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Round the Walls Race, Chester

26th December 2004

Results courtesy of Richjard Batterham, West Cheshire AC
The course was amended due to adverse weather conditions and so is not the same distance as previous years.
1417BashirHUSSAINMale Vet 40Stockport Harriers18:37
2199AndrewGREENMale Vet 40Warrington AC18:45
33MikePROUDLOVESenior MaleCity Of Stoke AC19:18
41CliveWESTSenior MaleBuckley Runners19:27
5457JamieLEWISSenior MaleSwansea Harriers19:40
6328GaryNORGROVESenior MaleWrexham AC19:54
7518DominicMAHONSenior MaleWarrington Road Runners19:55
8519SteveNORRISSenior MaleThames Valley Harriers19:57
952StephenSPENCESenior MaleWirral AC20:14
10463PeterBENYONSenior MaleCity Of Stoke AC20:17
11191MikeROBBINSMale Vet 40Wrexham AC20:22
12342HelenLAWRENCESenior LadyWirral AC20:29
13406KenBEGLEYMale Vet 40West Cheshire AC20:41
147ChrisDAVIESMale Vet 40Buckley Runners20:45
1591JasonMCCONIGLEJunior Male <20Warrington AC21:04
16407GaryWITHERSMale Vet 45West Cheshire AC21:07
17348JamesROBERTSJunior Male <20West Cheshire AC21:27
188TimDAVIESMale Vet 40Buckley Runners21:31
1918JohnPARESSenior MaleBuckley Runners21:39
20103CliveROWLANDSenior MaleWrexham AC21:41
21527MartinJONESMale Vet 45Bracknell Forest21:50
22510NickHAYWOODSenior MaleVale Royal AC22:03
23494StephenJONESSenior MaleWrexham AC22:03
249IanCARSONMale Vet 50Wrexham AC22:05
25252Peter JohnWEATHERHEADMale Vet 50Wirral AC22:05
2633GrahamHOGGJunior Male <20Trafford AC22:11
27180MikeHOUGHTONSenior MaleSpectrum Striders22:20
28203RuthHETHERINGTONSenior LadyWrexham AC22:23
29489SuzanneBENYONSenior LadyCity of Glasgow22:29
30279RichardBRADLEYSenior Male 22:33
31482DavidBENNETTSenior MaleThanet Roadrunners AC22:41
32439TonyARCHERMale Vet 50Vale Royal AC22:54
33317NeilCLIFFEMale Vet 40Warrington Road Runners22:56
34226Huw WLEWISMale Vet 45Buckley Runners22:59
35296PhilTOWNSHENDSenior MaleCity Of Chester Triathlon Club23:00
3674ChrisMARSHALLSenior MaleEllesmere Port RC23:02
3780SimonGREENWOODSenior MaleCity Of Chester Triathlon Club23:02
3869ChrisMORGANMale Vet 50City Of Chester Triathlon Club23:02
39323Mark StephenROBERTSSenior MaleHunters Bog Trotters23:07
4038James RichardHUGGINSSenior MaleBuckley Runners23:25
41525KeithHATTONMale Vet 40Liverpool Harriers23:27
4249ChrisLONEYMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club23:28
43196MarkWORRALLMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club23:29
44304CoyleROBERTSSenior MaleCity Of Chester Triathlon Club23:30
45501JoeJOHNSONSenior MaleWallasey AC23:32
46155DavidFELTONMale Vet 45Canterbury Harriers23:36
47122Gareth ElfedJONESSenior LadyWrecsam Triathlon Club23:38
4893KennyDAVENPORTSenior MaleCity Of Chester Triathlon Club23:38
49390AndrewROBERTSSenior MaleBuckley Runners23:39
50461ChrisRHODESMale Vet 45West Cheshire AC23:40
