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Mobberley Trail Race, Cheshire

6th September 2007

Results courtesy of Malcolm Fowler for Wilmslow Running Club
The race raised 496 for "The Alzheimers Society (East Cheshire Branch)".
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1Andy Norman Altrincham AC27.28
2Damien Nichols Wilmslow RC28.07
3Mike Halman Wilmslow RC28.27
4Malcolm FowlerV40Wilmslow RC29.46
5Rob DownsV40Wilmslow RC30.11
6George Kirk Sale H30.26
7Paul Smith  30.32
8Andrew Whittington Altrincham AC30.47
9Conrad Steinert Manchester Tri30.56
10Mike HattonV45South Cheshire H31.45
11Mike Harrington Vale Royal31.51
12Adair Broughton Helsby RC33.14
13Mike Monnely  33.19
14Chris Standidge Manchester Tri33.25
15Mike Nolan  34.26
16Doug Brammer Macclesfield H34.26
17Melvyn ColeV55South Cheshire H34.51
18Paul Watson Dragons Sale35.02
19Mark Bale Wilmslow RC35.15
20Bill Egan Altrincham AC35.18
21Ken BurgessV60Altrincham AC35.26
22Gavin MendhamV55Wilmslow RC35.31
23Vicky McKinnonLManchester H35.44
24Robert HornbyV45 35.52
25Jon Howell  35.56
26John CoatsV45Northern Vets36.27
27Steve SmithV45Wilmslow RC36.31
28David MaddockV45 36.36
29Kate SuttonLV45Wilmslow RC36.49
30James DowneyV40Wirral AC37.04
31Paul AyresV50Wilmslow RC37.26
32Sean Berry Wilmslow RC37.55
33Jan NichollsLV35Sale H37.57
34Jonathan Maddock  38.22
35Mike HillV50Cumberland Fell Runners38.32
36Rob Webster  38.34
37Owen Ashcroft Wilmslow RC38.45
38Ian AshcroftV60Wilmslow RC38.51
39Barrie AinscowV40Dragons Sale38.56
40Joanne HealeyLDragons Sale39.09
41Peter WatsonV65Wilmslow RC39.10
42Mike CutlerV50South Cheshire H39.14
43Steve LloydV40 39.16
44Robert BuckleyV55Altrincham AC39.22
45Matthew CoxV45Rochdale H39.23
46John PorteusV50Wilmslow RC39.27
47Carol GodfreyLSouth Cheshire H39.40
48Philip CliffV40South Cheshire H39.43
49Cara KavanaghLManchester H39.52
50Andy GildonV50Macclesfield H39.57
51Aidan ThomasV40Styal RC40.13
52David SinnottV55Saddleworth40.46
53Rod CoombsV55Wilmslow RC40.52
54David GeorgeV55Northern Vets40.59
55Jane WoodheadLV35Wirral AC41.02
56Catriona MarshallLV40Wilmslow RC41.02
57Derek WaltonV60Altrincham AC41.11
58Graham SuttonV50 41.27
59Ian SparksV45Macclesfield H41.45
60Dave WoodV45Manchester H41.53
61Margaret HuytonLV55Horwich RMI41.55
62Mike Burgess Cheshire HHH42.02
63Roy PownallV55Wilmslow RC42.08
64Mike Barry  42.17
65Mark HadcroftV45 42.25
66Derek NichollsV65 42.48
67Rachel LambertLHelsby RC42.54
68Sid BaileyV50Deestriders43.02
69Brian BurgessV65Cheshire HHH43.14
70Stephen FeberV55Wilmslow RC43.25
71Darren BurnsV40 43.27
72Craig Stagg  43.27
73Julie LucasLV40Wilmslow RC43.28
74John RileyV65Northern Vets43.42
75Chris KnaptonV45Altrincham AC43.49
76Philip Morley Brooklands43.56
77Trevor FaulknerV65Wilmslow RC44.16
78Jenny BrammerLV50Macclesfield H44.32
79Maggie JonesLV45Altrincham AC44.48
80Philip ArmittV55 45.05
81David TaylorV50Staffs Moorlands45.36
82Sheila SwinnertonLV55South Cheshire H45.52
83Tom Bestwick  45.55
84Trudy MelvinLV35 46.27
85Andrew Cotton Muller RC46.43
86Robert McCurrie  47.00
87Caroline ColeLSouth Cheshire H48.30
88Bill MouldV55Staffs Moorlands48.47
89Jude WhitehallLV40Macclesfield H48.57
90Cindy MorrisetteLStaffs Moorlands49.15
91Suzanne CramptonLV40Womens Running Network49.47
92Nicola LeakLWomens Running Network50.21
93Caroline PartnerLCongleton H51.00
94Brian PlattV70 52.13
95Linda BoylesLV40 52.53
96Lois BuxtonLV40Macclesfield H53.51
97Cath TalbotLV50Womens Running Network54.36
98Derek AmsonV40Muller RC56.40
99Bronwyn KerrLV50Womens Running Network58.45
100Laura BagnaraLV40Womens Running Network59.39

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