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Harry + Sylvia Smith Golden Wedding 5k
Littleborough, Rochdale

31st March 2004

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
I would like to thank everybody concerned in this event. Cheques for £100.00 were donated to Pendleside Hospice, COCP UK, Ward F4 NMGH, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and £50.00 to Rochdale Victim Support Scheme - Andy O’Sullivan, Race Organiser
1B. Hussein Stockport Harriers15.41
2W. Ali Rochdale Harriers16.15
3L. Hurst Altrincham + District AC16.23
4D. Lockett Salford Harriers16.28
5P. HallV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers16.31
6A. DeaneV45Liverpool Harriers16.33
7R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers16.38
8A. Brindle Chorley Harriers16.40
9L. Passco Hyndburn AC16.45
10R. Ingham Oldham + Royton AC16.58
11N. Wigmore Oldham + Royton AC17.00
12R. HaworthV45Horwich RMI Harriers17.01
13A. Schofield East Cheshire Harriers17.04
14T. TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers17.07
15P. West Salford Harriers17.14
16L. BestV50Stockport Harriers17.16
17P. ButterworthV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.17
18S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers17.24
19P. WillacyV45Barrow17.34
20M. Ellerton Chorley Harriers17.36
21S. Williams Todmorden Harriers17.41
22D. Gregory Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.50
23C. LeachV40Rochdale Harriers17.52
24M. Shaw East Cheshire Harriers17.53
25J. ChaplinV45Chorley Harriers17.53
26J. RocheV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.56
27L. Browne East Cheshire Harriers17.57
28P. Barrett Oldham + Royton AC17.58
29J. Wieczorecz Accrington Road Runners17.59
30P. WadsworthJMRossendale Harriers18.06
31G. CunliffeV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.09
32P. HaworthJMOldham + Royton AC18.12
33E. ShawV40East Cheshire Harriers18.22
34F. ReillyV55Stockport Harriers18.38
35D. ArcherV50Bury AC18.39
36C. FordeV40Trans Pennine CC18.44
37J. LeachJMRochdale Harriers18.48
38M. Goldie Unattached18.49
39P. BoardmanV40Horwich RMI Harriers18.49
40M. BoothJMEast Cheshire Harriers18.52
41J. ChristianV50B/V18.55
42M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers19.01
43M. BradyV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.05
44Jennifer Smith Stoke19.06
45G. BraineJMEast Cheshire Harriers19.07
46B. GoreV55Horwich RMI Harriers19.08
47D. WilliamsV40Salford Harriers19.09
48K. ParkinsonV50Todmorden Harriers19.11
49A. Gotts Rossendale Harriers19.18
50Simon ?  19.26
51J. BostockV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.29
52K. Edge Rochdale Harriers19.31
53N. EamesV55Rochdale Harriers19.34
54P. KennyV40East Cheshire Harriers19.37
55R. DalbyV45Rochdale Harriers19.45
56A. HealeyV55Bury AC19.47
57M. SmithV60Bingley Harriers19.48
58B. Moore Royton Road Runners19.49
59M. RowbottomV55Rochdale Harriers19.51
60P. HoganV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.54
61M. GillV45Salford Harriers19.55
62M. Mounfield Unattached19.56
63R. WarrenderV45Road Runners Club19.58
64Kath DrakeV40Halifax Harriers20.02
65R. McAndrewV55Blackpool + Fylde20.04
66J. FarrarV40Unattached20.11
67Julie HaworthV35Horwich RMI Harriers20.12
68D. DanielsJMSalford Harriers20.14
69T. DanielsV55Salford Harriers20.14
70D. ScottV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.15
71Stewart ?  20.18
72P. Sefton Salford Harriers20.19
73A. McAllisterV50Blackburn Road Runners20.21
74H. MolloyV45East Cheshire Harriers20.25
75M. Greaves Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.26
76B. GreavesV45Road Runners Club20.27
77S. Jukes Halifax Harriers20.28
78R. BownessV55Salford Harriers20.29
79M. LongV50Bingley Harriers20.33
80C. Conway Rochdale Harriers20.34
81C. RobinsonV40Andems20.35
82Donna Allen Unattached20.36
83P. WilkinsonV55Skipton AC20.40
84I. Pudge Rossendale Harriers20.42
85S. HamerV45Radcliffe AC20.43
86K. WhittakerV50Saddleworth Runners20.44
87Carol WillgooseV45Halifax Harriers20.45
88M. Walker Rochdale Harriers20.55
89F. WatsonV45East Cheshire Harriers20.56
90D. WaltonV60Altrincham + District AC20.57
91R. LawsonV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.58
92P. WilliamsV45Oldham + Royton AC20.54
93G. ParrV55Rochdale Harriers21.03
94Sarah HeffronJFOldham + Royton AC21.08
95A. BradshawV55Manchester Harriers21.09
96H. WalkerV55Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.10
97M. Hamilton Unattached21.11
98L. HigginsonJMHorwich RMI Harriers21.12
99M. Ashcroft Unattached21.15
100S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers21.16
101J. McIntoshV45Bury AC21.17
102R. Heath Halifax Harriers21.18
103J. Dowdall Darwen Dashers21.24