51437NickyARCHERJunior Lady <20Vale Royal AC23:41
52431DavidRODERICKMale Vet 50Deeside AC23:45
53113MarkEDWARDSMale Vet 40 23:45
54170ColinWILLIAMSSenior Male 23:48
55291MichaelBURNSSenior MaleEllesmere Port RC23:49
56349IanPICKAVANCEMale Vet 40 23:53
57266GeoffRICHARDSMale Vet 50Wrexham AC23:55
5873AndrewROGERSONMale Vet 40Pensby Road Runners24:02
59528Kevin 2JONESMale Vet 45Hercules Wimbledon24:03
60320GordonMANSONMale Vet 50Oswestry Olympians24:04
6113JohnMORRISMale Vet 60Buckley Runners24:07
62229AlanJACKSONMale Vet 45Ipswich Jaffa24:08
63531NeilHAYDONMale Vet 40 24:09
64468JohnMCDONALDSenior Male 24:12
65339SallyGILLIVERLady Vet 40Wilmslow RC24:12
6647StephenROBERTSMale Vet 50Oswestry Olympians24:14
67344HelenDAVIESLady Vet 35Wrexham AC24:15
68475MichaelWHITESIDEMale Vet 55Tattenhall Runners24:17
69332DylanWRIGHTSenior Male 24:23
70138EwerMCCARRONSenior LadyPenny Lane Striders24:29
71378MichaelBANFIMale Vet 45Wimbledon Windmilers24:31
726John DRATCLIFFEMale Vet 55Tattenhall Runners24:34
73421MalcolmPURCHASEMale Vet 40Wrexham AC24:42
74284JulieWEBBLady Vet 35Wirral AC24:43
75137ClaireSCHOFIELDSenior LadyWrexham AC24:43
76471IainADAMSSenior MaleTeam Kennet24:50
77360MarkCARTWRIGHTSenior Male 24:53
7855CharlotteROACHJunior Lady <20West Cheshire AC24:53
79350Stuart JamesGWILLIAMMale Vet 50 24:54
80509IanMCNEILLMale Vet 45Penny Lane Striders24:56
81127Robert PeterDAVIESSenior Male 25:04
82123PeterELLISSenior MaleWrecsam Triathlon Club25:06
83150NigelPRATTENMale Vet 60Wirral AC25:06
8465RichardHAYESSenior MaleWrecsam Triathlon Club25:06
85154JenniferVAN DEELENLady Vet 35Canterbury Harriers25:13
86521NeilANDERSONSenior Male 25:18
8770Peter JohnTIMSONMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club25:19
88108MagnusWALKERMale Vet 40City Of Chester Triathlon Club25:20
89420Colin SimonBARNARDMale Vet 45 25:21
90333Paul A UBROMLEYSenior Male 25:23
91308JohnCOATHUPSenior MaleMerseyTri25:24
92385AndyPENNINGTONSenior Male 25:25
93260ChrisMAXFIELDSenior MaleBuckley Runners25:27
94512BarryCHAMBERSMale Vet 50Vale Royal AC25:28
9590Andrew TrevorMCCONIGLEMale Vet 40 25:29
96193DavidFRITHMale Vet 50Colwyn Bay AC25:31
97347IorwerthJONESMale Vet 55Wrecsam Triathlon Club25:31
98121SallyKIBBLESenior LadyWrecsam Triathlon Club25:35
99446BarryFROSTMale Vet 40City Of Chester Triathlon Club25:38
100186Robert DearmanOWENMale Vet 40Capenhurst RC25:45
101209PhillipMACDONALDMale Vet 50City Of Chester Triathlon Club25:47
102415Thomas LukeELLIOTTJunior Male <20 25:50
10353John FrancisJENNINGSMale Vet 40Ellesmere Port RC25:52
104231StephenMARRJunior Male <20Wirral AC25:52
105403NeilHINDLEMale Vet 50 25:54
106290AlisonMACDONALDLady Vet 35Ellesmere Port RC25:55
107449StephenBOTHAMMale Vet 45Wrecsam Triathlon Club25:58
10842John RobertDARBYSenior Male 26:02
109215DirkMITHENSenior Male 26:03
110270PaulVAN-CALSTERMale Vet 40Swinton Rinning Club26:04
