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Fylde Inter Club 4.5 Mile Race, Salwick, Lancs

12th July 2004

Results courtesy of Tony Croft for Wesham Road Runners
11  Jono ProwseMBlackpool + Fylde AC22.18
22  Steve HallasMPreston Harriers23.19
33  Charlie PassMWesham Road Runners23.25
44  Steve LittlerMWesham Road Runners23.27
55  Malc EadieMNorth Fylde AC23.29
66  Stuart RobinsonMNorth Fylde AC23.54
771 Alex RoweM45Wesham Road Runners23.56
882 Dave PartingtonM40Preston Harriers24.11
99  Les CornwallMWesham Road Runners24.19
1010  Jason ParkerMPreston Harriers24.25
1111  Jason BarlowMNorth Fylde AC24.28
1212  Barry NormanMWesham Road Runners24.42
13133 Gary PendleburyM50Wesham Road Runners24.57
14144 Brian HallM40Blackpool + Fylde AC25.03
1515  Danny HayesMBlackpool + Fylde AC25.06
16165 John HoughtonM45North Fylde AC25.13
17176 Kevin HeskethM50Preston Harriers25.17
1818  Gary WilsonMPreston Harriers25.19
1919  Phil LeybourneMNorth Fylde AC25.23
2020  Chas LinkisonMWesham Road Runners25.26
2121  Bill EadieMNorth Fylde AC25.31
22227 Ian SharplesM40Wesham Road Runners25.45
2323  Brian DewhurstMPreston Harriers25.54
24248 Ray KennyM40Preston Harriers25.58
2525  Lee BarlowMWesham Road Runners26.06
26269 Ian GarrodM40Wesham Road Runners26.10
272710 Dave WaywellM60Wesham Road Runners26.13
2828  Dave BiddulphMChorley AC26.16
292911 John CollierM50Wesham Road Runners26.23
303012 Graham WebsterM50Lytham St Annes Road Runners26.35
313113 Steve ClaytonM45Preston Harriers26.39
3232  Arian TartariMNorth Fylde AC26.41
333314 Nick HumeM45North Fylde AC26.43
3434  Stuart WilliamsMNorth Fylde AC26.48
353515 Jeff LawtonM40North Fylde AC26.58
363616 John BertenshawM45Wesham Road Runners27.04
373717 John BurnsM45Wesham Road Runners27.07
3838  Robert WalshMJPreston Harriers27.09
3939  Steve MyerscoughMWesham Road Runners27.10
404018 Peter CruseM40Wesham Road Runners27.11
414119 Joe SwarbrickM45Red Rose Road Runners27.14
4242  Russell McGreevyMJWesham Road Runners27.17
4343  Karl LeeMJWesham Road Runners27.20
444420 Alan ApplebyM55Preston Harriers27.31
454521 Philip ButlerM40Red Rose Road Runners27.32
464622 Paul GiddinsM40Preston Harriers27.34
474723 Paul MasonM40Chorley AC27.38
4848  David WatsonMPreston Harriers27.39
494924 John RainfordM40Preston Harriers27.43
5050251Carolyn RobbinsF40Blackpool + Fylde AC27.49
5151  Stephen HargreavesMLytham St Annes Road Runners28.06
5252  Simon BrownMBlackpool + Fylde AC28.08
535326 Trevor RaynerM40Wesham Road Runners28.12
545427 Peter SingletonM45Blackpool + Fylde AC28.15
5555  Andy YellandMWesham Road Runners28.19
5656 2Gail EllershawFBlackpool + Fylde AC28.22
575728 Paul MounseyM45Red Rose Road Runners28.25
5858  Robert SmithMJLytham St Annes Road Runners28.29
595929 Roy PicklesM45North Fylde AC28.31
606030 Terry HellingsM50Lytham St Annes Road Runners28.32
616131 Terry BradshawM40North Fylde AC28.33
626232 Brandon WilloughbyM45North Fylde AC28.39
636333 Alan HudsonM50Wesham Road Runners28.46
646434 Richard DaviesM45Wesham Road Runners28.51
6565  Paul WoanMPreston Harriers28.51
666635 Stephen FletcherM55Chorley AC28.54
