492RichardWILSONMen 17 to 39Rothwell & District Harriers01:07:4201:07:50
94254MarkJORDANMen 55 to 59Harrogate Harriers & AC01:07:4601:07:53
95930MickLUNNMen 40 to 44Meltham AC01:07:4901:07:57
96602DarrenSTOCKDALEMen 17 to 39Quakers Running Club01:08:2201:08:32
97205RichardPENNOCKMen 17 to 39Harrogate Harriers & AC01:08:2301:08:34
98198AlaistairMACLEODMen 50 to 54York Knavesmire Harriers01:08:2501:08:40
99816GaryWILKSMen 17 to 39Ripon Runners01:08:3601:08:41
100917AndyHALEYMen 40 to 44Doncaster Athletic Club01:08:2701:09:02
101379DavidMcLACHLANMen 45 to 49Quakers Running Club01:09:0801:09:15
102549MattPODDMen 50 to 54Otley AC01:09:1201:09:20
103344MartinSMITHMen 40 to 44York Knavesmire Harriers01:09:0801:09:38
104157MattRYLATTMen 45 to 49York Acorn Running Club01:09:2201:09:41
105110DavidTHOMPSONMen 55 to 59Quakers Running Club01:09:3201:09:44
106853TimTOWLERMen 50 to 54Valley Striders01:09:4001:09:46
10749PaulSTEPHENSMen 50 to 54Ilkley Harriers01:09:3601:09:51
108129DarrenWILSONMen 40 to 44New Marske Harriers01:09:3301:09:53
109851ChristopherJAMIESONMen 50 to 54Esk Valley Fell Club01:09:4201:09:55
110440TonyANDRYSZEWSKIMen 45 to 49Wetherby Runners AC01:09:4201:09:59
11198Edward JamesEASTMen 17 to 39Baildon Runners01:09:5201:10:07
112508RickFORKINMen 17 to 39Harrogate Harriers & AC01:10:0101:10:10
11367MikeWRAYMen 17 to 39Ripon Runners01:09:4001:10:12
114996JosephLOFTHOUSEMen 17 to 39Ripon Runners01:10:3901:10:43
115468DaleANTCLIFFMen 17 to 39Rothwell & District Harriers01:10:4601:11:08
116458SimonSMITHMen 40 to 44Nidd Valley Road Runners01:11:0101:11:22
11769JohnSPAULSMen 17 to 39Cleethorpes AC01:11:1101:11:36
118988PaulBERESFORDMen 50 to 54Rothwell & District Harriers01:11:5901:12:12
119452PeterWATKINSONMen 55 to 59Beverley AC01:12:0601:12:14
120123GaryFULLAGERMen 45 to 49Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:11:5701:12:26
121146NiallCHEYNEMen 40 to 44Swaledale Road Runners01:11:4401:12:35
122173ScottGREENMen 17 to 39Quakers Running Club01:12:3201:12:42
123633TimPOCOCKMen 50 to 54Harrogate Harriers & AC01:12:3201:12:48
124973DavidBULLOCKMen 55 to 59Askern District Running Club01:12:4101:12:51
12571PaulSANDERSONMen 40 to 44Valley Striders01:12:4501:13:08
126302TimTANCOSMen 40 to 44Rothwell & District Harriers 01:13:18
127605ChrisMARTINMen 40 to 44Wetherby Runners AC01:13:0401:13:22
128151TonyRAWLINGMen 45 to 49Scarborough A C01:12:5601:13:23
129952BrianWATTSMen 65 to 69Askern District Running Club01:13:1601:13:29
130375JerryKIFTMen 55 to 59Rothwell & District Harriers01:12:4501:13:34
131160RichardBROOKMen 17 to 39Queensbury Running Club01:13:2601:13:46
132880IanHAMMONDMen 17 to 39Quakers Running Club01:13:3601:13:49
133345MartinBROWNEMen 45 to 49Abbey Runners01:13:3401:14:07
134403DaveSEAMANMen 60 to 64Nidd Valley Road Runners01:14:2001:14:40
