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Scout Scar Race, Kendal Winter League

16th March 2003

Results courtesy of Alan Westworth - all races over new courses today
Men - 4.5 miles, 300ft
1Damien Scholes   Keighley + Craven AC27.45
2Quentin Harding1  Bowland Fell Runners27.55
3Peter McWade 1 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers29.47
4Andy Holden   Wharfedale30.10
5Vic Richards   Ambleside30.35
6Harvey Gott 2 Northern Vets AC30.42
7Brian Kennedy2  Settle Harriers30.55
8Ivan Holdsworth   Helsby31.14
9Ian Palmer   Unattached31.21
10Richard Sewell3  Helm Hill32.09
11Barry Scholes 3 Unattached32.35
12Kevin Rogan4  Wharfedale32.52
13Lyndon Dixon5  Helm Hill33.09
14Dave Till6  Helm Hill33.50
15Mark Bennett   Wharfedale33.51
16Trevor Metcalfe 4 Settle Harriers34.13
17Geoff Barrett7  Helm Hill34.26
18Dave Woodbridge8  Kendal AC35.00
19Paul Rogan 5 Wharfedale35.18
20Barry Slater9  Settle Harriers36.40
21Ian Shedden 6 Howgill Harriers36.52
22Neil Dyson 7 Mandale37.17
23Steven Blacow   Unattached37.51
24Andrew Biddle10  West Pennine Runners39.05
25Rod Martindale11  Dallam AC39.26
26Ian Conway 8 Helm Hill39.29
27Tom Targett 9 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers40.40
28Ron Bray  1Blackpool41.23
29Les Prenton 10 Unattached41.44
Women - 4.5 miles, 300ft
1Karen SlaterSettle Harriers31.39
2Sue HardingBowland Fell Runners35.56
3Lynn WhitakerWharfedale38.38
4Katie RoganWharfedale38.55
5Kerry BlacowUnattached40.57
6Alison NaylorUnattached43.22
7Katherine ArchibaldUnattached46.29
8Nicole SlaterSettle Harriers49.21
Boys under 17 - 2.5 miles, 250 ft
1Carl RobinsonKendal AC18.22
2Mark AddisonHelm Hill19.19
3Robert BlenkharnHelm Hill19.27
4Tom RodgersSettle Harriers20.08
5Mark Barnes-DavisUnattached20.32
6Adam CroweUnattached21.01
Boys under 14 - 1.5 miles 50 ft
1Ryan ThornborrowHelm Hill9.39
2Tom AddisonHelm Hill10.02
3Sam RadcliffeUnattached10.32
4Ben MorphetCumberland Fell Runners10.50
5Kyle BiddlePendle AC12.18
Boys under 12 - 1 mile, 20 ft
1Jonathan WrightHelm Hill6.59
2Cameron RobertsKendal AC7.04
3Jos AddisonHelm Hill7.05
4Matthew FretwellUnattached7.16
5Alex TillDallam AC7.22
6Niall TillHelm Hill7.27
7Tom DoyleKendal AC7.39
8Joshua ParkinsonHelm Hill7.51
9Rory AddisonHelm Hill7.53
10Jonathan KnoxHelm Hill8.23
11Ryan WaddingtonUnattached8.25
12James KnoxHelm Hill8.30
13Nathan RobbHelm Hill8.51
14Matthew JacksonHelm Hill9.32
15George SewellHelm Hill9.46
16Matthew CannonHelm Hill10.33
Girls under 17 - 2.5 miles 250 ft
1Sarah TunstallBorder Harriers20.05
2Chloe NaylorUnattached22.36
3Sheryl SlaterSettle Harriers23.43
4Lucie NaylorUnattached24.54
5Ashleigh TallonHelm Hill25.44
6Samantha MorphetUnattached29.23
Girls under 14 - 1.5 miles 50ft
1Grace BiddlePendle AC11.32
2Katie RobinsonHelm Hill12.34
3Niamh NaylorUnattached12.50
Girls under 12 - 1 miles 20 ft
1Jenny AddisonHelm Hill7.00
2Melanie MorphetCumberland Fell Runners8.32
3Charlotte SchofieldHelm Hill8.44
4Zoe BarrettHelm Hill8.57
5Zoe HardingBowland Fell Runners8.59
6Rosie AddisonHelm Hill9.03
7Katrin HardingBowland Fell Runners9.23
8Amy FretwellUnattached9.44
9Faith BiddlePendle AC9.55
10Jennifer BarrettHelm Hill10.23
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