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Padfield Plum Fair Scamper, Derbyshire

9th September 2007

Results courtesy of Janis Birchall
Senior Scamper - 5.5 miles
1Andy PeadMV40Goyt Valley Striders38:01
2Jon RobinsonMGoyt Valley Striders39:59
3Nick StringerMV45Sparkhill Harriers40:09
4Stuart BradstockMV40Padfield Primary40:21
5Ian WarhurstMV45Pennine Fell Rnr40:39
6Dan JonesMRotherham Harriers40:39
7Julien MinshullMV45Glossopdale Harriers40:42
8Des GibbonsMV40Pennine Fell Rnr41:44
9John HewittMV45Glossopdale Harriers41:51
10Peter LeightonMV40Horwich RMI42:01
11Mark SmithMV45Pennine Fell Rnr42:08
12Howard DarwinMV40Rotherham Harriers42:08
13Rod HoltMV45Glossopdale Harriers42:18
14Gareth WilsonMGlossopdale Harriers42:59
15Andrew AnsatadiMV40Glossopdale Harriers43:15
16Steve TempleMV45KFR43:31
17Sandra CooperLV40Glossopdale Harriers43:45
18Andrew MasonMV40Springfield Striders43:49
19Paul MurtaghMSparkhill Harriers44:00
20Richard ScotneyMV50Pennine Fell Rnr44:10
21Geoff SpencerMU/A44:49
22Dave HoggMV45Glossopdale Harriers45:00
23Andy SmithMV40Stockport45:03
24C ValentineMU/A45:07
25Phil SwanMGlossopdale Harriers45:24
26Frank FieldingMV50Pennine Fell Rnr45:43
27Sally NewmanLV40Calder Valley46:02
28John JodrellMV50Pennine Fell Rnr46:06
29Shaun CoramMV40Goyt Valley Striders46:48
30Gus FrenchMV45Pennine Fell Rnr48:14
31Roger HartMV50U/A48:46
32David SmithMV60Stockport48:57
33James GregsonMU/A48:57
34Estelle McGuireLV35Stockport49:46
35Kevin ThomasMV50Rotherham Harriers51:24
36Neville McGrawMV60Glossopdale Harriers51:26
37George ScottMV50Pennine Fell Rnr51:33
38John StevensonMV50Glossopdale Harriers51:37
39Stephen GarnerMV50Calder Valley52:18
40Bill GoodwinMV40U/A53:20
41Carl BuckleyMV60Glossopdale Harriers53:22
42Matthew PattisonMPennine Fell Rnr53:35
43Lindsay PalmerLV40Glossopdale Harriers53:51
44Phil MartinMV50Glossopdale Harriers54:44
45Gerry RoyleMV60Saddleworth Runners56:17
46Margaret ChippendaleLV50Pennine Fell Rnr57:21
47Beryl BuckleyLV50Glossopdale Harriers57:46
48Jane HewittLV40KRF58:00
49John RutterMV70Keswick A C1:00:24
50Adele MetcalfeLGlossopdale Harriers1:02:34
51Barry ThackeryMV60DPFR1:08:35
Junior Scamper - 2km
1Dom Partridge12 to 178.05
2Rory Halley-Hogg8 to 118.54
3David Leyshon8 to 118.56
4Sally McIntyre12 to 1710.01
5Ashley Hampson12 to 1710.17
6Alex Minshull8 to 1110.26
7Kristian Gent8 to 1110.28
8Declan Doyle8 to 1110.48
9Paul Peters8 to 1111.08
10Jacob Gardner8 to 1111.48
11Bronwen Jackson-Turner6 to 711.58
12Callum Mellor8 to 1111.59
13Emma Peters8 to 1112.14
14Bethany Southworth8 to 1112.18
15William Mellor8 to 1112.28
16Harriet Nixon8 to 1113.04
17Bethany Cooper8 to 1113.50
18Kiera Doyle6 to 714.28
19Ella Wragg8 to 1114.33
20Clare Cooper6 to 715.14
21Alice Woolley8 to 1115.26
22Laura Beale6 to 716.07
23Tessa Palmer8 to 1116.24
24Jasmine Palmer6 to 717.22
25Sean Billington8 to 1118.14
26Hannah Barber8 to 1118.43
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