135465Jody JamesHORTHMen 17 to 39Cottingham Fitmums and Friends01:14:2901:14:47
136589GaryYOUNGMen 17 to 39Swaledale Road Runners01:14:3501:14:55
137298VicVERECONDIMen 45 to 49Ilkley Harriers01:14:5201:15:10
138664MarkPRESTONMen 45 to 49Stainland Lions Road Runners01:14:5401:15:18
139306ThomasGILLONMen 55 to 59Scarborough A C01:15:1601:15:21
140689PeterROWLEYMen 55 to 59Quakers Running Club01:15:1201:15:26
141263CraigWORLEYMen 40 to 44Kippax & District Harriers01:14:4601:15:27
142967MartinLUXTONMen 55 to 59Swaledale Road Runners01:14:3801:15:30
143248RayWHEATLEYMen 45 to 49Redcar Running Club01:15:0001:16:00
144872CraigLIGHTFOOTMen 45 to 49Billingham Marsh House Harriers01:16:3901:17:20
145204AndyGIBBMen 50 to 54Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:17:5501:18:24
146808JohnELVINMen 65 to 69Askern District Running Club01:18:3001:18:35
147260PeterSMITHMen 50 to 54Quakers Running Club01:18:1701:18:36
148103MikLAMBERTMen 50 to 54Scarborough A C01:18:2001:19:05
149536ChristopherHARTLEYMen 45 to 49Easingwold Running Club01:18:3601:19:06
150369HowardTHOMPSONMen 50 to 54Easingwold Running Club01:18:3901:19:15
151200PhilHAMMONDMen 50 to 54Abbey Runners01:19:0501:19:43
152114JimTOWERSMen 60 to 64Ilkley Harriers01:19:0501:19:47
153524DaveWARDMen 40 to 44Pickering Running Club01:20:1101:20:35
154475GordonBOOTHMen 70 to 79Longwood Harriers A.C.01:20:2901:20:46
155992RobinKEHOEMen 55 to 59Ripon Runners01:20:4201:20:57
156624SimonMcCUDDENMen 50 to 54Ripon Runners01:20:4201:21:26
157651StuartAMBLERMen 17 to 39York Knavesmire Harriers01:21:2701:21:36
158194David JohnWATCHMANMen 40 to 44Redcar Running Club01:20:4201:21:51
159948JohnWOODHEADMen 55 to 59Pudsey Pacers RC01:22:1001:22:59
160639AndrewRAYNERMen 45 to 49Otley AC01:22:4301:23:46
161362StewartHAIGHMen 60 to 64Ackworth Road Runners & AC01:23:4201:24:29
162561LesHOLMESMen 40 to 44Redcar Running Club01:24:0001:24:59
163994TimCOCKMen 65 to 69Holmfirth Harriers01:24:5101:25:08
164442RobGILLHAMMen 40 to 44Quakers Running Club01:25:1201:25:33
165937AnthonyWALSHAWMen 40 to 44Redcar Running Club01:25:0701:25:50
166861AndrewBISHOPMen 50 to 54Ripon Runners01:25:2001:26:21
167907BarrySINARMen 65 to 69Ackworth Road Runners & AC01:25:5201:26:42
168220AlanTATTERSALLMen 50 to 54Ackworth Road Runners & AC01:27:0201:27:42
169188MichaelMAHONMen 60 to 64North York Moors AC01:27:0901:27:51
170526HarryFORKINMen 60 to 64Scarborough A C01:27:1101:27:53
171390RobertKIRBYMen 45 to 49Quakers Running Club01:27:1901:28:08
172341BernardJONESMen 70 to 79Askern District Running Club01:28:0101:28:58
173943JohnMULLIGANMen 70 to 79Billingham Marsh House Harriers01:28:3401:29:14
174972AndrewGARDNERMen 55 to 59St. Theresa's AC01:29:2101:29:34
175412JohnTULLYMen 40 to 44Evenwood Road Runners01:29:2101:30:17
176820JohnSMITHMen 60 to 64New Marske Harriers01:30:3201:31:37
