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South Yorkshire Road Race League - Race 1
Held at Hayfield Lakes Fisheries - organised by Doncaster AC
Sponsored by Keep on Running

11th April 2007

Results courtesy of Roy Veall
1John HeneghanSheffield Running Club25:39
2Nick SwiftSheffield Running Club26:20
3Pete TallentsDoncaster AC26:23
4John BroomGuest26:57
5John GuveyaDoncaster AC27:03
6Andy GoodairAskern District RC27:18
7Jon CrookSteel City Striders27:32
8M. SaulemGuest27:37
9David ThompsonLivingwell Barnsley27:51
10Shaun WrightSheffield Running Club28:08
11Dann BrookSheffield Tri Club28:21
12Paul CollingwoodAskern District RC28:26
13Gary DeanPenistone Footpath Runners28:37
14Ben GoslingAskern District RC28:41
15Aidan LinskillTotley AC29:06
16Stuart LittleSheffield Running Club29:10
17Simon BennettSteel City Striders29:19
18Steve RoebuckPenistone Footpath Runners29:21
19Jonathan OgleHandsworth Roadhogs29:32
20Ian MicklethwaiteLivingwell Barnsley29:36
21Dean WinterAskern District RC29:37
22Dan BirkenshawKimberworth Striders29:50
23Samuel LakeRother Valley Swallows29:56
24Dom BrookSheffield Tri Club30:06
25Gavin Major (U!17)Rother Valley Swallows30:24
26Andy LakelandGuest30:37
27Paul WatsonBarnsley Harriers30:47
28Simon RobertsBarnsley AC30:50
29Stuart CroydonSteel City Striders30:53
30David Booth (U17)Rotherham Harriers31:04
31Glen JamesRotherham Harriers31:09
32Dan O'GradyAskern District RC31:13
33Darren NaylorWombwell SAC31:20
34Andy BondDoncaster AC31:33
35Clive WaddingtonTotley AC31:46
36Carl HulettWombwell SAC31:50
37Kev GutteridgeAskern District RC31:51
38Vic LinesDoncaster AC31:52
39No NumberGuest31:53
40Neil Evans-MudieSheffield Tri Club31:53
41Mark HurrellBarnsley AC31:59
42Nick MorrisValley Hill Runners32:05
43Ben BeattieSteel City Striders32:12
44Ian RandallAskern District RC32:12
45Lee StoreyPenistone Footpath Runners32:16
46Ciaran MurrayDoncaster AC32:23
47Matthew AsbridgeRotherham Harriers32:35
48Tim NobleTotley AC32:54
49Will BridgmanHandsworth Roadhogs32:55
50Martin JamesDoncaster AC33:23
51Ian BrookesKimberworth Striders34:30
52Neil ShawRotherham Harriers35:22
53Ian GallValley Hill Runners35:34
54Ian PetersTotley AC35:52
55Ian WadeHandsworth Roadhogs36:12
56Jerry FisherBarnsley Harriers36:25
57Tim BellAskern District RC36:32
58Robert LeesPenistone Footpath Runners36:42
59Tony WoodValley Hill Runners38:29
61Robert PoultorGuest39:53
62James HunterSteel City Striders40:32
63Dean BoothBarnsley Harriers41:01
64Richard ThorpeHandsworth Roadhogs42:42
Male Vets 40-44
1Martin BroaheadHallamshire Harriers25:44
2Simon WrightDoncaster AC26:04
3Nigel BrookesRotherham Harriers28:23
4Pete ClementsAskern District RC29:55
5Ricky SharpeRotherham Harriers30:13
6Mo RodwellDoncaster AC30:16
7Mark BennehanSteel City Striders30:26
8Pete BurkeAskern District RC30:33
9Nic ScottSteel City Striders30:40
10Graham GoodwinAskern District RC30:52
11Mark BuskwoodTotley AC31:05
12Garry ShawDoncaster AC31:27
13Shaun ClarksonBarnsley Harriers31:36
14Ian ElsmoreTotley AC31:43
15Peter WassTickhill RC32:25
16Paul CampbellRotherham Harriers32:45
17Chris OxleyLivingwell Barnsley33:08
18Alan SchofieldBarnsley Harriers33:27
19Gary EatoHandsworth Roadhogs33:44
20Phil SwiftBarnsley Harriers34:06
21Mark SavidgePenistone Footpath Runners34:18
22Mark GommersallKimberworth Striders35:01
23Roy ButterworthRotherham Harriers35:29
24Chris BoutellDoncaster AC35:57
25Ian TaylorLivingwell Barnsley36:03
26Ian DruryValley Hill Runners36:33
27Paul FrenchRother Valley Swallows37:55
28Nigel DormanHandsworth Roadhogs40:02
29Nigel DeakinMaltby RC40:59
Male Vets 45-49
1John CoxHallamshire Harriers27:33
2Drew DonaldsonRotherham Harriers28:50
3Tony VoutAskern District RC29:17
4Colin WestSteel City Striders29:37
