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Spenborough 20

16th March 2003

Results courtesy of Chris Drake, Spenborough AC
1B BrooksbankV40Barnsley A C1-58.01
2S Mitchell Leeds City1-59.50
3D Lane Spenborough AC2-00.05
4J KerrV50Steel City Striders2-00.40
5A McCartney Leeds Bradford2-03.00
6R Barker Halifax Harriers2-04.45
7T BeanV40Valley Striders2-04.53
8M FirthV40Queensbury RC2-06.22
9M PageV45Doncaster + Stainforth2-06.26
10K FrostV40Horsforth Harriers2-07.09
11M Wrench Valley Striders2-07.18
12W Kerr St Bedes AC2-07.53
13M Traynor Unattached2-08.41
14A BrookV40Harrogate Harriers2-10.11
15B RichardsV40Swinton Running Club2-10.16
16P GrimesV45Halifax Harriers2-10.55
17N HoldsworthV45Knavesmire Harriers2-11.52
18N Laustsen Valley Striders2-12.21
19S Banister W Y Police2-12.56
20H SlyFV35Horsforth Harriers2-13.24
21J PlumridgeV50Holmfirth2-14.02
22D Lavelle Bingley Harriers2-14.26
23L TheoboldV40Kippax2-14.45
24B CassidyV40Unattached2-14.49
25M CrabtreeV40Halifax Harriers2-15.10
26R FlesherV50Valley Striders2-15.14
27H RobertsV50Horsforth Harriers2-15.21
28G PhillipsV40Pudsey Pacers2-15.50
29D TaylorV40Valley Striders2-16.20
30N ChipendaleV40Spenborough AC2-16.33
31S CurtisV40Keighley + Craven AC2-17.07
32P Healey Unattached2-17.25
33M Midgley Goole Viking Striders2-17.38
34A Fletcher Unattached2-20.03
35J HowarthV50Longwood Harriers2-20.25
36H CoenV40Abbey Runners2-20.52
37D DeanLV45Horsforth Harriers2-21.04
38K BentleyV40Spenborough AC2-21.21
39J ShelmerdineLV35Knavesmire Harriers2-21.55
40N Shaw Rotherham2-22.07
41A McDowellV40Middlesborough2-22.30
42B Turton Milton Arms2-22.31
43A Turner Barnsley Harriers2-22.33
44P Dunstone Barnsley A C2-22.49
45P WillisV40Nidd Valley2-23.11
46I TillettV50Knavesmire Harriers2-24.04
47C Smith Idle RC2-24.10
48G Chapman Keighley + Craven AC2-24.22
49R FletcherV50North Derbyshire2-24.50
50S BradshawV40Unattached2-24.56
51D Spencley Spenborough AC2-25.18
52I StaincliffeV40Ackworth Road Runners2-25.48
53J OuthwaiteV45Unattached2-25.58
54R Smith Unattached2-26.01
55J BarleyLV35Kippax2-26.12
56B JacksonV50Valley Striders2-26.49
57A AshburnerV45North Derbyshire2-27.13
58A Stewart Unattached2-27.16
59K GordonV50Milton Arms2-28.22
60R BeaumontV45Meltham AC2-28.37
61M PicksleyLV50Steel City Striders2-29.09
62D GreyLadyHorsforth Harriers2-29.44
63S Hudson Unattached2-30.23
64R KershawV40Denby Dale Travellers2-30.27
65P HaighV45Rotherham2-31.49
66P Code Unattached2-31.51
67T KageziV40Unattached2-32.13
68R EdmondsonV50Hull Springhead2-32.41
69D Dransfield Spenborough AC2-33.00
70M MalloneyV50Unattached2-33.09
71P Allen Unattached2-33.48
72J PopV45Leeds City2-34.10
74D MilnerV45Chapel Allerton2-34.15
74C WallV45Oldham + Royton AC2-35.00
75B Lawton Oldham + Royton AC2-35.00
76S MackleyV45Unattached2-35.18
77V MackleyLV40Knavesmire Harriers2-35.18
78D Ritchie Todmorden Harriers2-36.16
79D SteadV60Pudsey Pacers2-36.25
80A BoothroydV40Unattached2-36.55
81M LeeV50St Bedes AC2-36.59
82N WildLV40Horsforth Harriers2-37.37
83R Kershaw Unattached2-38.10
84D Winter Askern District AC2-38.34
85A HardanV45Thirsk + Sowerby2-38.40
86S Grinley Calder Valley2-39.16
87G OrchardV45York Acorn Runners2-40.01
88F Gething Unattached2-40.40
89P SheildsV40Dewsbury2-40.54