177653KeithJUMPMen 60 to 64Saltaire Striders01:32:1401:32:41
178945StevenHADLEYMen 45 to 49Beverley AC01:32:4801:33:21
179140MichaelBISHOPMen 45 to 49Easingwold Running Club01:33:2001:33:57
180627LeeOLIVERMen 40 to 44Skipton AC01:33:1401:34:04
181823JohnJOHNSON St. Theresa's AC01:33:1201:34:12
182869GordonMcGOUGHMen 60 to 64Billingham Marsh House Harriers01:34:4001:35:26
18384PeterMcNALLYMen 65 to 69Beverley AC01:35:0601:36:22
184226DanielCRANEMen 17 to 39Quakers Running Club01:38:5901:39:45
185196KevinSIMPSONMen 50 to 54Quakers Running Club01:40:3301:41:21
186800FrankHARRISONMen 70 to 79Beverley AC01:41:2501:41:51
187997StephenFLETCHERMen 60 to 64Pocklington Runners01:46:3401:47:21
188334IanBROWNMen 50 to 54York Acorn Running Club01:47:2701:48:08
189233PaulADAMSMen 60 to 64York Knavesmire Harriers01:49:1501:50:17
190815IvorROBERTSMen 65 to 69Beverley AC01:50:1401:51:26

North of England Championships - Ladies

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Cat: Club:
1681SarahJARVISLadies 35 to 39Bingley Harriers00:58:3800:58:41
2939JessicaNIXONLadies17 to 34Gateshead Harriers01:01:2601:01:29
3238AmyGREENLadies17 to 34Keighley & Craven AC01:01:2901:01:31
4489JennieGUARDLadies17 to 34Leeds City AC01:02:0201:02:09
5134Gemma LouiseSMITHLadies17 to 34Kirkstall Harriers01:02:4501:02:52
6659YamunaTHIRULadies 45 to 49Elswick Harriers01:04:1901:04:31
7591DawnBROOMLadies 45 to 49Barnsley Harriers01:05:4401:05:49
8208SueHASLAMLadies 55 to 59Scarborough A C01:06:0501:06:09
9481KarenBESTLadies 40 to 44Otley AC01:07:1301:07:21
10267MargaretSYKESLadies 40 to 44Holmfirth Harriers01:07:0401:07:25
11985JulieGREENWOODLadies 35 to 39Wakefield Harriers01:07:3101:07:49
12353LindaWALTONLadies 40 to 44Barnsley Harriers01:08:0401:08:12
1351LizWOODLadies 35 to 39Valley Striders01:08:5301:09:01
14864ChristineMcCARTHYLadies 50 to 54Pontefract Athletics Club01:09:3401:09:40
15367SharonTHORNTONLadies 35 to 39North York Moors AC01:09:3201:09:51
16974SarahBIBBYLadies 35 to 39Redcar Running Club01:10:0201:10:16
1788LizWOODFIELDLadies17 to 34Holmfirth Harriers01:10:4801:11:09
18621WandaMACDONALDLadies 45 to 49St. Theresa's AC01:11:4201:11:49
19461LucyPARTRIDGELadies17 to 34Abbey Runners01:11:3501:11:57
20519PamelaCOSTELLOLadies 55 to 59Redcar Running Club01:12:0101:12:16
21293KeziahPAXTONLadies17 to 34Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers01:12:1101:12:27
22554JennyHUTCHESONLadies17 to 34Harrogate Harriers & AC01:11:4201:12:38
23977BethMASSEYLadies 40 to 44Barnsley AC01:13:0801:13:17
2459YvetteARTHURLadies 50 to 54Holmfirth Harriers01:13:1501:13:25
25462LianeWARRENLadies 40 to 44Ackworth Road Runners & AC01:13:0001:13:30
26552FionaDEACONLadies 45 to 49Nidd Valley Road Runners01:13:2701:13:52
27141SueSIMPSONLadies 50 to 54Harrogate Harriers & AC01:14:1301:14:21