5Rick WrightDoncaster AC29:46
6Ted TurnerSheffield Running Club29:48
7Peter BrownSteel City Striders30:31
8Gary DurhamMaltby RC30:46
9Martin BoothPenistone Footpath Runners31:52
10Paul NugentBarnsley AC32:06
11Pete WadeDoncaster AC32:30
12Ian WraggPenistone Footpath Runners33:11
13Steve WattsSteel City Striders33:21
14Pete OliverDoncaster AC33:48
15Andy WatersBarnsley AC34:05
16Peter RobinsonTickhill RC34:35
17Malc LeggettDoncaster AC34:41
18Ian SoakellKimberworth Striders35:37
19James ShoneRother Valley Swallows35:53
20David WrightRotherham Harriers36:29
21Malc GreenDoncaster AC39:56
22Chris DaffernValley Hill Runners47:38
Male Vets 50-54
1Kev NewmanDoncaster AC27:55
2Mick PageDoncaster AC28:29
3Pete NealRotherham Harriers29:27
4Graham WerrettAskern District RC29:42
5Mike LeverySheffield Running Club29:43
6Steve StoreyPenistone Footpath Runners29:59
7Rob PearsonHallamshire Harriers30:02
8William AlvesTotley AC30:08
9Paul VenablesRotherham Harriers31:01
10Stuart LakeRotherham Harriers31:49
11Chris HorsfallHandsworth Roadhogs31:55
12Dave McCabeDoncaster AC31:55
13Alan GregoryRotherham Harriers31:57
14Mick HendersonHallamshire Harriers31:58
15Martin HerringtonRotherham Harriers32:09
16Pat RooneyKimberworth Striders32:10
17Stuart WoodheadPenistone Footpath Runners32:17
18Dave AllembyWombwell SAC32:27
19Stan WilliamsAskern District RC32:36
20Graham BatesonBarnsley AC33:16
21Robert BoothCity of Sheffield AC33:26
22Kev BrennanDoncaster AC33:53
23Shaun LoganBarnsley Harriers34:23
24John DowningLivingwell Barnsley34:33
25Dave BullockAskern District RC35:09
26Larry MuldowneyDoncaster AC36:17
27Malcolm ProctorKimberworth Striders36:24
28Kevin LeakBarnsley AC36:28
29Geoff DimelowPenistone Footpath Runners36:45
30Tim WadeLivingwell Barnsley37:08
31Steve BaconLivingwell Barnsley37:13
32Mick DaviesDoncaster AC37:57
33John DixHandsworth Roadhogs39:16
34Joe LinneyDoncaster AC42:49
35Barry TateAskern District RC44:28
36Tony SargeantRotherham Harriers45:59
Male Vets 55-59
1Bob PringleSheffield Tri Club30:27
2Steve GainesRotherham Harriers31:10
3Mick CaseyBarnsley AC31:44
4Jim RustMaltby RC32:40
5Brian LowndesMaltby RC33:24
6Bob InnesPenistone Footpath Runners33:35
7Trevor BaileyBarnsley AC34:09
8Geoff HayesBarnsley Harriers36:31
9Ian ChristophersonBarnsley Harriers37:44
10Dennis BeaverKimberworth Striders37:54
11Ian MeadeBarnsley Harriers38:36
12Paul SmithAskern District RC39:41
13Robert HoughtonMaltby RC39:48
14Dave ThorpeMaltby RC40:49
15Alan BurgessHandsworth Roadhogs40:51
16Malcolm RhodesRotherham Harriers41:16
17Dave SearsMaltby RC42:07
18Brian SagerWombwell SAC42:39
Male Vets 60+
1Mick CochraneRotherham Harriers32:38
2Robin AconleyDoncaster AC33:19
3John HewittBarnsley Harriers33:22
4Brian HarneyRotherham Harriers33:41
5Mike TheobaldHallamshire Harriers34:11
6Martyn CartwrightPenistone Footpath Runners35:35
7Keith BinneyBarnsley AC35:42
8Ken ChapmanKimberworth Striders35:47
9Rod ScholesBarnsley AC35:51
10Derrick GreenKimberworth Striders36:20
11Dave NeedhamHallamshire Harriers36:23
12Ray BrownPenistone Footpath Runners37:17
13Roger StevensonSteel City Striders38:04
14Allan BamfordSheffield Running Club38:18
15Chris SumnerValley Hill Runners38:42
16Paul ParkinPenistone Footpath Runners41:09
17Mel HornbyValley Hill Runners41:13
18Brian PatchettHandsworth Roadhogs41:20
19Les OutwinDark Peak Fell Runners41:30
20Alan WalkerLivingwell Barnsley43:09
21Graham GoughHandsworth Roadhogs43:56
22Jim AdamsValley Hill Runners44:02
23John ClarkeRotherham Harriers45:59
1Kaeti McKenzieBarnsley AC30:04
2Claire StephensonKimberworth Striders32:56
3Natalie AlleyneTotley AC35:14
4Lindsay RustMaltby RC36:52
5Melanie GreenLivingwell Barnsley36:57
6Paula HughesRother Valley Swallows37:55