111114GrahamHOWELLMale Vet 50Liverpool Harriers26:05
112496StephenBUCKLESenior Male 26:06
113460MickWARDMale Vet 70Oswestry Olympians26:07
11410BrianBEATTIEMale Vet 60West Cheshire AC26:08
11534MartinMCCORMICKMale Vet 40 26:09
116263AndrewLAVENDERSenior Male 26:10
117427JamesLEWISSenior Male 26:13
118438AmyARCHERSenior LadyVale Royal AC26:14
119232KennyHUGHESMale Vet 55Wrecsam Triathlon Club26:16
120208AndrewBLOUNTSenior MaleCity Of Chester Triathlon Club26:17
121311JamiePRICESenior Male 26:21
122327KimNORGROVELady Vet 35Wrexham AC26:23
123195LindaWORRALLLady Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club26:25
124269Kate MPRATTENSenior LadyBlackheath Harriers26:27
12524IanJOHNSTONEMale Vet 45 26:30
126517StephenPETERS Male Vet 45 26:32
127424DerekHILLMale Vet 40Capenhurst RC26:32
128109JoeFOYMale Vet 45 26:33
129459BarbaraWARDLady Vet 50Oswestry Olympians26:40
130112PeterCARPENTERMale Vet 40 26:41
131274DavidJACKSONMale Vet 40 26:42
132478Sandra ROWENLady Vet 55Tattenhall Runners26:44
133523RussellDEVITTMale Vet 55Shaftsbury Harriers26:45
134508JulianHUNTERMale Vet 50Wrecsam Triathlon Club26:45
135255AnthonyGOODIERSenior Male 26:47
136498MalcolmPARRYMale Vet 65 26:48
137322ChrisBROWNMale Vet 45Manchester Triathlon26:53
138513PaulROCHEMale Vet 45 26:53
13978NigelBOSLEYSenior Male 26:54
140300MarkWOODSSenior Male 26:59
141343AndyAULTSenior MaleVale Royal AC27:00
142241DannyLOVESenior Male 27:02
143152RoyJARDINEMale Vet 55Eryri Harriers27:03
1444PeterNORMANMale Vet 65Wrexham AC27:06
14545Mark PeterPOVEYSenior MaleWest Cheshire AC27:07
146397DavidOWENSenior Male 27:09
147399Simon JamesTAYLORSenior Male 27:09
148418StuartPICKETTSenior Male 27:13
149268JohnMANNINGSenior MaleWest Cheshire AC27:18
150318Gary ErnestJONESMale Vet 50Chorley Harriers27:21
151386DanielPENNINGTONJunior Male <20 27:22
15286SabineKUSSMAULLady Vet 35 27:22
153365Nicola JayneBLAIRJunior Lady <20 27:24
154364Graham JohnBLAIRMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club27:24
155416RobertGREENMale Vet 50Warrington AC27:27
156236DaveOWENSMale Vet 40 27:29
15797Sian MichaelaVAUGHAN-JONESLady Vet 35City Of Chester Triathlon Club27:31
158380DavidTAYLORSenior Male 27:37
159177JohnLUCYMale Vet 40Warrington Road Runners27:39
160469BrendanMCLOUGHLINMale Vet 50 27:44
161129Mark AdamSMITHSenior MaleTattenhall Runners27:46
162425AlanEDWARDSSenior Male 27:48
16387JochenFISCHERSenior Male 27:50
164432John DavidBAILEYMale Vet 40 27:50
165516DavidGATERSenior Male 27:52
166495RachaelWRAYSenior Lady 27:54
167389SamanthaROBERTSSenior LadyCity Of Chester Triathlon Club27:55
168134NickMINIONMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club27:55
169369StephenEDWARDSSenior Male 27:57
17027JohnnyGOODALLSenior Male 27:59
171470VickyJORDANSenior LadyTeam Kennet27:59
17254Mark 2JENNINGSJunior Male <20 28:02
