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The Garburn 20k Trail race, Cumbria

11th September 2004

Results courtesy of Claire Boothroyd & Graham Patten for The Garburn
Garburn Trail Race - RESULTS - BL - 20km/12.5 miles; 525m/1550’
1Rob Jebb Bingley H1.18.06
2Mark RobertsV40Borrowdale1.19.29
3Paul Singleton Ambleside AC1.22.52
4Jon Deegan Ambleside AC1.25.23
5Colin FrayV40Pennine Fell Runners1.25.42
6Gary ThorpeV40Ambleside AC1.27.51
7Jonathon Aylward U/A Otley1.28.17
8Colin Hawxby Acorn AC1.29.34
9Peter BuchananV40Portobello Running Club1.30.05
10Lou SharpeLKeswick AC1.31.01
11Mike AddisonV40Helm Hill Harriers1.33.01
12Gary DoverV40Hoad Hill Harriers1.34.29
13Sharon TaylorLBingley H1.34.29
14Gary Potts U/A Windermere1.35.23
15Dan Duxbury Ambleside AC1.35.29
16Ian Palmer Ambleside AC1.36.33
17Hazel JonesLDallam Running Club1.37.29
18Luke Towe U/A Kendal1.38.26
19Peter SandfordV40Lancaster &Morecambe1.40.02
20Charles Sproson U/A Windermere1.41.44
21Lyn ThompsonLV40Keswick AC1.46.25
22Michael LittV50Cumberland Fell Runners1.46.32
23Rupert Kempley Pudsey & Bramley AC1.47.30
24Julian RaynerV40Kendal AC1.47.46
25Mike PeatV40Lancaster & Morecambe1.47.56
26David ShinnV50Dallam Running Club1.48.07
27Russell Abrey Dagenham 88 Runners1.48.47
28Nick Jones U/A Keswick1.51.13
29Robert Hanlon U/A Windermere1.51.25
30Graham SchofieldV50Chorley Harriers1.51.54
31Marcus Gates U/A Milnthorpe1.52.33
32Peter TaylorV60Cumberland Fell Runners1.53.03
33David Buchan U/A Kendal1.53.35
34Paula LerneliusLKendal AC1.53.50
35Martin Jones Black Coombe AC1.54.53
36Robyn OldhamLU/A York1.55.04
37Kate BoobyerLPudsey & Bramley AC1.55.57
38Jane ParryLHoad Hill Harriers1.58.07
39John KingV50Helm Hill Harriers1.59.33
40Mary HunterLPortobello Running Club2.01.39
41Tim Balchin U/A2.02.04
42Michael KennedyV40U/A Morecambe2.02.05
43John SayerV50U/A Windermere2.05.36
44Ian SwallowV40Kendal AC2.06.06
45Karl FisherV40U/A Morecambe2.07.13
46William Ross U/A Cartmel2.07.48
47=Helen FergusonLRealrunner.com2.08.11
47=Britta SendlhoferLRealrunner.com2.08.11
49Peter SandfordV40Lancaster & Morecambe 2.09.22
50Will Weatherill U/A Carlisle2.11.35
51Ian ConwayV50Helm Hill Harriers2.13.00
 51 starters, no retirements  
Garburn Challenge RESULTS - alphabetical order
 Heather Addison Kendal2.17.30
 Jo Ashcroft Kendal3.01.36
 Caroline Barrasford Crook2.25.33
 Cathy Bateman Windermere2.12.09
 David Binks Grange over Sands2.08.19
 Wendy Birkett Lyth Valley2.09.00
 James Byrne Kendal2.00.06
 Robin Cousins Staveley1.56.16
 Amy Crawley Kendal2.18.29
 Georgina Dawson Windermere2.29.00
 Liz Elliott St Helens1.55.31
 John Hall Kendal1.47.45
 Thomas Houghton St Helens2.14.53
 Paul Jarvis Ulverston2.09.09
 Joanne Jeffrey Windermere2.44.21
 Gary Jones Carlisle2.24.58
 Heather Milligan Burneside2.25.33
 Theresa Murray Windermere2.44.21
 Cath Muzeth Bowness2.01.36
 Dorothy Pelly Sheffield2.12.24
 Dawn Platt St Helens2.14.49
 Alan Ridding Staveley1.47.45
 Michael Ridding Staveley2.04.20
 Michelle Ruddick Carlisle2.24.58
 Rachel Slattery Lambrigg2.12.09
 Alison Spiby Windermere2.47.21
 David Spiby Windermere1.50.55
 Emily Stapleton Manchester2.51.28
 Linda Stapleton Lancaster2.53.37
 Richard Stapleton Lancaster2.54.50
 Fiona Wood Windermere2.38.02
 Tony Wrathall Kendal1.55.31
 33 starters, no retirements  
Reston Scar Junior Races - RESULTS
PosU12 - 0.5km   
1William Parkinson  3.10
2George Milligan  3.24
3Troy Harrison  3.50
4Abigail Hamer  3.57 (1st girl)
5Charlotte Milligan  4.10 (2nd girl)
PosU14 - 0.8km   
1Blake Jackson  4.51
2Sam Cousins  5.09
3Chris Raven  5.14
4Brooke Vanhinsbeigh  5.20 (1st girl)
5James Cook  6.58
6Linda Martin  8.23 (2nd girl)
PosU16 - 1.6km   
1Tom Addison  10.41
2Edmund Burgon  12.18
3Liam Redfern  14.09
4Jamie O’Reilly  18.46
5Jay Ennis  19.49
PosU18 - 1.6km   
1Tom Winsor  10.46
2Joseph Burgon  11.35
3Sean Dunn  17.46
4Chris Lowe  22.52
Organisers Comments

