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South Yorkshire Road Race League - Race 1
at Dinnington, organised by Rotherham Harriers

28th April 2004

Results courtesy of Roy Veall (amended 6/5/04)
Senior Male    
1Paul GreenmHallamshire Harriers26:26
2Martin SteepermDoncaster + Stainforth AC26:48
3Phil WinskillmHallamshire Harriers26:52
4Richard HarrismRotherham Harriers27:03
5Dave TunemRotherham Harriers27:08
6Philip HoolemRotherham Harriers27:32
7Adam LowemDoncaster + Stainforth AC28:01
8Sylla BoubakarmDoncaster + Stainforth AC28:21
9Russel AtkinsonmSheffield Triathlon Club29:15
10John GuveyamDoncaster + Stainforth AC29:26
11Dave StoreymRotherham Harriers29:41
12Anthony EvansmSheffield Triathlon Club29:44
13Simon GregorymKillamarsh Kestrels29:46
14Garry ShawmDoncaster + Stainforth AC30:01
15Neil ShawmRotherham Harriers30:08
16Pete CassellmDoncaster + Stainforth AC30:13
17Jonathan OglemHandsworth Roadhogs30:16
18John GreavesmRotherham Harriers30:18
19Shaun WalkermBarnsley Harriers30:20
20Billy HarrismPenistone Footpath Runners30:33
21Dave ClaxtonmSheffield Triathlon Club30:35
22Ron WheelermValley Hill Runners30:36
23Jesper KallehaugemCity of Sheffield AC30:40
24Michael GreermSteel City Striders30:58
25Mark WoodhousemHandsworth Roadhogs31:00
26Pete AndrewsmDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:00
27Will BealeymSheffield Triathlon Club31:04
28Mike JonesmDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:04
29Dave ThompsonmOne to One31:08
30Ian O'BrienmSheffield Triathlon Club31:16
31Cieran MurraymDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:21
32Steve WatsonmSheffield Triathlon Club31:26
33Shaun SwallowmBarnsley Harriers31:34
34Mathew ButlermHallamshire Harriers31:36
35Leigh HaighmWombwell SAC31:39
36Andy WhitemHallamshire Harriers31:43
37Michael ScowcroftmSteel City Striders31:43
38Andy RowlandmSheffield Triathlon Club31:49
39Russell BeresfordmHandsworth Roadhogs31:53
40Rodger CusworthmWombwell SAC31:54
41Rob CapewellmHallamshire Harriers31:58
42Tony FrowmBarnsley AC32:03
43Shaun MarsdenmHallamshire Harriers32:09
44Dan O'GradymAskern District RC32:11
45Michael WomesmSteel City Striders32:14
46Mark HurrellmBarnsley AC32:37
47Glyn GuestmOne to One32:46
48Nigel TaylormDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:46
49Richard DrurymKillamarsh Kestrels32:48
50Andy WebstermBarnsley Harriers33:01
51Jeff ClarkmBarnsley Harriers33:15
52Paul RustmMaltby RC33:27
53P. TordoffmAskern District RC33:52
54Mark WilsonmTotley AC33:55
55James HuntmSheffield Triathlon Club34:10
56Stephen FoxmDoncaster + Stainforth AC34:12
57Alan WarburtonmBarnsley Harriers34:15
58James FulchermSheffield Triathlon Club34:26
59Mark DysonmSteel City Striders34:31
60Michael HopsonmMaltby RC34:49
61Phil HowsonmSteel City Striders34:55
62Ian ColemTotley AC34:55
63Carl HulettmWombwell SAC34:57
64Keith GutteridgemAskern District RC35:04
65Matthew FearnmWombwell SAC35:10
66Mick BarbermMaltby RC35:12
67Colin MarshmSheffield Triathlon Club35:27
68Roy ButterworthmRotherham Harriers35:41
69Shaun HannonmRotherham Harriers36:46
70Colin HarrnonmOne to One36:52
71Rob FieldsmSteel City Striders37:14
72548mTotley AC38:38
73Ian TaylormDoncaster + Stainforth AC41:45
Male Vet 40    
1Mark RuddlestonmRotherham Harriers28:26
2Dave BrooksbankmBarnsley AC28:51
3Nigel BrookesmRotherham Harriers29:05
4Mark LawmBarnsley AC29:37
5Mark BuskwoodmTotley AC30:16
6Pat ClementsmAskern District RC30:18
7Dave AnsellmSteel City Striders30:27
8Richard SelfmHallamshire Harriers31:08
9Kerry BoothmRotherham Harriers31:08
10Steve EvansmDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:17
11Andy ForsythmDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:03
12Tony VoutmAskern District RC32:05
13M. GardinermAskern District RC32:11
14Graham TerrymAskern District RC32:23
15Steve GorrellmRotherham Harriers32:39
16John SpencermRotherham Harriers33:00
