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Hades Hill Race, Whitworth, nr. Rochdale, Lancashire

6th September 2007

Results courtesy of Derek Clutterbuck
Race distance 5 Miles, climb 1200 ft
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Cat: Club:
1R. GrahamHorwich RMI Harriers31.14
2M. GoldieTodmorden Harriers34.19
3M. FlatleyMiddleton Harriers34.55
4G. HillV40Calder Valley Runners35.51
5G. BateFell Runners Ass'n36.03
6J. DugdaleU18Unattached36.15
7A. LeeRossendale Harriers36.23
8J. MooreCalder Valley Runners36.31
9O. MarshallUnattached36.48
10P. ClaytonV40Horwich RMI Harriers36.58
11P. BoardmanV45Horwich RMI Harriers37.00
12K. RobinsonRochdale Harriers37.03
13J. CookV50Unattached37.06
14G. HillCalder Valley Runners37.26
15H. ChambersV40Saddleworth Runners37.35
16M. RobertsV45Todmorden Harriers37.43
17W. GarnerV40Preston Harriers38.17
18B. JohnsonV40Calder Valley Runners38.27
19E. FlannaganLU18Rossendale Harriers38.38
20C. O'DohertyUnattached38.49
21R. StottV45Rossendale Harriers38.50
22C. WilsonLRossendale Harriers38.53
23R. GardnerV40Unattached39.20
24S. BoltonV40Cheshire Hill Runners39.30
25P. PotterRadcliffe AC39.34
26G. BreezeV60Skyrac AC39.36
27M. CatherallV50Rochdale Harriers39.42
28P. ByrneV45Middleton Harriers39.55
29T. SmithV45Horwich RMI Harriers40.06
30J. LavelleV45Rossendale Harriers40.09
31P. LearyV40Rochdale Harriers40.11
32J. HoggLSaddleworth Runners40.13
33W. ProutV50Salford Mets40.14
34M. WalkerV40Rochdale Harriers40.19
35N. ShawV55Rochdale Harriers41.13
36S. WolstencroftSalford Mets41.14
37H. CorbishleyLRossendale Harriers41.23
38M. O'ReillyV50Rochdale Harriers41.30
39S. LeakV45Rochdale Harriers41.36
40T. WinterV40Saddleworth Runners41.39
41A. HowarthV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers41.41
42G. HandV50Spectrum Striders41.43
43M. SmithV50Bingley Harriers42.02
44P. RobinsonV40Todmorden Harriers42.18
45M. ColesV65Skyrac AC42.25
46P. NuttallV45Rossendale Harriers42.34
47R. WormaldV40Unattached42.48
48K. BoothTodmorden Harriers42.55
49M. CartwrightV40Radcliffe AC43.06
50P. ChildsUnattached43.07
51C. WaterworthV50Horwich RMI Harriers43.33
52A. DugdaleV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers43.38
53G. WilleyLMiddleton Harriers43.47
54C. HopeV50Unattached44.02
55J. WorrellMiddleton Harriers44.03
56T. LawlessLMiddleton Harriers44.06
57M. WiddupV40Rochdale Harriers44.09
58P. BoltonV45Red Rose Road Runners44.17
59J. MayallV45Rochdale Harriers44.22
60N. GriffithsV60Spectrum Striders44.27
61P. DugdaleV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers44.33
62J. CoxV55Middleton Harriers44.35
63J. SmithLV40Todmorden Harriers44.37
64J. YoungV55Radcliffe AC44.43
65S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers44.49
66M. EllisonRochdale Harriers45.06
67J. RobertsonLV40Spectrum Striders45.07
68A. O'SullivanV50Rochdale Harriers45.09
69B. GrantV55Unattached45.14
70G. LargeV60Northern Veterans AC45.18
71C. WightmanLSaddleworth Runners45.21
72N. WalshV40Rochdale Harriers45.22
73N. HowardV50Middleton Harriers45.28
74R. CowlingV60Unattached45.44
75A.M. RampleyLV40Radcliffe AC45.47
76P. RobertsV60Rochdale Harriers45.53
77L. LordLV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers46.03
78P. JepsonV65Rossendale Harriers46.04
79R. BradleyV60Saddleworth Runners46.07
80D. RaidyLRossendale Harriers46.15
81L. BostockLV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers46.19
82J. ArmstrongV55Rochdale Harriers46.31
83G. NavanV65Rossendale Harriers47.07
84P. McCreadyV40Astley & Tyldesley RR47.12
85S. DarkeLSaddleworth Runners47.24
86R. HirstV55Clayton-le-Moors Harriers49.06
87R. StoneyLRadcliffe AC49.54
88H. YeomansLV40Rossendale Harriers50.12
89A. BiddleV50West Pennine Runners50.45
90C. McManusLSaddleworth Runners50.49
91F. WoodV60Horwich RMI Harriers51.01
92S. HindeLV45Saddleworth Runners51.24
93H. HodgkinsonLTodmorden Harriers51.29
94G. CorbishleyV60Rossendale Harriers51.33
95M. EmmettV45Radcliffe AC51.35
96H. MorganLUnattached51.58
97A. MackieV45Salford Mets53.05
98R. LeeV75Middleton Harriers54.34
99D. DicksonV65Rossendale Harriers55.30
100J. AdlumLRossendale Harriers58.38
101G. DicksonLV60Rossendale Harriers61.05
1   Calder Valley 44 points
2   Horwich RMI 51 points
3=  Rochdale Harriers & Rossendale Harriers 104 points
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