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Melanie Cleary Road Mile, Littleborough, nr. Rochdale

4th April 2007

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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1R. Ingham Oldham & Royton4.12
2M. Corbishley Rossendale Harriers4.15
3C. Hardman Salford Harriers4.20
4M. Proctor Rochdale Harriers4.26
5T. Midgeley Bingley Harriers4.30
6J. ConveryV45Bingley Harriers4.35
7S. WhitterJunOldham & Royton4.37
8A. KayJunRossendale Harriers4.44
9P. BoltonJunRossendale Harriers4.45
10C. Keedy St. Theresas AC4.45
11A. DeneronJunMoston4.49
12J. Tigue Rossendale Harriers4.49
13I. Roberts Rochdale Harriers4.51
14D. WaltonJunRossendale Harriers4.52
15G. CostaJunRochdale Harriers4.55
16I. StainthorpeV45Rochdale Harriers4.59
17O. Flage Oldham & Royton5.01
18J. JohnstoneJunRossendale Harriers5.05
19M. HigginbottomV50Salford Harriers5.07
20I. AitchisonV50Rochdale Harriers5.07
21P. HoyleV40Middleton Harriers5.14
22S. WardleJunRossendale Harriers5.21
23L. WardleV40Rossendale Harriers5.23
24Josefa Terim Rochdale Harriers5.28
25S. GreenwoodJunRochdale Harriers5.29
26P. WaltonV45Rossendale Harriers5.31
27C. Hopes Unattached5.35
28S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers5.38
29Andrea BakerJunBury AC5.40
30W. AliJunFelldancer5.41
31J. StringfellowJunRossendale Harriers5.42
32V. BrodrickV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers5.44
33J. WalshJunRochdale Harriers5.45
34Gina ThorntonJunRochdale Harriers5.46
35S. MohammedJunFelldancer5.47
36D. SchofieldV60Rochdale Harriers5.48
37M. RosenthalJunFelldancer5.50
38Kirsten Johnson Rochdale Harriers6.00
39T. KramerJunRochdale Harriers6.03
40Laura JohnstoneJunRossendale Harriers6.05
41N. Pickvance Unattached6.06
42T. Richardson Unattached6.15
43C. MooreJunRochdale Harriers6.23
44D. SinnottV55Saddleworth Runners6.29
45Naomi RichardsonJunRochdale Harriers6.36
46M. HoldenV40Unattached6.37
47Vicki RichardsonV40Unattached6.38
48L. MooreJunRochdale Harriers7.20
49B. MooreV40Rochdale Harriers7.22
50C. MackenJunSalford Harriers7.23
51J. McGuireV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers7.24
52Bethany HallidayJunRochdale Harriers7.24
53Janet ProctorV55Rochdale Harriers7.34
54L. MackenJunSalford Harriers7.59
55T. LeatherJunUnattached8.23
56J. Leather Huddersfield Road Runners8.33
57H. StringfellowJunRossendale Harriers8.33
58M. SmithJunOldham & Royton8.37
59Natalie Cossins Unattached8.48
60Chantelle FittonJunDarwen Dashers9.01
61J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers9.18
62L. MackenJunSalford Harriers9.20
64Mark Unattached10.07
65Bev ScotlandV45Huddersfield Road Runners10.09
66Kate LeatherJunUnattached10.14
67C. SmithV40Oldham & Royton10.15
68Tia WilliamsJunSalford Harriers11.02
69M. Norman Unattached11.47
70Lee ClearyJunUnattached13.13
71Melanie ClearyJunUnattached13.29
72J. Moore HBC17.22
73Chloe MyrtleJunUnattached17.23
74M. Cleary Unattached17.24
75Ann Myrtlev35Unattached17.58
76Alex Norman Unattached17.59
77Kayla HodkinsonJunUnattached18.12
78I. ClearyFV55Unattached18.13
79M. ClearyMV55Unattached18.13
81Robert Myrtle Unattached 
82Alex Clegg Unattached 
83Gabrielle Clegg Unattached 
84Danny Clegg Unattached 
85Beth Pownall Unattached 
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