17Shaun ClarksonmBarnsley Harriers33:24
18Andy FowlermOne to One33:28
19Karl SmilesmKimberworth Striders34:00
20Ian WraggmPenistone Footpath Runners34:09
21Gavin HamiltonmMaltby RC34:18
22Alan SchofieldmBarnsley Harriers34:24
23Mark BerrymBarnsley AC35:29
24Ian HindleymRotherham Harriers36:05
25Paul GriffithsmBarnsley Harriers36:53
26Dave DrabblemHandsworth Roadhogs36:57
27Martin KilburnmOne to One37:16
28Robert CawkwellmWombwell SAC38:27
29Paul MillwardmPenistone Footpath Runners38:38
30Alan CorishmRotherham Harriers38:40
31Martin WilsonmMexborough Pulse39:23
32Dave WadkuimSteel City Striders39:26
33John KimberleymOne to One40:33
34Gavin LaitmRotherham Harriers41:17
35Chris DaffernmValley Hill Runners41:32
36Chris OxleymOne to One43:56
Male Vet 45    
1Kev NewmanmDoncaster + Stainforth AC28:30
2Graeme SiddalmSteel City Striders29:27
3Pete NealmRotherham Harriers29:55
4Chris WardmSteel City Striders30:03
5Colin WestmSteel City Striders30:06
6Steve StoreymPenistone Footpath Runners30:10
7Alan ChellmRotherham Harriers30:13
8Kerry EastwoodmRotherham Harriers30:20
9Nigel KentmCity of Sheffield AC31:08
10Stuart WoodheadmPenistone Footpath Runners31:12
11Gary DurhammMaltby RC31:34
12Stuart LakemRotherham Harriers31:41
13Kevin McGrathmHallamshire Harriers31:43
14Dave BeechmSteel City Striders31:47
15Pete OlivermDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:23
16Neil StaffordmDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:26
17Graham FlanaganmDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:27
18S. RodgersmAskern District RC32:48
19Les MortonmCity of Sheffield AC33:04
20Pete StyanmBarnsley Harriers33:06
21John KirkmRotherham Harriers33:10
22Pete WademDoncaster + Stainforth AC33:28
23Steve BuckmDoncaster + Stainforth AC33:35
24Nick PatrickmSheffield Triathlon Club33:39
25Alan JoycemRotherham Harriers33:41
26William AlvesmTotley AC33:49
27Laurie ParmentermSheffield Triathlon Club33:56
28Kev BrennanmDoncaster + Stainforth AC34:02
29Stan WilliamsmAskern District RC34:18
30Steven WomesmSteel City Striders35:57
31Simon PughmRotherham Harriers36:24
32I. WilsonmAskern District RC37:05
33Tim WademOne to One37:17
34Geoff DimelowmPenistone Footpath Runners37:33
35Mick DaviesmDoncaster + Stainforth AC37:57
36Dave WrightmRotherham Harriers38:10
37Kevin LeakmBarnsley AC38:20
38Matt SurgeonmSteel City Striders39:33
39Mick BrookmSheffield Triathlon Club51:07
Male Vet 50    
1Mick PagemDoncaster + Stainforth AC28:57
2Mike QuinnmCity of Sheffield AC29:31
3Bob PringlemSheffield Triathlon Club30:10
4Jim ChisholmmBarnsley AC30:27
5Barry GytemSteel City Striders30:30
6John LynchmMexborough Pulse30:47
7Alan GregorymRotherham Harriers30:54
8Steve GainesmRotherham Harriers30:56
9Martin HerringtonmRotherham Harriers31:08
10Richard BorysiewiczmValley Hill Runners31:10
11Mick HendersonmSheffield Triathlon Club31:24
12Ray HowarthmRotherham Harriers31:28
13Kev LincolnmDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:30
14Geoff HayesmBarnsley Harriers31:56
15Peter BrownmSteel City Striders32:07
16Kelvin BowskillmPenistone Footpath Runners32:18
17Bob InnesmPenistone Footpath Runners32:43
18John LindleymSteel City Striders33:26
19Alan KnoxmBarnsley Harriers33:33
20Barry WilliamsmSteel City Striders33:50
21John WroemBarnsley AC34:28
22Nick WhittinghammPenistone Footpath Runners34:37
23Larry MuldowneymDoncaster + Stainforth AC35:13
24Paul HetheringtonmValley Hill Runners35:19
25Jim RustmMaltby RC35:24
26George StimpsonmAskern District RC35:34
27Dave FostermPenistone Footpath Runners35:55
28Mick ClarksonmSheffield Triathlon Club36:19
29Trevor BaileymBarnsley AC36:52
30Pat McGowanmAskern District RC37:49
31Martin McCleanmBarnsley AC37:50
32Malcolm RhodesmRotherham Harriers38:30
33Bob HoughtonmMaltby RC42:06
34Alan BurgessmHandsworth Roadhogs42:13
Male Vet 55    
1Robert TintingermMexborough Pulse30:25
