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Joan Rhodes Memorial 5k, Littleborough, Rochdale

30th March 2005

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
This race raised £400 for Ward F4 NMGH, St Ann’s Hospice, Age Concern and Children of Chernobyl Project. My thanks to all concerned. Andy.
1A. Grenfell Rossendale Harriers16.43
2J. HareJMHalifax Harriers16.48
3G. ShipleyV40Valley Striders16.52
4M. Hartley Pendle AC16.53
5S. Willis Todmorden Harriers16.54
6S. Monk Blackburn Harriers16.55
7J. Kovacs Salford Harriers17.02
8P. TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers17.10
9M. Corbishley Rossendale Harriers17.19
10M. BrownV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.24
11B. Crowther Halifax Harriers17.30
12S. McMylerV40Salford Harriers17.31
13P. Entwistle Halifax Harriers17.32
14P. WadsworthJMRossendale Harriers17.35
15J. ChaplinV45Chorley Harriers17.41
16S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers17.44
17A. Brown Unattached17.46
18A. Mallarkey Radcliffe AC17.54
19G. CunliffeV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.58
20L. Spencer Keighley & Craven AC18.09
21T. WalkerV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.11
22P. BoltonJMRossendale Harriers18.14
23J. BowkerV40East Cheshire Harriers18.15
24F. ReillyV55Stockport Harriers18.17
25M. Goldie Todmorden Harriers18.18
26G. Cassidy Altrincham & Dist AC18.19
27Amy Green Keighley & Craven AC18.20
28P. HaworthJMHorwich RMI Harriers18.26
29N. KirbyV40Radcliffe AC18.39
30B. LucasV55Astley & Tyldesley Runners18.41
31I. JohnsonV45Salford Harriers18.44
32G. Stevens Astley & Tyldesley Runners18.52
33D. Shaw Salford Harriers18.53
34C. FordeV45Trans Pennine CC19.01
35M. CortvriendV50Denbigh Harriers19.03
36G. WebsterV50Lytham St Annes Road Runners19.04
37K. EdgeV40Rochdale Harriers19.05
38A. ClarksonV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.06
39B. GrevesV45Royton Road Runners19.07
40D. Barrett Radcliffe AC19.11
41D. DanielsJMSalford Harriers19.12
42I. AitchisonV45Rochdale Harriers19.17
43R. Wilson Unattached19.21
44J. WharfV55Stockport Harriers19.22
45S. Gallagher East Cheshire Harriers19.23
46D. DunnV40Lytham St Annes Road Runners19.24
47Maria Lowe Horwich RMI Harriers19.25
48T. DaviesV45Radcliffe AC19.26
49No 64  19.33
50A. KellyJMRossendale Harriers19.41
51A. TyasV40GM Fire19.44
52R. GrahamV45Rossendale Harriers19.48
53C. Bradbury Astley & Tyldesley Runners19.49
54C. BrierleyV45Northern Vets AC19.50
55J. HigginsV50GM Fire19.57
56J. HewittV40Fell Runners Ass'n20.01
57N. GottsV45Rossendale Harriers20.11
58P. HoganV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.12
59M. LongV55Bingley Harriers20.13
60R. Corney Halifax Harriers20.15
61C. ConwayV40Rochdale Harriers20.18
62S. Chamberlain Radcliffe AC20.20
63M. ProctorV55Longwood Harriers20.22
64M. WalkerV40Rochdale Harriers20.24
65K. ParkinsonV50Todmorden Harriers20.25
66C. Taylor Unattached20.28
67M. Betts Middleton Harriers20.37
68S. HartleyV45Burnley20.39
69S. HamerV45Radcliffe AC20.42
70J. PurdyV40Rochdale Harriers20.48
71Karen TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers20.50
72N. CanhamV50Trafford AC20.51
73R. Rands Unattached20.59
74Joan HoweV50Trafford AC21.01
75P. ButlerV40Astley & Tyldesley Runners21.07
76D. Connearn Rossendale Harriers21.09
