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Norton 9, nr. Doncaster

2nd March 2003
Sponsored by David Wilson Homes

Results courtesy of Askern District Running Club
1A Pearson Longwood Harriers46.36
2R Harris Rotherham Harriers47.30
3P Talents Doncaster + Stainforth AC47.49
4A Kilding City of Sheffield48.21
5A Morley Hornsea Harriers48.37
6C Parkes Rotherham Harriers49.48
7D BrooksbankV40Barnsley AC50.45
8P StaffordV40Mansfield Harriers51.06
9P YoungV40Hallamshire Harriers51.12
10J Broom Barnsley AC51.35
11M Broadhead Kimberworth Striders51.46
12K NewmanV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC51.51
13R Wilson Unattached52.05
14J Guveya Doncaster + Stainforth AC52.10
15R McClelland Denby Dale Travellers52.15
16S Griffin Goole Viking Striders52.21
17M PageV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC52.25
18J AtkinsonV45Rotherham Harriers52.45
19S Marsden Hallamshire Harriers52.54
20N Sphylka Scunthorpe AC53.03
21J O'MaraFWakefield Harriers53.14
22D WallaceV45Barnsley AC53.25
23R Pattinson Pudsey Pacers53.35
24A Crewe Mansfield Harriers53.40
25M McInerney Scunthorpe AC53.50
26C Ryde Doncaster + Stainforth AC54.25
27G WalkingtonV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC54.26
28R WrightV40Doncaster + Stainforth AC54.33
29M Whitelock Scunthorpe AC54.40
30D LancasterV45York Acorn54.50
31S BoulbyV40Denby Dale Travellers54.51
32P BunkerV50Kimberworth Striders55.00
33I Mason Unattached55.03
34M GardinerV40Askern District Running Club55.15
35J AyresF35Doncaster + Stainforth AC55.25
36P Connolly Scunthorpe AC55.41
37D Hendley Penarth + Dinas55.43
38R HaworthV50Rotherham Harriers55.47
39J LakeV50North Derbyshire55.58
40J MasseyFMansfield Harriers55.59
41J SpencerV50Rotherham Harriers56.02
42K LincolnV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC56.04
43S DurdyV40Maltby RC56.08
44S Watkinson PITSEA56.11
45T CarneyF40Dewsbury Road Runners56.21
46T EastwoodV45Rotherham Harriers56.23
47R BorysiewiczV50Valley Hill Runners56.34
48S EvansV40Doncaster + Stainforth AC56.43
49T Vout Askern District Running Club56.54
50K Erskine Tadcaster Harriers57.14
51G WilloughbyV40Kimberworth Striders57.20
52C Murray Doncaster + Stainforth AC57.34
53J MoorhouseV40Meltham AC57.39
54P MartinV45Kimberworth Striders57.42
55R ThomasV40Dewsbury Road Runners57.46
56J LusardiV55Dewsbury Road Runners57.47
57G Byworth Scunthorpe AC57.51
58N Show Rotherham Harriers58.04
59J WheldonV50Pudsey Pacers58.06
60D BeechV45Steel City Striders58.15
61T LonerganV55Bingley Harriers58.29
62S MarshallFWakefield Harriers58.29
63P MorslandV45Saxilby Road Runners58.41
64D HoltV45Unattached58.46
65G Beaumont Unattached58.59
66D GillV50Doncaster + Stainforth AC59.09
67J MiddletonV40Steel City Striders59.17
68C Eastwood Doncaster + Stainforth AC59.25
69P Cassell Doncaster + Stainforth AC59.38
70P Adderley Hallamshire Harriers59.40
71T DaviesV45Todcaster Harriers59.42
72P ReynardV60Horsforth Fellondale59.44
73M FoxV50Scunthorpe AC59.46
74D Bentley Unattached60.02
75R KershawV40Denby Dale Travellers60.02
76T MinettV40Ackworth Road Runners60.09
77C GibbsV40Unattached60.10
78I Brookes Kimberworth Striders60.13
79S GarrodF45Goole Viking Striders60.21
80R TitchmarshV60Eastern Vets60.22
81S Wright Rotherham Harriers60.34
82D GraysonV55Doncaster + Stainforth AC60.36
83A HawkinsV60Mansfield Harriers60.38
84B LowndesV50Maltby RC60.40
85K DrakeF40Unattached60.44
