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Helm Hill Junior Relay Race, Sedbergh, Cumbria

28th September 2003

Results courtesy of Alan Westworth
PosTEAM NAMEBGMLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Total Time
1CUMBERLAND FELL RUNNERS B  /29.0214.4722.5029.191.35.58
2HELM HILL RUNNERS A/  30.2918.2222.4032.071.41.38
3TEAM HELM/  30.4017.2821.0534.181.43.31
4PRESTON DREAM TEAM/  33.3816.2521.3132.061.43.40
5ROSSENDALE HARRIERS  /34.1518.3220.4235.311.49.20
6BROUGHTON RUNNERS/  33.1018.3628.0536.491.56.40
7KESWICK JUNIOR BOYS/  30.1819.5823.0045.151.58.31
8PRESTON WARRIORS  /34.2720.5825.0742.512.06.58
9HELM HILL RUNNERS GIRLS / 36.5721.0926.1644.352.08.57
10KESWICK JUNIOR GIRLS / 37.4121.4934.5757.022.31.29
11SEDBERGH SCHOOL GIRLS / 38.2626.3233.53D.N.F