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Heroes 5 Mile Road & Trail Race, Littleborough, nr. Rochdale, Lancashire

9th December 2007

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1L. PasscoMBlackburn Harriers28.35
2M. FowlerV40Wilmslow Running Club28.40
3J. WrightMTodmorden Harriers29.18
4R. JacksonV40Horwich RMI Harriers29.34
5R. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers31.18
6R. BrewsterV50Clayton le Moors Harriers31.37
7K. JowettMEast Cheshire Harriers31.48
8P. BoardmanV45Horwich RMI Harriers31.54
9I. JacksonMSalford Harriers32.40
10M. SeedV40Salford Harriers32.49
11J. JohnstonJMRossendale Harriers33.01
12P. HughesV50Queensbury Running Club33.10
13S. RussellMRossendale Harriers33.35
14S. RobertsMUnattached33.47
15I. AitchisonV50Rochdale Harriers34.09
16D. HonourV40Unattached34.24
17D. EmmanuelV40Royton Road Runners34.43
18N. HindleV50Unattached34.45
19G. SimpsonMEast Cheshire Harriers34.46
20Jim JohnstonV45Rossendale Harriers34.56
21D. JonesMUnattached34.59
22S. RavenV45Unattached35.13
23Linda ClarksonF35Darwen Dashers35.23
24G. MitchellV45Darwen Dashers35.58
25Ginny WilleyFMiddleton Harriers36.00
26J. HoldenMUnattached36.11
27Roz DunningtonF50East Cheshire Harriers36.13
28J. StringfellowJMRossendale Harriers36.46
29B. MarshallMUnattached37.00
30A. O’SullivanV50Rochdale Harriers37.13
31Michaela BromleyF35East Cheshire Harriers37.24
32Claire PickersgillFLongwood Harriers37.51
33V. BrodrickV45Clayton le Moors Harriers37.54
34Kathryn CulshawFWigan Phoenix38.02
35A. McAllisterV50Darwen Dashers38.06
36Joanne ProwseF50Ilkley Harriers38.07
37P. CostelloV45Clayton le Moors Harriers38.08
38T. KasprowiczV40Road Runners Club38.26
39Caroline PollardF45Belfast38.32
40S. BoardmanJMHorwich RMI Harriers38.35
41P. LawrenceV40Darwen Dashers38.41
42Gerry DewhurstF35Fell Ponies38.49
43S. KinghornV55Unattached38.57
44B. ChambersV55Vale Royal39.17
45O. MitchellJMCHRR39.27
46S. PollardV45Belfast39.32
47P. MurphyV45Darwen Dashers39.56
48M. RowbottomV55Rochdale Harriers40.05
49D. DewhurstV60Fell Ponies40.26
50Tracy LawlessFMiddleton Harriers40.31
51S. WilbyV50Queensbury Running Club40.47
52R. HirstV55Clayton le Moors Harriers41.12
53Jennifer AdamsF55Accrington Road Runners41.32
54R. WlodarczykV50East Cheshire Harriers42.09
55M. CutlerV50South Cheshire Harriers42.15
56P. DibbV70Longwood Harriers42.30
57J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers42.38
58D. WoodV45Manchester Harriers42.56
59Linda EdmondsonF45Wrekin Road Runners42.59
60A. WalkerMVegetarian C & AC43.02
61Nikki RobertsFRed Rose Road Runners43.05
62R. HillV65Clayton le Moors Harriers43.07
63J. LathomV55South Cheshire Harriers43.27
64Sheila GudgeonF50Darwen Dashers43.32
65S. BaileyV50Deestriders43.36
66J. MorganMUnattached44.06
67T. LabadzV45Unattached45.01
68L. ProwseV55Ilkley Harriers45.18
69E. JollyJMBlackpool Wyre & Fylde45.27
70Helen JollyF45Wesham Road Runners45.31
71Alison HonorFUnattached46.08
72Marie RolliF45Rossendale Harriers47.01
73Lorna McCollF45Andems47.49
74D. ClutterbuckV75Todmorden Harriers48.18
75P. HarrisonV50Unattached48.54
76G. BentonMMaltby Running Club49.02
77B. PreeceV45Rochdale Harriers49.20
78R. ShattockV50Blackburn Road Runners49.24
79A. WhitworthV50Unattached50.43
80J. HowardV55Trail Runners Association51.21
81D. RobinsonV60Unattached51.49
82M. WoodMAndems53.02
83J. KirkhamV55Radcliffe AC53.34
84N. AthertonV45Manchester YMCA53.46
85S. BrownV45Andems53.50
86A. SargentV35CHRR57.32
87N. HoltJFCHRR58.36
88E. FortF45Darwen Dashers58.54
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