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Troutbeck Fell Race, Kendal Winter League

4th March 2007

Results courtesy of Helm Hill Runners
A note from the organisers: "I must say a big thank you to Pauline and Paul for doing a great job on the line on Sunday. The conditions were pretty horrendous for those running and those standing waiting for us to return. The fact that there are no times for the seniors is entirely my fault and not theirs. I hope that conditions are beter at Austwick next week. Alastair."
Senior Men
1Simon BarnbyseniorSedbergh 
2Ben AbdelnoorseniorAmbleside 
3Tom AddisonseniorHelm Hill 
4Alastair DunnseniorHelm Hill 
5Paul Dugdalev40Kendal 
6Haydn Davisv40Sedbergh 
7Sam WatsonseniorWharfedale 
8Jack Holtv50Clayton 
9Olly FieldenseniorHelm Hill 
10Lee ProcterseniorHelm Hill 
11Chris NewmanseniorWharfedale 
12Sean Addisonv40Helm Hill 
13Graham Moffatv40Howgill 
14David Wilsonv40Bowland 
15Alan Milerv40Kendal 
16Russell Cannonv40Helm Hill 
17Dennis Nelsonv40Dallam 
18Tim Murrayv40Helm Hill 
19John RichardsonseniorSedbergh 
20Steve Carrv50u/a 
21Stephen Wilsonv40CFR 
22David Fellv50CFR 
23Ian Weetmanv40u/a 
24Ian Robinsonv50Clayton 
25Mike Peatv40Lancaster 
26Mick Hornv40Settle 
27Barry Scholesv50Settle 
28Kevin Roganv40Wharfedale 
29Neil Taylorv40Wharfedale 
30John Shadwicksenioru/a 
31Ian Mitchellv40Helm Hill 
32Richard Sewellv50Helm Hill 
33Chris Schofieldv40u/a 
34Mike Gibbisonv40Bowland 
35Bernard Hallv50Bowland 
36Keith Robinsonv50u/a 
37Raymond Gillv40Dallam 
38Wayne Percivalv40Ambleside 
39George Jamesv60Blackpool 
40Mike Mossv50Howgill 
41Dave Tillv40Helm Hill 
42Chris Knoxv50Keswick 
43Jim EvansseniorAmbleside 
44Peter Metcalfev50u/a 
45Tony Walkerv60Ambleside 
46Andrew Biddlev50W. Pennine 
47Selwyn Wrightv50Ambleside 
48Brian Lundv40u/a 
49Dennis Woodv60Borrowdale 
PosName ClubTime
1Britta Sendlehoffer Ambleside 
2Wendy Dodds Clayton 
3Nina Walkinshaw u/a 
4Julia Laverack Ambleside 
5Angela Shuttleworth Howgill 
6Dawn Gill Dallam 
Under 17 Girls
PosName ClubTime
1Brooke Van Hinsburg Sedbergh23.43
2Catherine Gill Dallam24.36
3Laura Johnstone Rossendale24.48
4Francesca Gregory Rossendale25.14
5Heather Parker Rossendale25.47
6Jenny Addison Helm Hill25.55
7Sophie Dutton Sedbergh25.58
8Joanna Vickery Sedbergh28.47
Under 17 Boys
PosName ClubTime
1Alex Till Dallam19.02
2Stephen Wilson Barrow19.21
3Phil Bolton Rossendale19.33
4Jos Addison Helm Hill19.37
5Grant Cunliffe Rossendale19.52
6Matthew Fretwell Settle20.15
7Ashley Kay Helm Hill20.48
8Liam Taylor Helm Hill21.55
9Liam Stainton Helm Hill23.13
10Duncan Lund Settle24.34
Under 14 Girls
PosName ClubTime
1Melanie Hyder Dallam7.14
2Robin Goodfellow Dallam8.17
3Jane Gill Dallam8.45
4Amy Fretwell Settle8.49
5Carrie Beadle u/a8.52
6Rianne Harvey Dallam10.10
Under 14 Boys
PosName ClubTime
1Tom Doyle Helm Hill6.39
2Joe Johnston Rossendale6.44
3Sam Till Dallam6.58
4Dean Sutton Dallam6.59
5Jonathan Knox Helm Hill7.04
6Anthony Hauserman Rossendale7.07
7Wesley Clutterbuck Rossendale7.10
8Luke Gregory Rossendale7.39
9Scott Bastow Pendle8.06
10Douglas Newbury Howgill8.14
11Nathan Robb Helm Hill8.48
12Kristopher Lund Settle9.07
13Matthew Cannon Helm Hill10.03
14Aeron Chadwick Helm Hill10.22
Under 12 Girls
PosName ClubTime
1Megan Stuart Helm Hill6.19
2Lorna Nunwick Helm Hill6.22
3Loren Munro Bennett Helm Hill6.25
4Loren Appleyard Helm Hill7.01
5Faith Biddle Pendle7.22
6Amber Holt Manville Helm Hill7.26
7Katie Wright Broughton7.31
8Lucy Ferguson u/a9.45
Under 12 Boys
PosName ClubTime
1James Knox Helm Hill5.28
2Dale Sutton Dallam5.45
3Lewis Clutterbuck Rossendale5.49
4Ben Till Dallam5.50
5Jack Houghton u/a6.02
6Evan Bland Lancaster6.07
7Jake Lowther Helm Hill6.51
8Harry Packham Helm Hill6.58
9Jon Lowther Helm Hill7.32
10Matthew Horn Settle7.43
11Wilf Goodfellow Dallam8.41
12Joshua Robb Helm Hill8.59
13Nathan Chadwick Helm Hill9.25
14Aeron Chadwick Helm Hill9.59
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