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Marjorie Hawker-Bond Brown Wardle Hill Race, Rochdale

13th August 2007

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1W. Ali Rochdale Harriers32.35
2M. BrownV45Clayton le Moors Harriers33.35
3P. BirkettV40Salford Harriers33.48
4M. Proctor Rochdale Harriers34.38
5S. Russell Rossendale Harriers35.26
6J. Dugdale Clayton le Moors Harriers35.29
7I. Pudge Rossendale Harriers36.15
8J. CookV50Unattached36.28
9O. Marshall Unattached36.29
10R. Brewsterv50Clayton le Moors Harriers36.31
11P. Rawlinson Stainland Lions36.41
12H. Chambersv40Saddleworth Runners37.27
13C. Fordev45Trans Pennine37.28
14M. Pixton Unattached37.40
15J. Halliganv40Andems37.54
16J. Firth Unattached38.58
17Emma FlanaganJFRossendale Harriers37.54
18Heather Corbishley Rossendale Harriers39.05
19B. Whithamv40Royton Road Runners39.40
20G. Breezev60Skyrac40.29
21B. Moorev40Rochdale Harriers40.31
22S. Seniorv50Middleton Harriers40.48
23R. Wormaldv40Unattached41.04
24R. Yarwoodv40Trans Pennine41.04
25Jo Hoggv35Saddleworth Runners41.09
26D. Schofieldv60Rochdale Harriers41.16
27J. Welch Unattached41.19
28A. Walmsley v45Bowland Fell Runners42.09
29M. Bull v55Middleton Harriers42.24
30Alice Heathv35Todmorden Harriers42.31
31Tracy Lawless Middleton Harriers42.39
32Gerry Dewhurstv35Fell Runners Ass'n42.47
33A. O’Sullivanv50Rochdale Harriers42.49
34A. Dugdale v45Clayton le Moors Harriers42.55
35Ginny Willey Middleton Harriers43.21
36P. Dugdalev50Clayton le Moors Harriers43.47
37J. McIntoshv45Rossendale Harriers44.04
38Julie Holdenv35Rossendale Harriers44.05
39A. Kelly Rossendale Harriers44.06
40V. Brodrickv45Clayton le Moors Harriers44.10
41P. Gilhamv60Chorley44.23
42N. Stansfieldv40PF44.55
43R. Bradleyv60Saddleworth Runners45.19
44C. Allen Chorley45.30
45259?  45.31
46Linda Bostockv50Clayton le Moors Harriers45.45
47B. Leech Unattached46.22
48G. Navanv65Rossendale Harriers46.48
49Siobhan Halliganv35Andems47.31
50J. Schofield Unattached48.03
51D.Sinnottv55Saddleworth Runners48.21
52Lisa Riddall Andems48.56
53J. Taylorv55Darwen Dashers49.32
54Nicola Lavin Road Runners Club50.16
55D. Dicksonv65Rossendale Harriers51.58
56Susan Hindev45Saddleworth Runners52.02
57Rebecca Simmsv40Darwen Dashers52.07
58A. Whitworthv45Unattached52.09
59Christine Navanv60Rossendale Harriers52.59
60Andrea Brewsterv45Unattached65.42
61Su Thorntonv40Unattached65.42
62M. Wystawnv50oha66.39
63N. Hughesv70Unattached66.39
64Samantha Richardv35Unattached66.39
65P. Harrisonv50Unattached66.39
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