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East Hull Harriers 7 Mile Hill Race, Brantingham Park, Hull

6th April 2007

Results courtesy of David Gowans for East Hull Harriers
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1304Bateson SteveMEast Hull Harriers & AC43:29
2315Frost JonathonMEast Hull Harriers & AC44:18
3318Jackson AndrewMAckworth RR46:21
4358Wilman AlexMKingston upon Hull AC47:15
5349Rogers JimMEast Hull Harriers & AC49:04
6314Sisson NigelMEast Hull Harriers & AC50:21
7330McCoy PhillMEast Hull Harriers & AC51:09
8335Dickinson CarlMEast Hull Harriers & AC51:28
9301Grewar IanMEast Hull Harriers & AC51:46
10323Gay RichardMBeverley AC53:21
11344Haddy AdamMUnattached54:24
12328Forrester GarryMFenners Flyers54:29
13325Wood PeterMUnattached54:50
14362Jenson ChrisMEast Hull Harriers & AC54:58
15320Ridsdale NeilMDriffield Striders55:18
16305Baggott MikeMKingston upon Hull AC55:58
17332Lonsdale StephenMKingston upon Hull AC56:14
18302May NeilMBarracuda Tri56:36
19319Holmes AndrewMUnattached56:43
20324Simpson TimMBeverley AC56:59
21321Anderson DaveMFenners Flyers57:45
22326Mather DavidMCity of Hull AC57:50
23356Jemison DarenMCity of Hull AC57:55
24337Leskiewilz JonathonMBeverley AC57:59
25329Cartwright PaulMHull Springhead Harriers58:15
26312Gibson PhilipMFenners Flyers58:26
27352Les HudsonMEast Hull Harriers & AC58:31
28317Dughan PaulMUnattached58:37
29336Wiles PaulMBeverley AC58:44
30311Gibson AlecMHornsea School58:54
31322Crowther AndyMFenners Flyers59:07
32338Bolton StephenMBarracuda Tri59:41
33343Tate AndrewMBeverley AC59:52
34345Child BernardMEast Hull Harriers & AC60:02
35346Watson AndyMEast Hull Harriers & AC60:04
36360Dixon PaulMEast Hull Harriers & AC60:08
37363Wilkinson GrahamMEast Hull Harriers & AC60:35
38313Stockdale PeterMBarracuda Tri61:13
39310Jones BrianMEast Hull Harriers & AC61:23
40348Gordon NeilMEast Hull Harriers & AC61:30
41355Whitfield JimMEast Hull Harriers & AC61:43
42359Bissell MarkMEast Hull Harriers & AC62:18
43333Ware TonyMEast Hull Harriers & AC62:47
44350Wardale PeterMUnattached64:33
45357Cowey DaveMEast Hull Harriers & AC64:57
46300Wilson JeanettLEast Hull Harriers & AC65:01
47334Richardson BrianMBeverley AC65:22
48339Tasker IanMWhite City RR65:26
49303Fores ShaunMEast Hull Harriers & AC65:45
50353Westerman KelvinMEast Hull Harriers & AC66:07
51354Johnson DaveMCity of Hull AC66:09
52309Earle JayneLEast Hull Harriers & AC66:44
53347Horrobin HelenLEast Hull Harriers & AC67:41
54367Rennison KevinMEast Hull Harriers & AC68:18
55364Pickering DerrickMEast Hull Harriers & AC68:25
56341Knowles StephenMHull Springhead Harriers68:30
57306Baker JohnMEast Hull Harriers & AC68:31
58366Dawber EmmaLEast Hull Harriers & AC69:14
59361Richmond SteveMEast Hull Harriers & AC70:24
60342Washby LindonMEast Hull Harriers & AC70:48
61308Ashton TraceyLEast Hull Harriers & AC71:00
62331Dickinson JackieLEast Hull Harriers & AC75:15
63365Darmody PennyMEast Hull Harriers & AC76:15
64340Oliver StephenMCity of Hull AC76:47
65316Harrison FrankMCity of Hull AC78:20
 307Winsor TerryMEast Hull Harriers & ACD.N.F.
 351Hudson JaniceLEast Hull Harriers & ACD.N.F.
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