77Loraine LucasV45Astley & Tyldesley Runners21.10
78S. BrookV55Queensbury Running Club21.13
79G. ParrV55Rochdale Harriers21.14
80M. EmmettV45Radcliffe AC21.19
81T. DanielsV55Salford Harriers21.22
82Heather Corbishley Rossendale Harriers21.23
83S. Symons Manchester YMCA Harrs21.26
84Huma RahmanV35Rochdale Harriers21.31
85J. Lee Astley & Tyldesley Runners21.32
86J. SwanV40Rossendale Harriers21.36
87M. O’BrienV45Manchester YMCA Harrs21.36
88B. PooleV50Middleton Harriers21.52
89D. Sutcliffe Unattached21.56
90Sarah Massey Radcliffe AC22.03
91L. WardleV40Unattached22.03
92S. WardleJMUnattached22.04
93B. Moore Unattached22.05
94Vanessa HamletV35Rossendale Harriers22.10
95C. DrakeV60Spenborough & Dist AC22.23
96I. Douglas Unattached22.23
97W. MurgatroydV50Unattached22.31
98G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers22.32
99J. Sutcliffe Radcliffe AC22.37
100J. McGuireV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.39
101P. RobertsV55Rochdale Harriers22.42
102S. RichardsJMPendle AC22.48
103D. SinnottV55Saddleworth Runners22.55
104J. RichmondV40Unattached22.59
105M. PrestonV40Stainland Lions23.15
106A. TomlinsonV45Manchester YMCA Harrs23.28
107M. Cartwright Radcliffe AC23.32
108D. EdgeV65Rochdale Harriers23.34
109C. StansfieldV50Unattached23.39
110A. SumnerV60Radcliffe AC23.52
111Glenda GarryV45Radcliffe AC23.53
112G. PomfretV55Blackburn Harriers23.58
113Kyrinda Hurst-MooreV40Middleton Harriers24.01
114P. GeldartV55Rochdale Harriers24.09
115B. ArmisteadV55Oldham & Royton Harrs24.42
116Sarah Higgins GM Fire24.48
117S. CarneyV40Unattached24.50
118Bev ScotlandV40Unattached24.51
119J. Leather Unattached24.52
120Kate Buckley Astley & Tyldesley Runners24.53
121Alison JonesV40Unattached24.54
122A. HarrowJMUnattached24.55
123C. WatersV40Unattached24.59
124Dawn RichardsV40Unattached25.02
125Susan MichinsonV35Astley & Tyldesley Runners25.19
126C. Buckley Unattached25.20
127S. BaileyV45BD Deestridersd25.30
128Louise GilchristV70Valley Striders25.31
129Linda EvansJunRochdale Harriers25.33
131Pip Fitzpatrick Manchester YMCA Harrs25.35
132Tracey Lawless Unattached25.46
133P. GalaV40Unattached25.48
134J. GeeV45Unattached26.02
135Helen CavanaghV40Unattached26.03
136Kathryn DaviesV40Radcliffe AC26.05
137Eileen RoyleV55Radcliffe AC26.07
138Jackie CarterV40Spenborough & Dist AC26.08
139Lesley Rhodes Rochdale Harriers27.12
140Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers27.15
141Denise SutcliffeV45Radcliffe AC27.18
142Christine NavanV60Rossendale Harriers27.20
143J. Knowles Unattached27.32
144D. EvansV45Unattached27.44
145Carol EvansJunRochdale Harriers28.11
146Catherine Nugent Unattached28.15
147Teresa HallV40Stainland Lions28.18
148P. BrooksV70Northern Vets AC28.39
149Jenny GrindrodV35Rochdale Harriers28.40
150Allyson BrettV40Middleton Harriers28.42
151Cath SattlerV35Royton Road Runners28.51
152Joanne AstridgeV40Rochdale Harriers29.00
153Bev RichardsV35Unattached29.07
154No 242  29.09
155J. NewbyV70Todmorden Harriers29.19
156Amanda Pearson Spenborough & Dist AC29.47
157D. TomkinsonV60Rochdale Harriers29.56
158Sarah Metcalfe Rochdale Harriers30.10
159Luci GlasierV40Unattached30.16
160Andrea RyanV45Unattached32.36
161Karen WilliamsV50Unattached33.29
162Vivienne RushworthV35Stainland Lions34.45
163Vivienne TurnerV55Unattached35.21
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