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Colin Robinson 4.3 Mile Race, Rochdale

25th March 2003

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1D. Lockett Salford Harriers22.11
2S. Heaton East Cheshire Harriers22.54
3W. Smith Keighley + Craven AC23.05
4J. Kovacs Salford Harriers23.12
5P. PickupV40Barnsley23.15
6R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers23.25
7R. Ingham Oldham + Royton AC24.24
8M. Lawson Longwood Harriers24.45
9L. Spencer Keighley + Craven AC24.52
10M. Seed Rothwell Harriers24.57
11W. Ali Rochdale Harriers25.02
12S. WilliamsV45Salford Harriers25.10
13P. SinnottV45Northern Vets25.17
14I. StainthorpeV40Rochdale Harriers25.44
15I. JohnstonV45Salford Harriers25.48
16C. FordeV40Trans Pennine Cycle Club26.01
17K. OgdenV40Middleton Harriers26.02
18D. MasseyV40Horwich RMI Harriers26.07
19P. HowarthJMHorwich RMI Harriers26.31
20P. BuddV45Salford Harriers26.43
21P. McNamara Salford Harriers26.51
22C. ChownV45PP26.57
23D. Williams Salford Harriers27.41
24M. RowbottomV55Rochdale Harriers27.44
25M. LongV50Bingley Harriers27.54
26Y. Ghani Felldancer28.07
27No 81?  28.12
28Kath DrakeV40Halifax Harriers28.37
29A. ClarksonV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers28.39
30Carol WillgooseV45Halifax Harriers28.56
31M. Walker Rochdale Harriers29.05
32K. SmithV40Stockport Harriers29.12
33Kath WilliamsV45Salford Harriers29.31
34A. Smith Trans Pennine Cycle Club29.41
35D. AthertonV45Oldham + Royton AC29.43
36D. SchofieldV55Rochdale Harriers29.52
37J. Purdy Rochdale Harriers29.53
38J. KellyJMBurnden RR30.01
39A. KellyV45Burnden RR30.01
40M. Siegmund Cursdorf30.03
41C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC30.11
42J. McGuireV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers30.16
43C. EtherdenV50Saddleworth Runners30.54
44P. DibbV65Longwood Harriers30.58
45P. Pritchard Unattached31.02
46P. WilliamsV45Oldham + Royton AC31.07
47Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers31.10
48K. MumfordV45Middleton Harriers31.11
49M. CannyV40Salford Harriers31.23
50Sarah HeffronJFOldham + Royton AC31.27
51J. ArmstrongV50Rochdale Harriers31.51
52S. ChapmanV50Road Runners Club32.08
53J. Hussain Felldancer32.42
54A. TomlinsonV45Unattached32.42
55Gay LearyV50Halifax Harriers32.49
56Lou GilchristV70Middleton Harriers33.14
57D. Lack Felldancer33.41
58Dan Lack Felldancer33.41
59J. PotterV40CTT33.42
60D. ClutterbuckV70Rochdale Harriers34.03
61E. RiddallV55SELO34.27
62N. HarveyV45Todmorden Harriers34.34
63B. ArmisteadV50Oldham + Royton AC34.57
64Nicole ChaddertonV40Trans Pennine Cycle Club35.06
65D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers35.12
66Chris AdlumV35Rossendale Harriers35.16
67Rose EdgeJfRochdale Harriers36.12
68K. Edge Rochdale Harriers36.13
69J. Hamman Unattached36.17
70G. BeanV50East Cheshire Harriers37.13
71Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers38.13
72I. Digweed Unattached38.38
73T. Kasprowicz Road Runners Club38.40
74Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers38.49
75A. Cotterill Unattached39.06
76Gay DicksonV55Rossendale Harriers39.09
77Linda RiddallV50SELO39.13
78Jodie Fairbrother Oldham + Royton AC39.36
79Sharn Potter Rossendale Harriers39.54
80B. MillsV55Rochdale Harriers40.00
81Sharon Stenpin Unattached40.06
82Jenny Laycock Rossendale Harriers40.29
83Allison BrettV40Middleton Harriers40.32
84Amanda Kilshaw Unattached41.03
85J. ButlerV60Northern Vets41.11
86R. Miller Unattached41.18
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