2Jerry SpencermRotherham Harriers30:39
3Pete WakefieldmSteel City Striders31:10
4Simon WilesmSteel City Striders32:03
5Brian HarneymRotherham Harriers32:26
6Mick CasseymBarnsley AC32:44
7Don GillmDoncaster + Stainforth AC33:04
8Dave BennettmBarnsley AC33:10
9Rod ScholesmBarnsley AC33:38
10Dave GraysonmDoncaster + Stainforth AC34:15
11Martyn CartwrightmPenistone Footpath Runners34:28
12Dave NeedhammHallamshire Harriers34:31
13Roger StevensonmSteel City Striders35:02
14Dave NicholsmSteel City Striders36:19
15Dennis BeavermKimberworth Striders36:41
16Ian MeademBarnsley Harriers37:21
17George ThompsonmKimberworth Striders37:30
18Martin RhodesmSteel City Striders37:31
19Alan WalkermBarnsley Harriers37:35
20Harvey AntcliffemKimberworth Striders38:09
21Roger CookmKimberworth Striders39:24
22Steve LudlowmSteel City Striders40:31
23Dave FearnmWombwell SAC41:04
24Ian RandallmAskern District RC41:43
25Graham GoughmHandsworth Roadhogs42:17
26Steven MillwoodmPenistone Footpath Runners43:01
27Alan WalkermOne to One47:31
Male Vet 60    
1Pete RowlandsmDoncaster + Stainforth AC31:53
2Mick HobsonmSteel City Striders32:05
3Robin AconleymDoncaster + Stainforth AC32:53
4John HewittmBarnsley Harriers34:01
5Mick BarkermBarnsley AC34:52
6Ken ChapmanmKimberworth Striders36:25
7Ray BrownmPenistone Footpath Runners37:01
8Derrick ClarkemRotherham Harriers37:22
9Allan BamfordmCity of Sheffield AC37:24
10Pete HumphriesmRotherham Harriers38:37
11Roy VaromRotherham Harriers39:17
12Ken DaurismBarnsley Harriers39:41
13Mel HornbymValley Hill Runners39:44
14Dave WeatherburnmRotherham Harriers42:28
15Jim AdamsmValley Hill Runners43:25
16Brian BeanmHandsworth Roadhogs46:47
17Dave HorsfallmPenistone Footpath Runners50:13
Senior Ladies    
1Jenny BlizardlRotherham Harriers30:35
2Joanne SeymoorlHallamshire Harriers32:09
3Beth MasseylBarnsley AC33:12
4Sue BellemylRotherham Harriers34:53
5Rebecca HarveylDoncaster + Stainforth AC35:19
6Kath GoldthorpelPenistone Footpath Runners35:29
7Natalie MilwardlTotley AC36:09
8Melisa TurnerlSheffield Triathlon Club36:12
9Fiona DavieslOne to One36:23
10Lindsay RustlMaltby RC37:51
11Kathryn GregorylValley Hill Runners38:26
12Amy StoddardlTotley AC38:45
13Caroline TroshlPenistone Footpath Runners38:58
14Zoe WilliamsonlValley Hill Runners39:25
15Emma Slater-ClaytonlDoncaster + Stainforth AC40:04
16Judy ClegglTotley AC40:15
17Rachel GoacherlValley Hill Runners40:52
18Helen JoneslBarnsley AC41:06
19Sarah ApplebylAskern District RC41:42
Lady Vets 35    
1Janet HindleylRotherham Harriers32:29
2Estelle BrownlSheffield Triathlon Club35:29
3Kate MorrelllSteel City Striders36:31
4Lesley HardwicklBarnsley AC36:50
5Jayne HerbertlWombwell SAC39:06
6Bev ClarkelBarnsley Harriers40:27
7Judith MallonlValley Hill Runners41:27
8Jan GuringlRotherham Harriers44:01
Lady Vets 40    
1Philippa WeirlTotley AC33:56
2Annette WardlTotley AC35:08
3Bev SuttonlValley Hill Runners37:24
4Michelle MillwardlPenistone Footpath Runners40:05
5Dawn FletcherlDoncaster + Stainforth AC40:25
6Carol ParsonslTotley AC41:36
7Liz StathamlOne to One47:31
8Katrina WatsonlTotley AC48:09
Lady Vets 45    
1Linda WestlakelBarnsley AC34:28
2Marion HarrisonlBarnsley AC36:22
3Jan HuttonlTotley AC36:36
4Kim BlagdenlDoncaster + Stainforth AC37:22
5Chris LowelDoncaster + Stainforth AC38:14
6Fay HodkinsonlSheffield Triathlon Club38:34
7Jaqui WilliamslSteel City Striders38:52
8Linda BrooklSheffield Triathlon Club51:04
Lady Vets 50    
1Mary PicksleylSteel City Striders35:18
2Yvonne TwelvetreelTotley AC39:00
3Steph BorysiewiczlValley Hill Runners39:31
4Susan HighamlPenistone Footpath Runners39:53
5Jenny HoranlRotherham Harriers40:07
6Anne BennettlBarnsley AC41:03
7Jane FosterlPenistone Footpath Runners44:11
8Pat WellslRotherham Harriers45:00
9Pam McLeodlValley Hill Runners45:02
10Jill DavislPenistone Footpath Runners47:12
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