173225GaryWEDGESenior Male 28:03
17415Andrew RHDALTONJunior Male <20East Cheshire Harriers28:05
175505WilliamDAVISONMale Vet 45Oswestry Olympians28:05
176454StephenASHFORDSenior Male 28:06
177467AlanVENABLESSenior MaleWest Cheshire AC28:08
178102AdrianMERCERSenior Male 28:10
17951AndrewSQUIRESSenior MaleWestern AC28:15
180162StuartWOODMale Vet 40 28:23
181178PeterBULMERMale Vet 45 28:24
182299David JohnWOODSMale Vet 50 28:24
183301JonLEVINSONMale Vet 45 28:24
184532MikeGEARYMale Vet 40Razzers Runners28:28
185194MarkBERTINATMale Vet 55EA Technology28:29
186254JoanneGOODIERSenior Lady 28:30
187336AngusDAVIDSONJunior Male <20 28:30
188372Michael RichardOTTERSenior Male 28:32
189504Jill ElizabethHUMESenior LadyCity Of Chester Triathlon Club28:32
190120DavidHODGSONMale Vet 45 28:33
191227Robert MarkWRIGHTMale Vet 50Razzers Runners28:38
192338Karen AnnMASSEYSenior Lady 28:40
193234SukiHUGHESLady Vet 35 28:42
194273ChristineJACKSONLady Vet 40 28:43
195401Philip JamesDAVIESMale Vet 55 28:46
196224GillianBURNELLLady Vet 55Chorley Harriers28:48
197198TraceyGREENLady Vet 35The Last Inn Runners28:55
198514ChrisBRIFFAMale Vet 50Wrecsam Triathlon Club28:55
19981SaraATKINSONLady Vet 35Tattenhall Runners28:56
200190Steve 2SMITHMale Vet 50Wrecsam Triathlon Club29:00
201117DavidPERKINSMale Vet 50 29:03
202434DavidBEARDMale Vet 50Eryri Harriers29:07
20339PaulWILLIAMSMale Vet 40 29:09
204382GrahamPASSMORESenior Male 29:12
20521Paul 2GRIMESSenior Male 29:16
206220EricCORKERMale Vet 55Ellesmere Port RC29:22
20717AnthonyMAYLEDMale Vet 40 29:24
208158PaulWAINWRIGHTMale Vet 45 29:25
209201Susan MaryHASLAMLady Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club29:26
21068LesleyDUNNLady Vet 40 29:27
211253DeniseENNETTLady Vet 40 29:27
212213PeterMADDOCKMale Vet 50Tattenhall Runners29:30
213445JamesKEARNEYSenior Male 29:31
214443RosalindHAYESSenior Lady 29:32
215148GregHUTCHINSONSenior Male 29:34
216204RosemaryPRICELady Vet 55Deestriders RC29:35
217447IanDOBSONSenior Male 29:35
218458PhilipRHODESSenior Male 29:38
219398KeithTURTONSenior MaleRoland Hill Harriers29:42
22040ChristopherPARRYJunior Male <20 29:42
22125RichardSPENCERMale Vet 45Wirral AC29:46
222419MarkLLOYDSenior Male 29:47
223462GemmaWEETMANJunior Lady <20Oswestry Olympians29:48
224405IanCHALMERSMale Vet 55Pensby Road Runners29:48
225206KevanHEARNMale Vet 40 29:52
226506ArnieWRAYMale Vet 50Oswestry Olympians29:56
227331TerryWILCOCKSenior Male 29:58
228529JenniferCORBETTJunior Lady <20Oswestry Olympians30:02
22948Charlotte KatieROBERTSJunior Lady <20Oswestry Olympians30:03
230520JohnPEELMale Vet 50 30:07
231219Philip CharlesTHACKERMale Vet 45 30:07
23258Rebecca ACORIAMJunior Lady <20 30:08
233238Harold GrahamJONESMale Vet 45 30:10
23460TomJENNINGSMale Vet 45 30:11
235262HelenCARTWRIGHTSenior Lady 30:13
23685DaveBOTTOMSMale Vet 45Marconi Spartans30:19