7Claire TurnerKimberworth Striders38:25
8Tanya KorzAskern District RC38:53
9Claire DaceyTotley AC39:00
10Angela CooperSteel City Striders39:03
11Karen LeiversDoncaster AC39:22
12Amy StoddardTotley AC40:18
13Tracy CudworthTickhill RC41:17
14Laura SchullerMaltby RC41:23
15Elizabeth ScottSteel City Striders41:43
16Helen YoungTotley AC41:52
17Maria GovorusaTotley AC41:57
18Harriet CrookSteel City Striders42:08
19Alex HillRotherham Harriers42:13
20Antonia JessopLivingwell Barnsley42:36
21Amanda KnaggValley Hill Runners42:37
22Kath GoldthorpePenistone Footpath Runners42:39
23Emma BirdRotherham Harriers47:55
24Rachel SladeMaltby RC49:14
Vet Ladies 35-39
1Beth MasseyBarnsley AC33:04
2Lisa EatoHandsworth Roadhogs36:56
3Nicola ChaplinHandsworth Roadhogs37:47
4Sarah ApplebyAskern District RC38:19
5Cheryl BradburyHandsworth Roadhogs38:59
6Tracy MiddletonValley Hill Runners39:06
7Vanessa BarrettTickhill RC41:56
8Rachel SmithSteel City Striders42:18
9Carole BaileyHandsworth Roadhogs46:15
10Tracey ShawHandsworth Roadhogs46:42
11Vicky NockBarnsley Harriers47:09
12Michelle WoodMaltby RC49:14
13Joan LeverBarnsley Harriers49:19
14Sarah HighamMaltby RC49:41
Vet Ladies 40-44
1Linda WaltonBarnsley Harriers32:41
2Maggie WatkinsSheffield Tri Club34:29
3Phillipa JamesRotherham Harriers34:51
4Janet HindleyRotherham Harriers35:22
5Liz GregoryTotley AC35:26
6Lesley NoonBarnsley AC35:28
7Sue CharlesworthPenistone Footpath Runners36:58
8Bev SuttonValley Hill Runners37:03
9Nina HaugeKimberworth Striders37:05
10Lesley BellAskern District RC37:40
11Jane CockertonPenistone Footpath Runners37:58
12Carol ParsonsTotley AC38:45
13Angie FordKimberworth Striders40:22
14Jude WebbValley Hill Runners40:39
15Michelle MillwardPenistone Footpath Runners41:03
16Lynn SchullerMaltby RC41:28
17Claire GreensmithLivingwell Barnsley42:24
18Janice TaylorLivingwell Barnsley42:41
19Sandra BottSteel City Striders43:58
20Rachel GrayBarnsley Harriers47:09
Vet Ladies 45-49
1Pippa WeirTotley AC33:28
2Linda WestlakeBarnsley AC34:59
3Pauline StrawTotley AC36:03
4Karen RichardsDoncaster AC36:57
5Jan HuttonTotley AC37:02
6Bev SoakellKimberworth Striders37:54
7Dawn FletcherDoncaster AC38:57
8Mel SandersBarnsley Harriers41:46
9Paula WrightTickhill RC42:14
10Sheila DuffyHandsworth Roadhogs43:59
Vet Ladies 50+
1Mary PicksleySteel City Striders33:32
2Penny RobsonHandsworth Roadhogs36:48
3Yvonne TwelvetreeTotley AC37:34
4Chris LoweDoncaster AC37:58
5Carol BeattieSteel City Striders38:10
6Marrion HarrisonBarnsley AC38:20
7Sue HighamPenistone Footpath Runners39:37
8Barbara HaighPenistone Footpath Runners40:14
9Karen GordonTickhill RC42:46
10Christine StimpsonTickhill RC43:32
11Carole BattyHandsworth Roadhogs44:13
1Sheffield Running Club109:17
2Askern D.R.C.114:02
3Doncaster A.C.116:51
4Steel City Striders119:56
5Penistone F.R.126:56
6Totley A.C.129:38
7Rotherham Harriers130:10
8Handsworth Roadhogs141:21
1Doncaster A.C.82:28
2Hallamshire Harriers83:19
3Rotherham Harriers86:40
4Askern D.R.C.88:54
5Steel City Striders90:34
6Totley A.C.92:56
7Penistone F.R.94:08
8Maltby R.C.96:50
9Barnsley A. C.97:06
10Sheffield Running Club97:49
11Barnsley Harriers98:25
12Kimberworth Striders102:48
13Living Well Barnsley103:44
14Handsworth Roadhogs104:55
15Valley Hill Striders116:28
1Barnsley A. C.98:07
2Totley A.C.104:08
3Kimberworth Striders107:55
4Steel City Striders110:45
5Handsworth Roadhogs111:31
6Rotherham Harriers112:26
7Doncaster A.C.113:52
8Penistone F.R.114:33
9Askern D.R.C.114:52
10Valley Hill Striders116:48
11Maltby R.C.119:43
12Barnsley Harriers121:36
13Living Well Barnsley121:57
14Tickhill R.C.125:27
Thanks to Doncaster A.C. for putting on this first event
Please note! Club Vests Must Be Worn By All Runners

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