90J Jose York Acorn Runners2-41.14
91D FosterV50Penistone Footpath Runners2-41.58
92D Greenwood Dewsbury2-42.07
93W Mitchell Roberttown Runners2-42.30
94K SwaineV40Unattached2-43.10
95M Robinson Notts A C2-43.46
96M ChildeV40Roberttown Runners2-44.29
97J TeesdaleLV35Ackworth Road Runners2-44.30
98M McCorkell Unattached2-46.06
99J Pickering Horsforth Harriers2-46.19
100T GrundyV60Unattached2-47.34
101J CordwellV50Unattached2-47.34
102B GreavesV45Oldham + Royton AC2-48.23
103M Brown Middlesborough2-48.32
104D GeeV40Unattached2-48.56
105M Partner Unattached2-49.03
106L RobinsonLV35Bradford Airedale2-49.10
107J WallaceV40Roberttown Runners2-49.27
108M BullivantV40Retford AC2-50.14
109P BowdenV45Knavesmire Harriers2-50.19
110M NewmanV60Holmfirth Harriers2-50.24
111A Bush Unattached2-51.09
112M ColesV60SKYRAC2-51.58
113T Rainey Sale Manchester Harriers2-52.20
114J SacofskyV40Unattached2-52.20
115M MetcalfeLV50Knavesmire Harriers2-52.39
116S CarrollLADYHalifax Harriers2-52.42
117P WaltersV40Oldham + Royton AC2-52.52
118R TolsonV50Dewsbury RC2-53.01
119P Vickers Idle RC2-53.13
120M Pickersgill Kippax Harriers2-53.52
121K BartonV50Ackworth Road Runners2-53.54
122A TattersallV45Ackworth Road Runners2-53.55
123L DufftyLV50Kippax Harriers2-53.57
124M FirthV50Roberttown Runners2-54.49
125F MurphyLV45Halifax Harriers2-55.13
126C MasonV40Unattached2-55.23
127S McCartneyLADYSutton2-55.56
128P HelliwellV40Idle RC2-57.13
129T LeaverV50Unattached2-57.53
130R BrammamV40Goole Viking Striders2-59.20
131C AndrewsLADYUnattached2-59.58
132P WestV50Baildon Runners3-00.34
133B SuttonLV40Valley Hill3-00.36
134J MallonLV35Valley Hill3-00.36
135J BelcherLADYIdle RC3-01.18
136M BurnsideV40Idle RC3-01.18
137C HynesLADYKippax Harriers3-01.38
138J DaveyLV40Horsforth Harriers3-01.46
139B ThomasLV45Northern Vets3-02.00
140R CarrollV50Northern Vets3-02.00
141J Harrison Chapel Allerton3-02.04
142P FenelonLV50Goole Viking Striders3-03.20
143A TimsonV40Rothwell Harriers3-03.52
144M BedwallV45Rotherham3-03.52
145P PulmanV50Goole Viking Striders3-04.21
146A PurdhamLADYGoole Viking Striders3-04.21
147J BushellLV35York Acorn Runners3-04.32
148S AbbottLADYUnattached3-06.12
149G Allen Leeds Bradford3-07.10
150T HarrisonLADYEasingwold3-08.01
151P McCormickV50Halifax Harriers3-08.09
152G Guest Denby Dale Travellers3-09.39
153I BrownV55Kirkstall3-10.40
154D PulmanLV40Goole Viking Striders3-11.47
155S ClarkeLV40Goole Viking Striders3-11.47
156D Thomson Unattached3-13.41
157F HoldenV55Knavesmire Harriers3-13.47
158R FisherV50Roberttown Runners3-14.46
159R RiversV50Valley Hill3-15.59
160V RiversLV50Valley Hill3-16.19
161P DawsonV55SKYRAC3-17.37
162P KawkinsLV35Knavesmire Harriers3-20.43
163M CrossV55Knavesmire Harriers3-20.43
164P Glenn Unattached3-20.49
165P GlennV45Unattached3-24.04
166P AdamsV50Knavesmire Harriers3-25.32
167K MitchellLV40Goole Viking Striders3-26.05
168P Ryan Unattached3-26.22
169R HandleyLADYUnattached3-26.22
170J HiltonV50Abbey Runners3-26.25
171G GillLV50Knavesmire Harriers3-26.30
172L ThompsonLADYUnattached3-35.57
173S AdamsLV50Knavesmire Harriers3-43.08
174R MatthewsV60Maltby RC3-43.42
175N HussainV50Unattached3-47.04
176S HemingwayV40Unattached3-47.04
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