237492KatyMILLERSenior Lady 30:23
238143RuthDOOLEYJunior Lady <20City Of Chester Triathlon Club30:25
23944DanielHILLSenior Male 30:26
240278Lesley AnneCUMMINGSLady Vet 50Pensby Road Runners30:28
241483ChristineDICKINSONLady Vet 40St Helens-Sutton AC30:35
242305DesmondPIERCYMale Vet 45 30:35
24357MartinCARTWRIGHTMale Vet 55 30:36
244289ChristopherMCKEATINGMale Vet 40 30:38
245244Victoria FrancesMERISONLady Vet 35 30:39
246402LindaEDMONDSONLady Vet 40 30:45
247353Peter JamesHASWELLMale Vet 45City Of Chester Triathlon Club30:46
24895MartinCARROLLSenior Male 30:48
249287PaulRODRIGUESSenior Male 30:48
250179GrantSTEVENS-BULMERJunior Male <20 30:49
251271KenHEWITTMale Vet 40 30:50
252423LindaHUGHESLady Vet 40 30:50
25375VivienneLEWISLady Vet 40 30:55
254479GeoffreyMCADAMMale Vet 55 31:20
255493BillMCDONNELLMale Vet 45Capenhurst RC31:20
25612RobertDALTONMale Vet 45East Cheshire Harriers31:21
25759Stanley CharlesWYNESSMale Vet 70 31:26
258230BrianMARRMale Vet 45Wirral AC31:30
259377IsabelGWYTHERLady Vet 40Wimbledon Windmilers31:32
260387SaraROGERSLady Vet 35 31:35
261295NoelGREENMale Vet 40 31:37
262352PhilGRAHAMSenior Male 31:37
263362Gareth GlynneJONESSenior Male 31:40
264404Roy MichaelTHOMPSONMale Vet 50 31:40
265169JuliaWRIGHTLady Vet 35 31:48
266246PhillipCHADWICKSenior Male 31:48
26716AlexMCCANNSenior Lady 31:48
268477Alistair TJONESMale Vet 50 31:49
269484GrahamHAMMONDSenior Male 31:50
270515AndrewCLOUTING Male Vet 45 31:50
271294JulieSHALLOELady Vet 35City Of Chester Triathlon Club32:01
272379Peter JamesVAUGHANMale Vet 40 32:02
273473JenniferCHEELady Vet 55Pensby Road Runners32:03
274192DeanSHEPHERDMale Vet 40 32:12
275335IanDAVIDSONMale Vet 45 32:14
27698BarbaraBOTTSenior Lady 32:15
277381IanLAIRDSenior Male 32:16
278499JohannaPENNINGTONSenior LadySpectrum Striders32:16
279151JanetHOLMESLady Vet 50St Helens-Sutton AC32:19
280105JacquiASHFORTHSenior Lady 32:20
28194MauriceMORRELLMale Vet 70Wirral AC32:23
282363SheilaLAWRENCELady Vet 50Wirral AC32:23
28320JohnMCMASTERMale Vet 45 32:24
284161CorinneWOODLady Vet 40 32:39
285160Philip MalcolmCHARLESMale Vet 40 32:43
286526GrahamDAVENPORTMale Vet 55 32:46
287310Frank RaphaelHOUGHMale Vet 60 32:53
288383AndrewTAYLORSenior Male 32:57
289361TraceyGREAVESSenior Lady 33:01
2905TessaSWAINELady Vet 45Tattenhall Runners33:09
291524MichaelDEVITTMale Vet 50 33:18
292306John DavidBEVANMale Vet 55 33:20
293124BelindaWELLSLady Vet 40 33:23
294163ColinRICHARDSMale Vet 45 33:24
295453JulieMCDONNELLLady Vet 35 33:24
29641Damaris OliviaDARBYSenior Lady 33:27
29777MartinHODDERMale Vet 40West Cheshire AC33:31
298502TimMANNMale Vet 40 33:34
29984Susan JaneWALSHLady Vet 45 33:34
300409NickyVON DINTHERSenior Lady 33:36
30146Sharon JosephineROBERTSLady Vet 45Oswestry Olympians33:42
302286KennethRODRIGUESMale Vet 55 33:46
303237GillTHOMPSONLady Vet 40 33:46