86J CookeV45Tadcaster Harriers60.48
87D AllenbyV45Barnsley Harriers60.49
88N StaffordV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC60.54
89M Entwistle Unattached60.55
90R NixonV45Kimberworth Striders60.58
91B VollentineV45Goinsboro Morton Striders61.05
92D BeaverV50Kimberworth Striders61.12
93R ScholesV55Barnsley AC61.13
94M Brankston Road Runners Club61.21
95P RawnsleyV50SKYRAC61.24
96K GordonV50Milton Arms61.25
97G Sykes Barnsley AC61.31
98J Wolff Barnsley Harriers61.38
99J WroeV50Barnsley AC61.39
100G FlannaganV40Doncaster + Stainforth AC61.42
101J NeweyFKimberworth Striders61.43
102M CottomV55Unattached61.48
103P WadeV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC61.54
104S GreeneV45Reebock RC62.02
105R DuxberryV45Tadcaster Harriers62.04
106I WardV45Tadcaster Harriers62.08
107K BinneyV55Barnsley AC62.09
108P Turton Queensbury RC62.10
109S Parratt-HalbertF35Unattached62.12
110M Finn Pudsey Pacers62.24
111S WilbyV50Queensbury RC62.27
112I McCreadieV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC62.28
113J RustV50Maltby RC62.30
114J HeapV55Unattached62.32
115G Shaw Unattached62.34
116M WatkinsF35Manx Vets62.55
117S Bainborough Unattached62.57
118M PicksleyF50Steel City Striders62.58
119K ThomasV50Rotherham Harriers63.14
120B CoomberF40Denby Dale Travellers63.17
121M HarrisV40Rothwell Harriers63.18
122P GallowayV45Barnsley Harriers63.19
123I Blackburn Scunthorpe AC63.20
124P BellV40Unattached63.27
125A BeaumontF35Dewsbury Road Runners63.31
126R Gough Barnsley AC63.33
127R RobertsV45Unattached63.35
128K DenhamV55Rothwell Harriers63.39
129L DayF40Doncaster + Stainforth AC63.40
130L Godfrey Unattached63.46
131P MartinV50Huddersfield Road Runners63.54
132H TunstallFUnattached64.07
133G DoddsV45Mansfield Harriers64.11
134M SmithV50Lincoln + District64.16
135D Beaumont Dewsbury Road Runners64.24
136L MuldowneyV50Doncaster + Stainforth AC64.27
137J Clark Barnsley Harriers64.28
138P HigginsV45Barnsley Harriers64.31
139C DrakeV55Spenborough64.41
140K SmilesV40Kimberworth Striders64.43
141R Butterworth Rotherham Harriers64.48
142M GarrettV50Rotherham Harriers64.54
143G ShawcroftV50Clowne Road Runners64.56
144S Clark Selby Striders65.02
145P CussonV50Doncaster + Stainforth AC65.07
146S ElliottV45Kimberworth Striders65.11
147A BakerV50Barnsley Harriers65.13
148S F DemmelV40Unattached65.16
149D HavenhandV40Wakefield Harriers65.17
150K HunterV45Beverley A C65.40
151G JonesV50Ackworth Road Runners65.43
152N GrimleyV55Kimberworth Striders65.47
153A Eshelby Doncaster + Stainforth AC65.48
154M Asbridge Rotherham Harriers65.55
155K OsborneF45Maltby RC65.56
156M Allen Unattached66.03
157N FarrowV45Worksop Harriers66.04
158J ThomasF35Dewsbury Road Runners66.05
159P RamsdenV45Denby Dale Travellers66.07
160M CalvertV60Knavesmire Harriers66.08
161R SlackV50Askern District Running Club66.09
162C SwiftV40Worksop Harriers66.10
163M SullivanV45Knavesmire Harriers66.17
164P HumphriesV60Rotherham Harriers66.19
165 Leggett Doncaster + Stainforth AC66.33
166S BrownV45Halifax Harriers66.38
167A BrownV45Barnsley AC66.48
168M BoxV50Wakefield Harriers67.06
169J O'shaughnessy Unattached67.14
170J Duffield Unattached67.17
171D HewittV45Steel City Striders67.22
172J LeggettV55Eastern Vets67.25
173G DimelowV45Penistone Footpath Runners67.33
174G Kitchen Unattached67.38
175A CollierF40Scunthorpe AC67.39
176G HutchinsonV40East Hull Harriers67.39
177M Tordoff Hallamshire Harriers67.40
