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Vera Hirst 5k, Littleborough, nr. Rochdale

21st March 2007

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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1W. Ali Rochdale Harriers15.33
2J. HareJMHalifax Harriers15.34
3J. CordingleyV45Bingley Harriers15.54
4M. Hartley Preston Harriers16.07
5M. Corbishley Rossendale Harriers16.10
6J. Shaw East Cheshire Harriers16.21
7A. Buttery Rossendale Harriers16.24
8J. Ferguson Rossendale Harriers16.25
9W. Smith Keighley & Craven AC16.29
10A. Jones Keighley & Craven AC16.30
11A. Brown Bingley Harriers16.31
12M. BrownV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers16.32
13A. Connolly East Cheshire Harriers16.38
14T. ChewV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers16.41
15J. KellyJMRossendale Harriers16.48
16G. Shaw Clayton-le-Moors Harriers16.52
17G. Booth Chorley Harriers16.54
18I. Jackson Salford Harriers17.05
19A. McLean Keighley & Craven AC17.06
20S. McCaffery Holmfirth Harriers17.09
21B. Martin Salford Harriers17.11
22B. Crowther Unattached17.15
23J. RocheV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.16
24B. BrockV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.18
25D. TownsendV40Salford Harriers17.20
26M. Proctor Rochdale Harriers17.22
27J. ChaplinV50Chorley Harriers17.23
28M. AntillJMEast Cheshire Harriers17.24
29L. BuxtonV40Keighley & Craven AC17.28
30N. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers17.33
31P. ArcherV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.35
32M. Gregory East Cheshire Harriers17.38
33S. WilliamsV50Wigan Phoenix17.58
34P. BoltonJMRossendale Harriers18.01
35G. CunliffeV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.02
36D. Scholes Keighley & Craven AC18.03
37G. CunliffeJMRossendale Harriers18.04
38P. BoardmanV40Horwich RMI Harriers18.17
39P. WhiteheadV45Royton Road Runners18.23
40I. Williams Buxton AC18.29
41P. CruseV45Wesham Road Runners18.30
42B. Goodwin Royton Road Runners18.34
43J. JohnstonJMRossendale Harriers18.35
44G. CostaJMRochdale Harriers18.36
45L. Spencer Unattached18.37
46T. MadenJMRossendale Harriers18.36
47No 109 -18.39
48C. LaidlawV50Lytham St. Annes RR18.40
49S. Carroll Royton Road Runners18.41
50I. AitchisonV50Rochdale Harriers18.42
51P. BranniganV40Todmorden Harriers18.43
52G. WebsterV50Lytham St. Annes RR18.44
53D. BallintineV40Keighley & Craven AC18.52
54R. FairhurstV40Keighley & Craven AC18.53
55G. Moore Unattached18.56
56R. WillescroftV40Unattached18.59
57C. Law Rochdale Harriers19.05
58A. ClarksonV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.09
59C. Stansfield Rossendale Harriers19.22
60B. GreavesV50Royton Road Runners19.23
61S. HareV45Halifax Harriers19.26
62D. SutcliffeV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.28
63S. ShawV45Royton Road Runners19.33
64Josefa TerimFRochdale Harriers19.47
65P. Sandford Stainland Lions19.48
66D. Ransley Unattached19.51
67P. SutcliffeV45Keighley & Craven AC19.56
68D. EmmanuelV40Royton Road Runners19.58
69F. VargaczV40Pendle AC19.59
70K. ParkinsonV50Todmorden Harriers20.00
71W. RichmondV40Lytham St. Annes RR20.11
72M. McGannJMEast Cheshire Harriers20.15
73J. HillJMEast Cheshire Harriers20.29
74M. Tomlinson Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.32
75I. CaseyV40Royton Road Runners20.33
76D. PhilipsV60Royton Road Runners20.34
77T. DanielsV55Salford Harriers20.35
78A. McAllisterV50Blackburn Road Runners20.39
79Julie CruseF45Unattached20.42
80R. Higgs Royton Road Runners20.46
81W. Critchley Royton Road Runners20.47
82P. MurphyV45Darwen Dashers20.48
83Carol WillgooseF45Halifax Harriers20.49
84M. EddlestonV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.56
85D. BarberV65Bingley Harriers20.57
86S. BrookV60Queensbury RC20.58
87R. BownessV60Salford Harriers20.59
88B. Whittam Royton Road Runners21.03
89Deborah ShawF40Royton Road Runners21.05
90D. SmithV50Royton Road Runners21.06
91K. RansleyV50Halifax Harriers21.08
92Lorraine NaylorF35Stainland Lions21.14
93Natasha GogginsFSaddleworth Runners21.17
94Ginny WilleyFMiddleton Harriers21.18
95Michaela DempseyF40Wesham Road Runners21.19
96Linda CrabtreeF45Halifax Harriers21.20
97S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers21.21