304376PeterRUSSELLMale Vet 45 33:52
30556PaulineCARTWRIGHTLady Vet 55 33:53
306481GemmaBENNETSenior LadyThanet Roadrunners AC33:56
3072JanetMORGANLady Vet 50City Of Chester Triathlon Club33:59
30889ChrisFELLSenior Male 34:06
30988JacquieBONDSenior Lady 34:06
310319IanKINGMale Vet 40 34:15
311159AlexandraDUNCANSenior Lady 34:19
312522JeanHUGHESLady Vet 45 34:23
313106IsobelHUTCHINSONLady Vet 40 34:24
314288JaneMCKEATINGLady Vet 35Pinetops Running Club34:26
315507GillWOODLady Vet 50Wrecsam Triathlon Club34:29
316243FrancescaNORETTASenior Lady 34:29
317153SteveEVANSSenior Male 34:29
318476ColetteROGANJunior Lady <20 34:36
319448LorraineBOTHAMLady Vet 45 34:42
32063AndrewCHARLTONMale Vet 40 34:42
32132StephenHOGGMale Vet 45 34:47
32282JaneKAYLady Vet 45 34:49
323466JohnROONEYMale Vet 40 34:54
324174Audrey JeanBANCROFTLady Vet 55 34:56
325313StewartPAYNEMale Vet 55 34:56
326368AndrewEVANSMale Vet 40MerseyTri34:59
327367SallyEVANSLady Vet 40 34:59
32871YvonneRIDGWAYLady Vet 40 35:23
329107TonyGAMBLEMale Vet 50 35:32
330497JanPARRYLady Vet 60 35:40
331374JimBANFIMale Vet 50 35:42
332111AliceBRAYLady Vet 50 35:54
333464GillianHOPIEYLady Vet 35 35:57
33443Robert KennethJONESMale Vet 50 35:58
335321JoyceMANSONLady Vet 50Oswestry Olympians35:59
336297CarolKENNYLady Vet 50EA Technology36:01
337441TraceySUTHERLANDLady Vet 40 36:01
338251SteveO'BRIENSenior Male 36:23
339250Tracii SharonO'BRIENLady Vet 35 36:23
340276SandraBEBBINGTONSenior Lady 36:40
341130SamanthaCORFIELDSenior LadyEpsom + Ewell36:40
342261CarolineBEVANSenior Lady 36:46
343119RosieASHFORTHSenior Lady 37:05
344135JanetSHAWLady Vet 50Helsby RC37:06
345136GeoffSHAWMale Vet 50Helsby RC37:07
34611NicolaWATSONSenior Lady 37:10
347164Soraya MorseCORBETTSenior Lady 37:11
348340IanGILLIVERMale Vet 50 37:15
349486TonyPRITCHARDMale Vet 40 37:16
350185ChrisARTHURMale Vet 40 37:17
351354ZoeCOLLYERSenior Lady 37:21
352485MarkHICKMANMale Vet 40 37:27
353233DotHUGHESLady Vet 50 37:51
354100David KennethGRUNDYMale Vet 55Birkenhead AC37:56
355147RichardHILDREDMale Vet 40 39:21
356146ClareHUTCHINSONLady Vet 40 39:23
357351RachelGANDYLady Vet 35 39:27
358330AmyHOWELLJunior Lady <20 39:33
359329ToniMANWARINGLady Vet 40 39:39
360183GrahamEARPMale Vet 40 39:42
361309JonathanDADAMale Vet 40 40:03
362214DeanneMITHENLady Vet 35 40:07
363355Jane AnneCHRISTMASSenior Lady 40:15
364326Tanya MorseCORBETTSenior Lady 40:19
365184SteveBENNETTMale Vet 45 40:19
366315BeverleyNEWMARCHLady Vet 40 40:25
367316IanNEWMARCHMale Vet 45 40:27
36814JulieDALTONLady Vet 45East Cheshire Harriers40:32
369221AnnettaWILLIAMSLady Vet 45Denbigh Harriers40:52
370530AngelaWILLIAMSLady Vet 40 40:57
371414AliceELLIOTTJunior Lady <20 41:24
372132JenniferBROOKSSenior Lady 41:32
373240SueJACKSONLady Vet 35 41:35
37479KathyLINGLady Vet 60Wrekin Road Runners42:25
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