178D TownendV45Denby Dale Travellers67.43
179N HunterV45Unattached67.46
180J CroythornF35Doncaster + Stainforth AC67.50
181M DavisV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC67.50
182D Barnes South Yorkshire Police67.54
183A WalkerV50Barnsley Harriers68.00
184I JohnsonV40Pickering RC68.08
185J Garrad Unattached68.09
186A Dickinson Lincoln + District68.11
187S Ford Unattached68.25
188C Farquhar Unattached68.30
189J LakeF45North Derbyshire68.38
190K WestonV45Unattached68.44
191P FenelonF50Goole Viking Striders68.55
192R CookV50Kimberworth Striders68.58
193K MarleyFUnattached69.01
194M FletcherV65Ackworth Road Runners69.08
195K Condick St Theresa's69.11
196D Schofield Unattached69.20
197J Uttley Unattached69.23
198P PointonV65Unattached69.25
199C Turner Adwick Tri Club69.29
200L RustFMaltby RC69.31
201P Vincente Unattached69.33
202T Redfern Abroath Footers69.37
203A JohnsonV50Worksop Harriers69.39
204D SearsV50Maltby RC69.47
205F SkidmoreF40Dewsbury Road Runners69.51
206M WhiteV55Wolds Vets69.53
207M McInerneyV60Scunthorpe AC69.56
208A TattersallV45Scunthorpe AC69.56
209D TrickettV55Hallamshire Harriers70.04
210P O'ConnellV40Unattached70.13
211D Woodhead Unattached70.18
212P Tordoff Askern District Running Club70.28
213D ThorpeV50Maltby RC70.32
214P Haigh Unattached70.37
215R DaviesV55Unattached70.40
216M RhodesV55Unattached70.40
217D MacbeathV50Kimberworth Striders70.48
218I MorwoodV50Wolds Vets70.56
219J EvansV45Unattached71.02
220L CraibFWorksop Harriers71.03
221A DarbyshireV45Unattached71.09
222J BuckleyF45Denby Dale Travellers71.10
223C DaviesF45Leeds City71.18
224P BuckleyV40Denby Dole Travellers71.25
225J MannV40Unattached71.37
226T WootonV45Valley Hill Runners71.42
227J EdmundsonV55Unattached71.49
228G WillmottV50Unattached71.50
229S BorysiewiczF50Valley Hill Runners72.01
230J Hammond Unattached72.04
231P ParkinV60Penistone Footpath Runners72.05
232D FletcherF40Doncaster + Stainforth AC72.11
233E FletcherV40Doncaster + Stainforth AC72.11
234G Beasley Unattached72.15
235G Allen Leeds Bradford Tri Club72.27
236A KirkbyV45Denby Dale Travellers73.03
237A Newmarch Unattached73.05
238R WeaverV50Road Runners Club73.05
239G ThompsonV55Kimberworth Striders73.07
240S JonesV40RAF Menwith Hill AC73.08
241P HislopF50Denby Dale Travellers73.17
242J DavisF45Ackworth Road Runners73.24
243D ClarkV45Unattached73.26
244T LeeV45Doncaster + Stainforth AC73.38
245S CrosslandF35Scunthorpe AC73.41
246D AmendoloV40Worksop Harriers73.47
247C HillF40Dewsbury Road Runners73.50
248G ParkerF40Unattached73.51
249N BrooksV40Unattached73.53
250G Bacon Road Runners Club74.10
251A Dixon Selby Striders74.14
252J ThomasV45South Yorkshire Police74.27
253M HornbyV55Valley Hill Runners74.33
254C RimmingtonF45Beverley AC74.45
255M SellarsV45Beverley AC74.45
256G WhitworthV55Wakefield Harriers74.50
257D PullanV55Scunthorpe AC75.00
258T MilnerV40Unattached75.12
259M DowlingV50Unattached75.15
260S Redshaw Unattached75.37
261L BellF40Unattached75.42
262M Kendall Unattached75.47
263E OsborneV45Maltby RC75.52
264P HenneyV40Unattached75.59
265F Makison Steel City Striders76.13
266M FenelonV55Goole Viking Striders76.15
267C StimpsonF50Worksop Harriers76.28
268J WoodheadV45Unattached76.40
269D Reed Unattached76.42
270K Chidwick Unattached76.49
271S OmblerF40Scunthorpe AC76.59
272P BattyV40Scunthorpe AC77.00
273J WolffF35Horsforth Fellandole77.01
274D MitchellV60Unattached77.04