104Lindsay WildeJFEast Cheshire Harriers21.26
105Michelle WildeV35East Cheshire Harriers21.31
106G. Culiffe Burnley?21.34
107A. KellyJMRossendale Harriers21.34
108G. MilnesV45East Cheshire Harriers21.37
109Charlotte Williams East Cheshire Harriers21.49
110A. Beer Unattached21.52
111D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers21.53
112G. Thompson Unattached21.54
113C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC21.55
114B. Weale Unattached21.56
115R. HirstV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.57
116L. ChappellJMEast Cheshire Harriers21.58
117S. SacksV60Salford Harriers21.59
118Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers21.59
119Gill BarberV40Saddleworth Runners22.07
120J. PotterV40Cheshire Tally Ho22.09
121T. Kasprowicz Road Runners Club22.10
122I. Digweed Unattached22.17
123G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers22.26
124G. Stewart Unattached22.27
125R. WodlizczykV40East Cheshire Harriers22.28
126Tina LewisV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.29
127M. Cartwright Unattached22.33
128D. KeelyV40Unattached22.40
129Carol MilnesV40East Cheshire Harriers22.42
130J. HarrodV45East Cheshire Harriers22.44
131D. Whittam Royton Road Runners22.45
132D. EdgeV60Rochdale Harriers22.50
133Nikki Schofield Manchester University22.52
134J. WilliamsV50Unattached22.54
135J. RhodesV60Northern Vets AC22.56
136Linda BostockV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.57
137Kyrinda Hurst-MooreV35Middleton Harriers22.58
138D. SinnottV55Northern Vets AC22.59
139Glenis SpeakeV50Northern Vets AC23.02
140B. ColasJMOldham + Royton AC23.04
141P. DibbV70Longwood Harriers23.05
142J. McGuireV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.06
143Karen LawV35East Cheshire Harriers23.10
144Huma RahmanV35Rochdale Harriers23.14
145O. Malkin Rochdale Harriers23.15
146S. BaileyV45BS Deestriders23.18
147Heather ParkerJFRossendale Harriers23.29
148A. Kasprowicz Unattached23.33
149B. ArmisteadV50Oldham + Royton AC23.54
150Caroline Woods Unattached24.07
151Sharon McGuirev35Rossendale Harriers24.10
152Davina RaidyV35Rossendale Harriers24.11
153A. SpeakeV50Northern Vets AC24.20
154H. ManningV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers24.26
155B. Bridgeman Unattached24.28
156N. ShuttleworthV55Glossopdale24.32
157Louise GilchristV70Middleton Harriers24.38
158S. Walsh Unattached24.39
159Carole BownessV55Middleton Harriers24.40
160Irene RocheV45Unattached24.42
161Christine LeathleyV55Clayton-le-Moors Harriers24.45
162Christine DeaseyV40Rochdale Harriers24.47
163R. HillV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers24.50
164J. Knowles Unattached24.50
165K. DawsonV50Todmorden Harriers24.50
166D. Dickson Rossendale Harriers25.11
167E. RiddallV55SELOC25.15
168Michelle Aspden Rossendale Harriers25.16
169Linda RiddallV50Rochdale Harriers25.17
170T. TothamV40Chorley Harriers25.21
171Jodie Fairbrother Oldham + Royton AC25.27
172Sian Gilbertson Rochdale Harriers25.31
173L. JacksonV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers25.33
174Berni GreenhalghV45Chorley Harriers25.42
175M. DoolanV50Oldham + Royton AC25.43
176Alice Brewster Unattached26.15
177R. BrewsterV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers26.18
178G. Speake?  26.19
179Val LawsonV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers26.26
180Sue ColeV50Unattached26.28
181D. GrimesV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers26.38
182J. MasonV60Ayr26.39
183Elaine JacquesV45Unattached26.42
184R. Northrop Stainland Lions26.52
185M. SawarJMFelldancer27.08
186W. AliJMFelldancer27.09
187Kirsty Nicholson Unattached27.49
188P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers27.50
189Brenda BradshawV55Manchester Harriers27.55
190Julie LaverockV35Salford Harriers28.16
191W. J. HarrisV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers28.17
192Clare Simkins Unattached28.32
193Amanda HudsonV35East Cheshire Harriers28.37
194Jill ScottV60Unattached28.39
195Alan Speake Northern Vets AC29.22
196Ruth Molloy Unattached29.24
197Andrea BrewsterV40Unattached29.24
198Alison SmithV35Unattached30.01
199B. CrowtherV65Unattached30.22
200Catherine Nugent Unattached30.35
201Sally JonesV35Unattached31.09
202Andrea RyanV45Unattached31.27
203Karen WilliamsV50Unattached33.24
204Julie Cooper Unattached33.42
205M. Betts Middleton Harriers33.43
206Georgia Irving Unattached33.45
207M. TaylorV40Royton Road Runners33.54
208J. BetneyV70Clayton-le-Moors Harriers34.08
209Alison HigginsonV35Unattached34.08
210Pat ParrV65Northern Vets AC34.08
211Jennifer AllumV55Unattached34.08
212May Hill Northern Vets AC34.59
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