6767  Roy UptonMLytham St Annes Road Runners29.02
6868 3Stasia BlighFBlackpool + Fylde AC29.06
696936 Martin BatesM45Wesham Road Runners29.07
7070374Vicky BarrettF35North Fylde AC29.16
717138 Ian CloseM48North Fylde AC29.23
7272395Philippa WalshM40Preston Harriers29.25
73   Graham InghamMGuest29.37
7473406Andrea SmithF35North Fylde AC29.39
757441 Phil BurkeM40North Fylde AC29.42
767542 Dave WattsM40Red Rose Road Runners29.43
777643 Willie RichmondM40Lytham St Annes Road Runners29.44
787744 Kevin WoodsM40North Fylde AC29.51
7978457Michaela DempseyF35Wesham Road Runners29.54
807946 Alan WilkinsonM55Blackpool + Fylde AC29.56
8180478Jane HodkinsonF40Preston Harriers29.57
8281  Eddy LittleMPreston Harriers30.01
8382489Jill BeswickF40Preston Harriers20.04
8483  Mark MidgleyMWesham Road Runners30.07
858449 Bob FaircloughM45North Fylde AC30.10
868550 Paul GardnerM40Wesham Road Runners30.14
878651 Nigel ParkerM50Preston Harriers30.20
888752 Reg SmallboneM55North Fylde AC30.23
8988  Duncan RichardsonMNorth Fylde AC30.30
908953 Dave PrestonM50Wesham Road Runners30.32
919054 Alan SmartM45Blackpool + Fylde AC30.33
929155 Dave ApplebyM50Preston Harriers30.44
939256 Steve AbbottM45North Fylde AC30.47
9493  Andy DivalMWesham Road Runners30.50
95945710Sue TurnerF40North Fylde AC30.51
969558 Phil DeanM45Red Rose Road Runners30.53
97   Darren Smith ?MGuest30.56
989659 Geoff OrrittM55Red Rose Road Runners31.01
999760 Graham VickersM45Wesham Road Runners31.07
10098  Stephen YoungMPreston Harriers31.10
1019961 Barry ChesterM55Chorley AC31.12
10210062 Michael CroweM45Lytham St Annes Road Runners31.15
103101  John McCroneMPreston Harriers31.17
104102  Alan TaylorMWesham Road Runners31.18
1051036311Beranadette DickinsonF40Wesham Road Runners31.23
10610464 Dave WoodM55North Fylde AC31.24
107105  Steven MackayMLytham St Annes Road Runners31.28
1081066512Marion HeskethF50Preston Harriers31.32
109107  Peter CarterMPreston Harriers31.33
11010866 Roy StevensM50Lytham St Annes Road Runners31.37
111109  John ShepherdMRed Rose Road Runners31.39
11211067 Simon MasonM45North Fylde AC31.40
113111 13Kathryn MaunderFJBlackpool + Fylde AC31.41
114112 14Emma WallFJBlackpool + Fylde AC31.42
1151136815Alison TitteringtonF45North Fylde AC31.44
11611469 Finlay McCalmanM40Wesham Road Runners31.45
117115  Ted RomneyMJBlackpool + Fylde AC31.49
11811670 Eddy StewartM55Preston Harriers31.51
119117  Jonathon LawsonMWesham Road Runners31.55
12011871 Robert MasseyM55Blackpool + Fylde AC31.59
12111972 Brian PorterM40Wesham Road Runners32.03
1221207316Kath HoyerF40Wesham Road Runners32.07
1231217417Louise WilliamsF35Wesham Road Runners32.10
12412275 Kevin SmithM60Red Rose Road Runners32.20
1251237618Julie CruseF40North Fylde AC32.21
1261247719Ruth CalderbankF50North Fylde AC32.25
127125 20Barabara DixFPreston Harriers32.26
12812678 Robert GilliesM50Preston Harriers32.27
129127 21Natasha SpencerFJBlackpool + Fylde AC32.28
130   Keith EllisM40Guest32.29
13112879 Tony CroftM55North Fylde AC32.30
13212980 John WintersM65Blackpool + Fylde AC32.39
13313081 David SeagraveM45Wesham Road Runners32.45