275T WalkerV55Kimberworth Striders77.25
276P AndrewsV55Denby Dale Travellers77.27
277G BentonV45Maltby RC77.30
278D WeatherburnV60Rotherham Harriers78.04
279A High Unattached78.30
280G WolffF55Penistone Footpath Runners78.39
281S WilshowV55Goinsboro Morton Striders78.45
282A TimsonV40Rothwell Harriers78.52
283S McGee Unattached78.52
284A HuntV65Unattached79.01
285E ButterfieldFUnattached79.08
286J SearsF50Maltby RC79.26
287G FreebornV50Unattached79.33
288J BartleF35Unattached79.44
289M KirshbaumF40Unattached80.50
290J AdamsV55Valley Hill Runners80.56
291J WrightF35South Yorkshire Police80.06
292B ClarkFBarnsley Harriers80.08
293S BirdV40Unattached80.12
294S Miller Adwick Tri Club80.26
295J Wright South Yorkshire Police80.46
296M SimpsonV50Kimberworth Striders80.52
297L BastowF35Unattached80.59
298P ElliottF35Unattached80.59
299H Macquarrie Unattached82.24
300C ClennettFUnattached82.27
301M UrryV40Appleby Frodingham82.35
302F FellowsFSouth Yorkshire Police82.43
303L WellsF55Wolds Vets82.50
304T ElliottF40Kimberworth Striders82.59
305L DaleF40Kimberworth Striders83.17
306R Smith Lincoln + District84.47
307C GaynorF40Kimberworth Striders84.49
308H ThorpeF35Unattached85.02
309J RossV50Rothwell Harriers85.03
310L BowdenF55Unattached85.15
311G SlackV55Unattached85.18
312K VernonV65Unattached85.18
313A KennedyV65Doncaster + Stainforth AC85.42
314D R ScottV60Scunthorpe AC85.57
315R FaulknerV60Scunthorpe AC86.41
316A MooreV40Unattached86.48
317K FarrowFWorksop Harriers86.48
318G Rowlinson Unattached87.33
319A ThomsonV40Unattached88.00
320J Darwin CSSA88.22
321R MilneFUnattached88.38
322S MurrayF40Unattached88.49
323D GillV70Bingley Harriers88.56
324I Kerry Unattached89.09
325K ParkhouseV45Askern District Running Club89.20
326S Hall Unattached89.26
327M WoodheadFKimberworth Striders89.26
328J TurnerF45Worksop Harriers89.43
329P WaterhouseV70Unattached90.16
330S FarrowF40Worksop Harriers90.26
331S GendersF50Worksop Harriers90.26
332S AndrewsF40Kimberworth Striders90.32
333P ClarkV50Northern Vets92.37
334A Challis Unattached92.37
335M MellorsV50Mansfield Harriers93.03
336J BarkerF55Eastern Vets93.33
337F BunnissFUnattached93.54
338P TrowseV65Unattached93.54
339J HigginbottomV65Road Runners Club93.55
340P SykesV45Unattached94.02
341J BurkhillV60Killamarsh Kestrels94.40
342P AllenV45Unattached95.07
343A WrightV40Unattached95.55
344M Jackson Unattached99.05
345P Simpson Unattached100.06
346J CowardV50Unattached 
347J GoughF40Barnsley AC105.09
349F GrovesFUnattached105.57
   WALKERS (No times) 
350J FaulknerF50Scunthorpe AC 
351S ScottF55Scunthorpe AC 
352J UrryF40Scunthorpe AC 
 Fun Run   
1T BaulkM13Unattached19.24
2D AllenM10Doncaster + Stainforth AC20.52
3A VernonF11Chesterfield22.18
4L VernonM30Unattached22.19
5C RowlinsonM13Cleethorpes24.16
6A BakerF10Bury24.17
7J CrosslandM7Scunthorpe AC24.33
8E TownendM11Unattached24.43
9T ClarkM13York25.13
10C DukmantonF14Worksop Harriers26.11
11A DavisF10Lincoln27.50
12K ZealandF35Lincoln27.50
13W FullerF52Unattached28.03
14K CraibM11Worksop Harriers29.10
15A TeavonsM79Rotherham Harriers29.11
16S HavenhandF12Worksop Harriers29.29
17D WestermanF25Unattached30.03
18N BellM9Worksop Harriers30.14
19J RobertsM10Worksop Harriers30.21
20T ConnollyM12Scunthorpe AC30.23
21K BurtonF48Unattached33.12
22H BurtonF21Unattached35.14
23J DarrellF22Unattached42.26
24G ParkinsonF24Unattached42.26
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