98Kath WilliamsF50Wigan Phoenix21.24
99H. Reilly Halifax Harriers21.28
100D. ShoesmithV40Unattached21.31
101Davina RaidyF35Rossendale Harriers21.35
102Tracy LawlessFMiddleton Harriers21.39
103Irene RocheF45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.47
104M. HillV50Cumberland Fell Runners21.43
105Catherine MellorFStainland Lions21.44
106M. PrestonV40Stainland Lions21.51
107V. BrodrickV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.53
108J. CordwellV55Royton Road Runners21.53
109A. MallonV45Oldham & Royton AC22.07
110I. HollowayV55Rochdale Harriers22.12
111M. LongV55Bingley Harriers22.13
112E. ShawV45East Cheshire Harriers22.15
113J. Leather Huddersfield Road Runners22.16
114R. KellettV40Royton Road Runners22.20
115Kirstin JohnsonFRochdale Harriers22.21
116B. CassidyV45Royton Road Runners22.33
117M. CoxV45Unattached22.37
118R. BradleyV60Saddleworth Runners22.42
119P. HollinsV50Royton Road Runners22.49
120A. McManus Stainland Lions22.50
121P. GalaV40Unattached22.51
122P. CostelloV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.55
123J. WalshJMRochdale Harriers23.01
124Melanie SiddallF45Todmorden Harriers23.07
125Teresa HollinsF50Middleton Harriers23.12
126D. MoranV60Salford Harriers23.13
127J. Asbrey Wigan Phoenix23.14
128F. MurrayV60Salford Harriers23.15
129I. GrahamJMEast Cheshire Harriers23.16
130B. ChambersV55Vale Royal AC23.17
131N. WalshV40Unattached23.18
132Janet HorrocksF40Blackburn Road Runners23.19
133Lynn HindleF35Blackburn Road Runners23.25
134S. Heyes Unattached23.31
135Helen KnightF35Royton Road Runners23.37
136Linda BostockF50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.38
137Jennifer AdamsF55Accrington Road Runners23.39
138K. Bowker Unattached23.40
139Susan WolstenholmeFBlackburn Road Runners23.41
140C. MooreJMRochdale Harriers23.44
141B. MooreV40Rochdale Harriers23.56
142Nicola LavinFRoad Runners Club23.57
143L. Thornton Unattached24.01
144M. Rosenfall Fell Dancer24.02
145S. Beharshell Unattached24.20
146G. MeynellV60Royton Road Runners24.24
147Karen AthertonF45Darwen Dashers24.27
148Jill HutchinsonF40Rochdale Harriers24.28
149Susan CorneyF50Halifax Harriers24.30
150P. DibbV70Longwood Harriers24.31
151J. RichardsV40Unattached24.32
152D. SinnottV55Saddleworth Runners24.34
153J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers24.36
154Janet O’DohertyF45Lytham St. Annes RR24.38
155S. CarneyV45Unattached24.39
156M. ChimeczukV55Blackburn Road Runners24.44
157Bev ScotlandF45Huddersfield Road Runners24.49
158Lou GilchristF70Valley Striders24.50
159Lesley DewhurstF40Blackburn Road Runners24.58
160Louise SaundersFRoyton Road Runners25.04
161P. GugasV55KRR25.15
162S. Murray Salford Harriers25.20
163Norma SmithF60Blackburn Road Runners25.35
164Dorothy ShorrockF55West Pennine25.42
165I. Digweed Unattached25.47
166T. KasprowiczV40Road Runners Club25.50
167P. O’Reilly Unattached25.52
168A. DaviesV50Darwen Dashers26.03
169Stacey HoldenFUnattached26.18
170Madeline HaworthF50Blackburn Road Runners26.19
171Emma CollingsFWigan Phoenix26.20
172E. ChadwickJMUnattached26.28
173Linda RusinF50Blackburn Road Runners26.39
174A. BatsonV60Blackburn Road Runners26.45
175B. PreeceV45Rochdale Harriers26.46
176Danielle LawFUnattached27.23
177Jenny GrindrodF35Unattached27.37
178Joanne WalshF40Rochdale Harriers27.38
179Sue AllenF45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers27.47
180Sally RansleyFUnattached27.51
181Julie HeyesF45Rochdale Harriers27.56
182Amanda ThirskF35Rochdale Harriers27.57
183Linda RhodesF50Middleton Harriers27.59
184Janet ProctorF55Rochdale Harriers28.12
185Claire PyeFKRR28.19
186Allyson BrettF45Middleton Harriers28.45
187Antonia LumFStainland Lions28.47
188Val LawsonF65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers29.29
189J. HiggsV60Royton Road Runners29.38
190Mel RansleyF50Unattached29.53
191June AllinghamF60Royton Road Runners29.58
192Katherine SchofieldFUnattached30.01
193Rachel MetcalfeFUnattached30.03
194Julie DurrantF35Unattached30.05
195Patsy WalbyFUnattached30.33
196J. NewbyV70Todmorden Harriers30.35
197M. FaggJMEast Cheshire Harriers30.36
198G. HanksV60Alchester30.37
199Gillian PollittFUnattached30.55
200D. Joss Blackburn Road Runners32.34
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