This first race was more of a trial run for us than a trail race. It was always going to be a challenge for us to get permission from all 32 different landowners, the National Trust, marshal 4 road crossings, 2 water stations, 34 gates and get 5 of those marshals to dress up as badgers – that provided a new problem, marshals feeling left out because they couldn’t be a badger! Then there were the logistics of transporting runners to the start, kit to the finish, and feeding them. That we managed to cover all but 10 of the gates is due to the kind help from family, friends and volunteers on the day. They all enjoyed themselves, and we hope to cover all the gates next year.

A big thankyou to all the landowners, especially Mike Black for the use of the finish field – he even moved his cows and sheep off the fields before the race; Staveley Primary School, Elleray School and Kentmere Photographic for car parking. Thankyou to Helen Haydock at Cumbria Wildlife Trust for dealing with the entries. Thankyou to St John’s Ambulance and Wilf’s for providing such fantastic food.

Thankyou to our main sponsors Lakeland Limited for such great support. Thankyou to all our spot prize sponsors :

Specsavers Penrith; Specsavers Lancaster; Rohan, Keswick; Monica Boothroyd; Kentdale Outdoors Kendal; Windermere Outdoor Warehouse; Field & Trek Ambleside; Needle Sports Keswick; New Balance Keswick; Sick & The Wrong, Keswick; Cumbria Wildlife Trust; Sarah Rowell; Total Fitness Lancaster; Stuart Sports Bowness; Rock and Run Ambleside; The Climbers Shop Ambleside; Pete Bland Sports Kendal; Go Ape Grizedale; Williamson Park Lancaster; Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Milnthorpe and British Runner Magazine.

Finally, thankyou to the international athletes for supporting us despite their busy racing schedule.

The crowning moment for us was when 17 year old Chris Lowe approached the finish field, our last finisher. The cheers and support you all gave him made our day. Chris attends a local special needs school and has never run before let alone raced. We found out later the atmosphere everyone created made Chris’ day too! Who knows what that will inspire? That’s what this event is all about.

Thankyou everyone for coming. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s race on Sunday 5th June 2005

Claire Boothroyd & Graham Patten, (Race Organisers)
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