28797SamanthaALLENLadies 35 to 39Beverley AC01:14:0201:14:23
29927ClareBAHARIELadies 35 to 39Sunderland Strollers01:14:1201:14:30
30363SusanRANSOMELadies 50 to 54Pudsey Pacers RC01:14:2301:14:33
31644SusanSUNDERLANDLadies 50 to 54Valley Striders01:14:1701:14:41
32961ChristineHOLLERANLadies 45 to 49Nidd Valley Road Runners01:15:2701:15:53
33999EmmaCOSTERLadies 35 to 39Wetherby Runners AC01:16:2101:16:53
34337KarenHALLLadies 50 to 54Middlesbrough Mandale01:16:0001:17:02
35845DebbieBLANDLadies 55 to 59Skyrac AC01:16:3101:17:06
36463AndreaNORMINGTONLadies 45 to 49Wetherby Runners AC01:16:5401:17:26
37590JessicaBROWNLadies17 to 34Swaledale Road Runners01:17:1001:17:31
3865DebbieDENNISONLadies 45 to 49Tadcaster Harriers01:17:0601:17:45
39507MargaretEHRENBERGLadies 55 to 59Sparkhill Harriers01:17:3901:17:50
40674SueSHARPLESLadies 40 to 44Wetherby Runners AC01:17:3101:17:51
41799HelenSTORRLadies 45 to 49Beverley AC01:17:3201:17:53
42131JoyceTHOMPSONLadies 50 to 54Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:18:1301:18:41
43971AmandaMETCALFLadies 45 to 49Nidd Valley Road Runners01:18:1801:18:43
44535AnneHARTLEYLadies 45 to 49Easingwold Running Club01:18:3601:19:06
45986AnneSCAIFELadies 45 to 49Harrogate Harriers & AC01:18:4101:19:07
46251TrishKAYLadies 45 to 49Aycliffe Running Club01:19:3401:19:47
47903AngelaCOLLINSLadies 45 to 49Beverley AC01:19:2701:19:51
48695TraceyMcKAINELadies 40 to 44Kippax & District Harriers01:19:3501:20:10
49315BevMOTTLEYLadies 40 to 44Abbey Runners01:19:5901:20:37
50688DebbieHANSELLLadies 45 to 49Easingwold Running Club01:20:2601:20:53
51126JackieHAYLadies 45 to 49Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:20:2701:20:56
52189LynnWOODSLadies 60 to 64New Marske Harriers01:20:5501:20:59
53670JennyCROSIERLadies17 to 34Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:20:3801:21:07
54809ClaireWHITWAMLadies 45 to 49Holmfirth Harriers01:20:5901:21:32
55355SuzanneRICKARDLadies 40 to 44Ripon Runners01:20:5401:21:35
56926SueHEAPLadies 45 to 49Meltham AC01:22:5501:23:24
57671AlisonMALLORIE-LEWISLadies 40 to 44Wetherby Runners AC01:23:2801:24:12
58936LouiseHOLLOWBREADLadies 35 to 39Pudsey Pacers RC01:23:4701:24:21
59411AlexandraWHAPPLESLadies 40 to 44Vocalink01:23:5601:24:23
60673JackyDARLEYLadies 50 to 54Wetherby Runners AC01:23:5601:24:50
61852CaroleTOWLERLadies 45 to 49Valley Striders01:24:1601:24:55
62404DebbieRYCROFTLadies 40 to 44Pocklington Runners01:24:4301:25:01
63279JillHOLTLadies 40 to 44Ripon Runners01:24:0501:25:05
64969MoiraLENAGHANLadies 70+Crossgates Harriers01:24:3401:25:11
65892ValeriePELLLadies 50 to 54Kippax & District Harriers01:24:4201:25:20
66420GemmaSARGEANTLadies17 to 34Rothwell & District Harriers01:24:5801:25:47
67299LeahGILLONLadies17 to 34Scarborough A C01:25:1201:25:54
