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Dave Lewis Road + Trail 4.2
Whitworth, Rochdale

18th April 2004

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
Many thanks to all concerned in this event which will see the proceeds go to Romanian Street Children Appeal. Special thanks to Joe Salt, Colin & Brenda Robinson, the Staff of the Cock & Magpie, Jack Bowmer of Sponsor Baker Bennetts, Chris Robinson of Sponsors Flexsys, Michael Robinson, Ann Harris of WHS, the Whitworth Disabled Waterski Centre and the Children of Chernobyl Group. Andy O’Sullivan Andems Runners
1W. Ali Rochdale Harriers21.33
2D. LewisV40Rossendale Harriers22.70
3D. Lockett Salford Harriers22.19
4R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers22.51
5K. Robinson Rochdale Harriers24.03
6S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers24.19
7G. FleetV40Saddleworth Runners24.34
8S. DuxburyV50Rossendale Harriers24.38
9I. Wright Leeds City24.51
10D. ArcherV50Bury24.56
11F. ReillyV55Stockport Harriers25.00
12S. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers25.19
13P. WadsworthJunRossendale Harriers25.32
14I. StainthorpeV40Rochdale Harriers25.50
15C. FordeV40TransPennine CC26.04
16M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers26.08
17J. KellyJunRossendale Harriers26.13
18R. StottV40Rossendale Harriers26.59
19D. Norman WHS27.04
20W. Sandilands Rochdale Harriers27.36
21C. Taylor Unattached27.39
22C. RobinsonV40Andems27.40
23T. DanielsV55Salford Harriers27.47
24D. Fleet Royton Road Runners27.49
25B. StewartJunWHS27.51
26P. SeftonV40Salford Harriers27.56
27M. SadulaV55Rochdale Harriers28.01
28S. Howell Unattached28.12
29M. Pixton Unattached28.15
30M. Walker Rochdale Harriers28.18
31C. Nelson Unattached28.36
32I. HollowayV50Roch28.54
33M. EmmottV40Radcliffe AC29.09
34D. Holt Rossendale Harriers29.12
35C. Law Rochdale Harriers29.19
36B. LawsonJunSalford Harriers29.21
37J. PurdyV40Rochdale Harriers29.24
38Carol WillgooseV45Halifax Harriers29.37
39S. Lak Fell Runners Ass'n29.40
40A. Smith TransPennine CC29.58
41J. PallagrassV50Unattached29.59
42R. HirstV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers30.03
43J. Mackey Stockport Harriers30.05
44C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC30.21
45N. WoodwardV40Unattached30.24
46Gerry Dewhurst Radcliffe AC30.26
47C. NagyV45Unattached30.28
48S. LonerganV45Rochdale Harriers30.33
49M. Cartwright Radcliffe AC31.01
50O. Malkin Rochdale Harriers31.03
51M. WillinghamV60Unattached31.14
52Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers31.25
53J. Sutcliffe Radcliffe AC31.35
54A. FleetJunEast Cheshire Harriers31.42
55M. MoranV45Rochdale Harriers31.47
56D. MacroV50Unattached31.59
57P. RobertsV55Rochdale Harriers32.05
58D. SinnottV55Northern Vets AC32.06
59D. EdgeV65Rochdale Harriers32.27
60T. WestV60Radcliffe AC32.30
61Gay LearyV50Halifax Harriers32.57
62Julie Sandilands Rochdale Harriers33.23
63Pauline DoreV50Rochdale Harriers33.30
64D. OuseyV50Rossendale Harriers33.32
65J. MayallV40Rochdale Harriers33.52
66P. O’Sullivan Unattached33.52
67M. Skinner Road Runners Club34.06
68C. Skinner Road Runners Club34.06
69D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners34.16
70M. Ormerod Unattached34.35
71Lou GilchristV70Valley Striders34.58
72T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers35.07
73Wendy McRaeV45Rochdale Harriers35.11
74N. DaviesV45Fell Runners Ass'n35.16
75Christine DeaseyV40Rochdale Harriers35.27
76E. RiddallV55SELOC35.28
77A. SeftonJunSalford Harriers35.43
78D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers36.04
79A. McTernan WHS37.19
80Louisa Gill WHS37.19
81Linda RiddallV50Rochdale Harriers37.22
82S. HoltV45Unattached37.36
83Helen CavanaghV40Unattached37.37
84G. AllisonV55Rochdale Harriers38.35
85S. MitchellJunWHS38.38
86Julie LaverockV35Salford Harriers39.48
87Denise SutcliffeV45Radcliffe AC40.18
88Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers40.30
89D. TomkinsonV60Northern Vets AC40.44
90Kath AllisonV55Rochdale Harriers41.00
91Allison BrettV40Middleton Harriers41.17
92Julie ReddishV50Unattached41.40
93Mel ThompsonV40Rochdale Harriers41.55
94E. LeesJunWHS42.15
95B. Gartside Unattached42.42
96Yvonne FordV40Unattached43.24
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