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6th June 2003

Thanks to all who took part and all those who assisted in the event in any way. To the 3 juniors who decided to run both races, sorry you're not shown in these results but you didn't actually enter this race, so you can't expect anything different! We'll look at reducing the age limit for the senior race next year.
14071 Neil TattersallM(1/14)Pendle AC23.35
24192 Thomas CornthwaiteMJ(1/1)Blackburn Harriers23.43
33983 Brian ColeM(2/14)Royal Marines24.02
44174 Paul GuinanM(3/14)Blackburn Harriers24.51
54295 William GarnerM(4/14)Preston Harriers25.49
64226 Gareth BoothM(5/14)Chorley Harriers26.22
74027 Shane FitzpatrickM(6/14)Blackburn Harriers26.23
83838 Graham WebsterM50(1/4)Lytham St Annes RR27.12
94059 Barry ShackletonM45(1/9)Darwen Dashers27.18
1040810 Martin BradyM40(1/9)Clayton le Moors Harriers27.30
1142011 Chris LaneM(7/14)Chorley Harriers27.37
1241512 David GaskillM40(2/9)Accrington Road Runners27.42
1342713 Martin BlandM40(3/9)Accrington Road Runners27.50
1439214 Charles LinkisonM(8/14)Wesham Road Runners28.04
1541015 Rick BennettM45(2/9)Chorley Harriers28.14
1639416 Terry HellingsM45(3/9)Lytham St Annes RR28.22
1739717 Jamie DewdallM(9/14)Darwen Dashers28.31
18411 1Sarah ScarrottF(1/4)Chorley Harriers29.01
1938418 Richard GunstonM40(4/9)Unattached29.18
2040319 Michael NolanM40(5/9)Red Rose Road Runners29.50
2140920 Michael MoranM40(6/9)Unattached29.58
2239521 Ken WilliamsM45(4/9)Chorley Harriers30.15
2342522 Mark AlmondM(10/14)Unattached30.18
24404 2Zoe HaslamF35(1/4)Darwen Dashers30.21
25424 3Samantha CroftsF(2/4)Accrington Road Runners30.31
2642823 Glen MitchellM(11/14)West Pennine Runners30.39
2740124 Vinny BrodrickM40(7/9)Clayton le Moors Harriers31.28
2841625 Steve ThomasM45(5/9)Chorley Harriers31.34
2943326 John RuddM40(8/9)Chorley Harriers31.43
3037327 Peter JamesM45(6/9)West Pennine Runners31.58
31393 4Fay SmithF(3/4)Lytham St Annes RR32.05
32374 5Nicola WoodF(4/4)Accrington Road Runners32.21
33391 6Claire GouldenF35(2/4)Chorley Harriers32.25
3438728 Paul WalshM55(1/6)Lytham St Annes RR32.28
3538829 David WoodM55(2/6)North Fylde AC32.57
3641230 Thomas BattrickM45(7/9)Accrington Road Runners33.04
3738931 Fergal SearsonM50(2/4)Unattached33.36
3837932 Michael CroweM45(8/9)Lytham St Annes RR33.43
3943133 Eddie PughM60(1/3)Chorley Harriers33.47
4040034 John ReedM55(3/6)Unattached33.56
4137035 Martin DoyleM(12/14)Unattached34.13
4238136 Bill LockM60(2/3)Lytham St Annes RR35.01
4339637 Michael MurrayM45(9/9)Chorley Harriers35.02
44413 7Carole MorrisF35(3/4)Accrington Road Runners35.07
4541438 Graham MorrisM(13/14)Unattached35.08
4637739 Tony TothamM40(9/9)Chorley Harriers35.32
4742340 Malcolm BradleyM55(4/6)Accrington Road Runners36.20
4843241 John HannanM(14/14)Unattached36.21
49426 8Felicity CrossF45(1/2)Preston Harriers37.15
5042142 Mike CoppinM55(5/6)Chorley AC + Tri37.31
51378 9Bernice GreenhalghF45(2/2)Chorley Harriers38.30
5236943 Laurence LoftM60(3/3)Unattached40.05
53390 10Hazel BaronF35(4/4)Chorley Harriers40.35
54372 11Linda AspdenF40(1/1)West Pennine Runners41.03
55430 12Shelia FoggF50(1/1)West Pennine Runners42.31
5640644 Tom HiltonM55(6/6)Chorley Harriers43.32
5737645 Howard DonM50(3/4)Unattached45.17
58382 13Dawn LockF55(1/2)Lytham St Annes RR46.23
59418 14Maureen RobertsF65(1/1)Darwen Dashers46.48
60375 15Eileen DonF55(2/2)Unattached49.30
6137146 Peter BullivantM50(4/4)Unattached49.30

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