68938Julie AnnRICHARDSONLadies 35 to 39York Knavesmire Harriers01:25:1201:25:55
69794MaureenKIRBYLadies 65 to 69Hull Springhead Harriers01:25:3201:25:56
70946CarolPARKINSONLadies 35 to 39Pudsey Pacers RC01:25:1101:25:59
71511CarolineYOUNGLadies17 to 34Rothwell & District Harriers01:25:5601:26:17
72285KarenLARGELadies 45 to 49Horsforth Harriers01:25:4601:26:19
73213CarolHAJ-NAJAFILadies 45 to 49Tadcaster Harriers01:25:4101:26:20
74942MichaelaSILLLadies17 to 34Rothwell & District Harriers 01:26:29
75472SallyKINGSCOTTLadies 45 to 49Scarborough A C01:26:1101:26:41
76848JulieJAMESLadies 45 to 49St. Theresa's AC01:25:4801:26:46
77262LesleyWILLOUGHBYLadies 40 to 44Ripon Runners01:26:1601:26:57
78513JulieMERRINLadies 35 to 39Ripon Runners01:26:4101:27:05
79694EmmaBENNETTLadies 35 to 39Harrogate Harriers & AC01:27:0901:28:05
80324SandraPARKLadies 45 to 49Quakers Running Club01:27:4801:28:33
81335LynnTAYLORLadies 45 to 49Abbey Runners01:28:5201:29:54
82963HilarySEWARDLadies 45 to 49Skipton AC01:29:2301:30:03
83841JackieTURNERLadies 45 to 49Ripon Runners01:29:1401:30:15
84512HilaryGILLIAMLadies 45 to 49Ripon Runners01:29:5401:30:18
85193AmandaROSSLadies 45 to 49Ripon Runners01:29:2201:30:21
86586BernieWOODLadies 50 to 54Easingwold Running Club01:30:5201:31:22
87295HelenLEACHLadies 45 to 49York Knavesmire Harriers01:30:4201:31:48
88352FranROBSONLadies 40 to 44Abbey Runners01:31:3601:32:38
89125SarahDICKINSONLadies 40 to 44Bedale & Aiskew Runners01:32:3301:33:01
90875LucySTAMFORDLadies 35 to 39Beverley AC01:32:3601:33:07
91950VickyMATTLESSLadies17 to 34Durham Tri Club01:32:4501:33:13
92457MichelleSMITHLadies 40 to 44Nidd Valley Road Runners01:33:1301:33:48
93294SallySINGLETONLadies 55 to 59Quakers Running Club01:33:1101:33:59
94203DianeADKINSLadies 45 to 49Quakers Running Club01:33:1101:33:59
95240NicolaHENSHAWLadies 35 to 39Ackworth Road Runners & AC01:33:2401:34:10
96647KayRHODESLadies 40 to 44Wetherby Runners AC01:33:3701:34:31
97104SharonHOUGHTONLadies 55 to 59Scarborough A C01:34:5301:35:39
98806LynneFALLONLadies 55 to 59St. Theresa's AC01:34:5901:35:58
99606LizMARTINLadies 40 to 44Wetherby Runners AC01:36:2101:37:15
100555RuthKETTLELadies 40 to 44Pudsey Pacers RC01:37:1901:37:54
101645HilaryBOOTHLadies 45 to 49Holmfirth Harriers01:38:2801:39:16
102871RosanneLIGHTFOOTLadies 45 to 49Billingham Marsh House Harriers01:39:2301:40:18
103236GeraldineBOUTTELLLadies 45 to 49Billingham Marsh House Harriers01:39:3401:40:28
104115LynEDENLadies 65 to 69Ilkley Harriers01:41:0401:41:47
105476SheilaELYLadies 65 to 69Longwood Harriers A.C.01:42:4401:43:21
106234SusanADAMSLadies 55 to 59York Knavesmire Harriers01:43:3201:44:34
107309SarahTOCKLadies 35 to 39Beverley AC01:50:1401:51:26
108870KeillyMcGOUGHLadies 35 to 39Billingham Marsh House Harriers02:11:4202:12:38

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