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Kevin and Toddy's 5k Road Race
Littleborough, Rochdale

12th January 2003

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1S. Deakin Leeds City15.40
2S. Wooton Bury AC16.22
3W. Ali Rochdale Harriers16.45
4J. Newsome Longwood Harriers16.49
5D. ColeV40Bury AC16.54
6D. Hoolahan Bury AC17.08
7A. Peach Altrincham17.13
8J. Carter Horwich RMI17.42
9T. Woodyatt Stockport Harriers17.43
10P. BrannonV40Clayton le Moors Harriers18.07
11S. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers18.20
12M. Ainsworth Unattached18.36
13G. Hayes Salford Harriers18.42
14A. HealeyV55Bury AC18.58
15D. Ashworth Unattached19.07
16D. Murphy Rossendale Harriers19.18
17M. ProctorV50Longwood Harriers19.21
18I. Harris Spectrum Striders19.24
19R. ToddJMHamer19.30
20M. RowbottomV50Rochdale Harriers19.31
21C. Brierley Unattached19.34
22R. DalbyV45Rochdale Harriers19.43
23A. HayesJMDarwen Dashers19.47
24N. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers19.49
25J. Preston Keighley + Craven AC19.49
26D. Wilkinson Unattached19.50
27S. Howell Todmorden Harriers20.03
28S. Walker Unattached20.03
29S. HartleyV45Burnley AC20.08
30J. Purdy Rochdale Harriers20.10
31Claire Pickersgill Longwood Harriers20.20
32I. HollowayV50Rochdale Harriers20.28
33B. GibbonsJMFelldancer20.35
34R. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers20.36
35P. PoverV50Northern Vets AC20.39
36M. Walker Rochdale Harriers20.41
37A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers20.45
38Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers21.09
39J. Connellan Hamer21.15
40Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers21.25
41C. EtherdenV50Saddleworth Runners21.30
42N. Boden Fire Service21.32
43S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers21.38
44Heather Corbishley Rossendale Harriers21.45
45D. HammerV50Blackburn Road Runners21.50
46R. HallV45Longwood Harriers22.08
47Sally WelshV35Morpeth22.12
48Linda GoreV50Salford Harriers22.27
49J. FoxV50Rochdale Harriers22.34
50D. Morley Hamer22.38
51R. KellyV40Unattached22.40
52L. Carey Hamer22.49
53S. Conner Hamer22.51
54P. GeldheartV55Rochdale Harriers23.05
55Hayley CorbishleyJFRossendale Harriers23.08
56I. Digweed Unattached23.13
57D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners23.17
58J. Sutcliffe Andems23.21
59D. Cooper Hamer23.35
60Kyrinda H. Moore Middleton Harriers23.39
61E. RiddallV55SELOC23.41
62D. RushtonJMHamer23.52
63Theresa HollinsV45Middleton Harriers23.53
64Lou GilchristV65Middleton Harriers23.53
65Pauline DoreV50Rochdale Harriers23.56
66T. TargettV55Clayton le Moors Harriers24.01
67Natalie Murphy Rossendale Harriers24.17
68A. SchofieldJMEast Cheshire Harriers24.22
69B. ArmisteadV50Oldham + Royton24.46
70C. O’BrienJMHamer24.47
71A. Woods Middleton Harriers24.56
72J. MarshallJmHamer25.12
73Mel BlackhurstV35Todmorden Harriers25.14
74P. GugasV50Kell25.29
75Peach MurphyJFRossendale Harriers25.30
76B. BoothroydV70Longwood Harriers25.30
77M. Williams Unattached25.36
78Moyra ParfittV55Todmorden Harriers25.42
79N. HarveyV45Todmorden Harriers25.49
80Sue GeldheartV50Rochdale Harriers26.13
81Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers26.20
82B. MillsV55Rochdale Harriers26.44
83Sarah FosterV45Unattached27.13
84N. James Unattached27.27
85F. Finnigan Unattached27.42
86P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers27.58
87Javed Rahman Unattached28.03
88Sharon Stempien Unattached28.33
89Linda RiddallV50SELOC29.20
90J. NewbyV70Todmorden Harriers29.28
91Phillipa Neathey Todmorden Harriers31.01
92A. Lord Rochdale Harriers32.27
93S. Haigherty Rochdale Harriers32.27
94Helen Rhodes Bingley Harriers34.47
95D. MasonV75Northern Vets AC35.32
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