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Joe Salt Road + Trail 5
Littleborough, Rochdale

14th April 2004

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
I would like to thank all concerned in Joes Olympic race. £200 will be donated to the British Olympic Appeal. £100 to Chernobyl Children’s Project and £20.00 to North of England Athletic Association. Andy O’Sullivan, Organiser
1K. Chapman Salford Harriers26.54
2D. Lockett Salford Harriers27.10
3W. Ali Rochdale Harriers27.17
4R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers27.40
5N. Allen Army28.26
6T. TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers28.59
7P. West Salford Harriers29.10
8A. Schofield East Cheshire Harriers29.28
9M. Corbishley Rossendale Harriers29.37
10T. Woodyatt Stockport Harriers29.39
11G. FleetV40East Cheshire Harriers30.25
12L. BrowneJunEast Cheshire Harriers30.42
13K. Robinson Rochdale Harriers30.46
14P. Barrett Oldham + Royton31.01
15C. LeachV40Rochdale Harriers31.10
16R. DerbyshireV45Salford Harriers31.21
17P. BoardmanV40Horwich RMI Harriers31.34
18J. HudsonV50Oldham + Royton31.55
19O. KershawV40Saddleworth Runners32.06
20B. WaterhouseV50Saddleworth Runners32.08
21I. JohnsonV45Salford Harriers32.19
22K. Edge Rochdale Harriers32.37
23I. AitchisonV45Rochdale Harriers32.38
24D. WilliamsV40Salford Harriers32.47
25M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers32.58
26P. McNamara Salford Harriers33.00
27B. Moore Royton Road Runners33.04
28S. RobinsonV40East Cheshire Harriers33.05
29J. MoorhouseV45Meltham AC33.14
30J. CrehanV50Warrington33.22
31P. HoganV50Clayton-le-Moors33.28
32A. TyasV40GM. Fire33.32
33R. GrahamV45Rossendale Harriers33.46
34M. RowbottomV55Rochdale Harriers34.01
35C. RobinsonV40Andems34.28
36Estelle McGuireV35Stockport Harriers33.34
37K. WhiteheadV50Saddleworth Runners34.36
38R. AllenV40Unattached35.02
39C. Conway Rochdale Harriers35.15
40C. Taylor Unattached35.19
41Karen MatherV40Saddleworth Runners35.25
42J. BrettV40Salford Harriers35.26
43J. Purdy Rochdale Harriers35.36
44P. KilbeyV55East Cheshire Harriers35.37
45A. WrightV40GM Police35.41
46S. Connolly Royton Road Runners35.42
47P. Lawrence Darwen Dashers35.43
48J. Baggott Saddleworth Runners35.46
49M. PrestonV40Stainland Lions35.49
50D. WoodV40Manchester Harriers36.00
51M. McClean Unattached36.04
52S. WilbyV50Queensbury RC36.07
53F. WatsonV45East Cheshire Harriers36.11
54R. FoxV45East Cheshire Harriers36.17
55G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers36.33
56G. JacksonV50Manchester YMCA Harriers36.51
57B. ChambersV50Vale Royal36.57
58S. Harrison Unattached37.05
59A. Pennington Unattached37.06
60C. DrakeV55Spenborough + Dist AC37.08
61R. HurstV50Clayton-le-Moors37.13
62I. Leach Rochdale Harriers37.26
63Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers37.40
64R. WoolmerV65East Cheshire Harriers37.44
65P. FarrV55Wakefield Harriers37.46
66H. Reilly Rochdale Harriers37.47
67S. AndersonV65Wakefield Harriers38.10
68R. CreightonJunUnattached38.41
69M. CreightonV40East Cheshire Harriers38.41
70Linda HaylesV50Halifax Harriers38.54
71Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers39.01
72D. SinnottV55Northern Vets AC39.07
73S. BaileyV45BS Deestriders39.13
74J. FoxV55Rochdale Harriers39.25
75Alice Dagg Unattached39.29
76J. HarrodV45East Cheshire Harriers39.32
77A. FleetJunEast Cheshire Harriers39.35
78B. ArmisteadV50Oldham + Royton40.22
79Nikki Schofield Manchester University40.23
80W. Wood Unattached40.48
81P. DibbV70Longwood Harriers41.01
82D. EdgeV65Rochdale Harriers41.15
83Jennifer AdamsV50Accrington Road Runners41.46
84E. RiddallV55SELOC41.47
85G. WhitworthV55Wakefield Harriers42.02
86G. Stewart Unattached42.06
87Davina RaidyV35Rossendale Harriers42.12
88P. O’Sullivan Unattached42.18
89Christine LeathleyV55Clayton-le-Moors42.21
90A. ScholeyV45Ackworth Road Runners42.26
91I. Danter Unattached42.45
92J. Knowles Unattached42.49
93J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers43.04
94N. CroadsdellV55Halifax Harriers43.06
95D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers43.28
96Tracy LazenbyV35Andems43.35
97Caroline Woods Unattached43.42
98T. TothamV40Chorley AC43.44
99Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers44.43
100D. ChrimesV65Clayton-le-Moors44.53
101B. PreeceV40Rochdale Harriers45.15
102Berni GreenhalghV45Chorley Harriers45.34
103A. SummerJunDarwen Dashers45.35
104Alison NicholsonV35Unattached45.46
105G. Brocatto Andems47.03
106L. JacksonV60Clayton-le-Moors47.20
107Cathy Rhodes Unattached48.02
108Amy Rhodes Unattached48.02
109R. LawsonV60Clayton-le-Moors50.27
110Val LawsonV60Clayton-le-Moors51.20
111Julie WestonV35Unattached52.03
112Diane WrightV40Unattached52.03
113D. TomkinsonV60Northern Vets AC53.37
114J. ButlerV65Northern Vets AC56.26
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