13413182 Peter BartlettM55Wesham Road Runners32.48
13513283 Howard HenshawM60Blackpool + Fylde AC32.51
136133 22Julie PalmerFJPreston Harriers33.01
137134  Anthony BlightMNorth Fylde AC33.02
13813584 Peter R GibsonM50North Fylde AC33.28
139136 23Jen SaltFJWesham Road Runners33.43
14013785 John DunfordM40North Fylde AC33.49
14113886 Thomas DoddM60Red Rose Road Runners33.51
1421398724Janet PoundF45Chorley AC33.55
14314088 John SwiftM60Chorley AC33.58
1441418925Maureen McLaughlinF50Red Rose Road Runners34.05
14514290 David HylandM40Wesham Road Runners34.08
14614391 Derek RoseM50Red Rose Road Runners34.20
147   Jennifer AdamsF50Guest34.24
1481449226Heather WellsF35Lytham St Annes Road Runners34.25
149145 27Emily DennisFLytham St Annes Road Runners34.34
15014693 Bill LockM60Lytham St Annes Road Runners34.37
15114794 Derek WilsonM60North Fylde AC34.51
15214895 John HoworthM50Wesham Road Runners34.54
1531499628Anne CroftF40Red Rose Road Runners35.02
1541509729Liz RoutledgeF40North Fylde AC35.11
15515198 Mike HutchinsonM60Lytham St Annes Road Runners35.12
1561529930Gwen JamesF40North Fylde AC35.13
157153100 Roy WalkerM45North Fylde AC35.15
158154101 Ian RawcliffeM55Wesham Road Runners35.23
159155102 George FletcherM60Red Rose Road Runners35.26
16015610331Karen DunfordF35North Fylde AC35.29
161157104 Tony RobbinsM65Wesham Road Runners35.33
162158105 George FlanaganM55Wesham Road Runners35.43
163159 32Amber GordonFJBlackpool + Fylde AC35.59
16416010633Helen JollyF40North Fylde AC36.16
165161107 Rae WilloughbyM55Lytham St Annes Road Runners36.18
166162108 Keith GrestyM65Wesham Road Runners36.20
167   Adrian SageMGuest36.28
168163  Paul CarterMWesham Road Runners36.31
16916410934Janice DelaneyF40North Fylde AC36.41
17016511035Celia GregoryF45Wesham Road Runners36.45
171166111 A FitchettM60Red Rose Road Runners36.47
172167112 Norman BatemanM60North Fylde AC36.49
173168113 Colin DyczkaM45North Fylde AC36.54
17416911436Judith DeakinF55Preston Harriers37.08
175170115 Dave YoungM55Wesham Road Runners37.17
17617111637Jennie ThompsonF55Wesham Road Runners37.41
177172117 Stan JacksonM65North Fylde AC37.56
17817311838Sheila RossF45North Fylde AC38.02
179174119 John WhitemanM60Wesham Road Runners38.19
18017512039Margaret BrownF60North Fylde AC38.36
181176121 Ken PetersM55Lytham St Annes Road Runners38.53
18217712240Eileen SwallowF50North Fylde AC39.01
183178123 Peter EarnshawM60Wesham Road Runners39.19
184179124 Karl SmithM55Lytham St Annes Road Runners39.27
185180 41Rosemary ReidFLytham St Annes Road Runners39.34
186181 42Sarah TattonFLytham St Annes Road Runners39.35
187182125 Carl WynneM45Preston Harriers39.53
188   Pauline WellerF45Guest40.18
189183126 Richard PackerM70Red Rose Road Runners40.26
19018412743Angela TranterF35Preston Harriers40.47
191185128 Mike CoppinM60Chorley AC41.21
192   Philip SeagraveM40Guest42.04
193186129 Tony HoltM50Lytham St Annes Road Runners42.52
194187 44Catherine TaylorFLytham St Annes Road Runners42.52
19518813045Dawn LockF55Lytham St Annes Road Runners46.32
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