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Staveley Head Fell Race, Kendal Winter League

19th January 2003

Results courtesy of Ken Shuttleworth
Records: Tom Tipping 27.19 - 19/1/03; Karen Slater 34.38 - 19/1/03
1 Tom Tipping   Inverclyde27.19
2 Ted Mason   W/Dale27.31
3 Peter Brittleton   Howgill Harriers28.05
4 Andy Dickinson   Dark Peak Fell Runners28.15
5 Billy Procter1  Helm Hill Runners28.33
6 Paul Brittleton   Howgill Harriers28.42
7 Colin Valentine2  Keswick AC29.43
8 Peter McWade 1 Clayton le Moors Harriers29.58
9 Shaun Addison3  Unattached30.07
10 Quentin Harding4  Bowland Fell Runners30.12
11 Ian Atkinson   Unattached30.26
12 Mike Addison5  Kendal AC30.55
13 Andy Holden   W/Dale30.57
14 Tony Barton   Unattached32.04
15 Chris Fellows   Unattached32.40
16 Russell Cannon6  Helm Hill Runners33.08
17 Jim Fisher7  Howgill Harriers33.16
18 Terry Robinson8  Helm Hill Runners33.27
19 Damien Scholes   Keighley + Craven AC34.06
20 Garry Beardwood   Westmorland Tri34.17
21 Mark Salkild9  Dark Peak Fell Runners34.22
22 Matt Foxwell   Kendal AC34.24
23 Lyndon Dixon10  Helm Hill Runners34.35
241Karen Slater   Settle Harriers34.38
25 Gary Baston11  Richmond34.45
26 Ben Mitchinson   Cumberland Fell Runners34.56
27 Bryan Houghton   Unattached35.25
28 Paul Longster   Westmorland Tri35.43
29 Richard Drinkall   Unattached35.58
30 John Hutchinson   W/Dale36.17
31 Mark Southern   Unattached36.32
32 Richard Sewell12  Helm Hill Runners36.52
33 Keven Rogan13  W/Dale37.48
342Vicky Wilkinson   Ambleside AC38.02
35 Neil Taylor14  Bingley Harriers38.06
36 Barry Slater15  Settle Harriers38.20
37 Mark Bennett   W/Dale38.38
38 Andy Stokes16  Helm Hill Runners38.43
39 Bob Hanlon17  Unattached38.58
40 Adam Godwin   Rossendale Harriers39.43
413Sue Harding   Bowland Fell Runners40.03
424Jayne Bowe   Helm Hill Runners40.07
435Kate Rogan   W/Dale41.03
44 Neil Dyson 2 Mandale Harriers41.06
45 Tom Targett 3 Clayton le Moors Harriers43.48
46 Geoff Barrett18  Helm Hill Runners44.27
476Lynn Whitaker   W/Dale44.47
487Yvonne Procter   Helm Hill Runners45.43
49 Andrew Biddle19  West Pennine Runners46.07
508Nicole Slater   Settle Harriers46.48
51 Ron Bray  1Blackpool50.53
52 Jim Godwin 4 Rossendale Harriers56.12
539Joanne Tomlin   Unattached61.28
Boys under 17 - Record: Carl Robinson 19/1/03
1Carl RobinsonKendal AC13.51
2Adam CroweUnattached14.18
3Tom RodgersSettle Harriers14.36
4Harry TrimbleHelm Hill Runners18.44
5Chris Doyle (ran seniors)Trafford AC29.55
Boys under 14 - Record: Ben Parkin 8.10 - 16/1/00
1Ryan ThornborrowHelm Hill Runners8.34
2Tom AddisonHelm Hill Runners8.57
3Adam WoodUnattached9.36
4Ben MorphetCumberland Fell Runners9.58
5Kyle BiddlePendle AC11.31
6Thomas WrightHelm Hill Runners17.56
Boys under 12 - Record: Ben Davies 5.24 - 16/1/00
1Jonathan WrightHelm Hill Runners5.47
2Sam FisherHowgill Harriers5.57
3Jos AddisonHelm Hill Runners6.01
4Matthew FretwellUnattached6.10
5Lewis RobinsonHelm Hill Runners6.18
6Tom DoyleKendal AC6.28
7Niall TillHelm Hill Runners6.36
8Ryan WaddingtonUnattached6.38
9Martin BarnesHelm Hill Runners6.41
10Duncan LumbSettle Harriers6.45
11Rory AddisonHelm Hill Runners6.49
12Joshua ParkinsonHelm Hill Runners6.52
13Christopher TusonUnattached7.04
14Jonathan KnoxUnattached7.09
15Kristopher LumbSettle Harriers7.10
16James KnoxUnattached7.11
17Matthew McVeyUnattached7.25
18George SewellHelm Hill Runners7.58
19Nathan RobbHelm Hill Runners8.04
20Jack WilsonHelm Hill Runners8.34
Girls under 17 - Record: Sheryl Slater 19/1/03
1Sheryl SlaterSettle Harriers18.23
2Ashleigh TallonHelm Hill Runners20.46
3Samantha MorphetUnattached26.26
Girls under 14 - Record: Gemma Crowther 19/1/03
1Gemma CrowtherHelm Hill Runners9.15
2Rosie ParkinsonHelm Hill Runners10.37
3Katie RobinsonHelm Hill Runners12.04
Girls under 12 - Record: Jenny Addison 19/1/03
1Jenny AddisonHelm Hill Runners5.56
2Katie IrlandRossendale Harriers6.57
3Emma FlanaganRossendale Harriers7.08
4Zoe HardingBowland Fell Runners7.33
5Katrin HardingBowland Fell Runners8.10
6Jennifer BarrettHelm Hill Runners8.16
7Melanie MorphetUnattached8.22
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