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Askern 10k, Yorkshire

21st May 2003

Results courtesy of Keith Bertie for Askern District Running Club
1A Pearson Longwood Harriers30.04
2R Harris Rotherham Harriers31.37
3J Gavelle Rotherham Harriers32.12
4M RuddlestoneV40Rotherham Harriers32.14
5D HinchcliffeV40Longwood Harriers32.28
6M HallV40Otley AC32.36
7A Lowe Doncaster + Stainforth A C32.48
8J CoxV40Hallamshire Harriers33.09
9J Mawson Otley AC33.16
10M Steeper Doncaster + Stainforth A C33.20
11P YoungV40Hallamshire Harriers33.24
12N HoldenV45Selby Striders33.30
13D BrooksbankV40Barnsley A C33.45
14S Peacock Beverley A C33.49
15N Brookes Rotherham Harriers33.58
16K NewmanV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C34.00
17P VeablesV45Rotherham Harriers34.13
18P NealV45Rotherham Harriers34.20
19S Griffin Goole Viking Striders34.22
20R Pattinson Pudsey Pacers34.33
21P Fielding-Smith Beverley A C34.38
22D DarbyV45Barnsley A C34.41
23J Broom Barnsley A C35.01
24G ArmitageV45Longwood Harriers35.18
25J Guveya Doncaster + Stainforth A C35.23
26K Bertie Askern District RC35.25
27G WalkingtonV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C35.34
28I DowseV45Scunthorpe + District A C35.45
29A Hardy Knavesmire35.52
30J Comrie Rotherham Harriers35.53
31D DonaldsonV40Rotherham Harriers36.01
32M Gilliland Unattached36.11
33S Pallot Royal Air Force36.12
34J Westmoreland Rothwell Harriers36.13
35S McConnell-WoodV40Eastern Vets36.19
36I MitchellV50Longwood Harriers36.20
37M McInerney Scunthorpe + District A C36.21
38G CumberV55Halifax Harriers36.24
39D Claxton Unattached36.30
40M Prichard Ackworth R R36.45
41N Shaw Rotherham Harriers36.52
42A GregoryV50Rotherham Harriers36.58
43D WallaceV45Barnsley A C37.00
44K LincolnV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C37.02
45M SouthwickV40Scunthorpe + District A C37.04
46M ProctorV50Longwood Harriers37.06
47B GarringtonV40Burn Road Harriers37.08
48T WebsterV50Kimberworth Striders37.14
49E FletcherV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C37.17
50R WrightV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C37.21
51P LycettV40Ackworth R R37.25
52D Hodgson Unattached37.29
53K RichardsonFAckworth R R37.32
54M Harris Rotherham Harriers37.38
55M Midgley Goole Viking Striders37.39
56A Turner Barnsley Harriers37.44
57J HindleyF35Rotherham Harriers37.47
58S Wiles Steel City Striders37.49
59P EddisonV45Rotherham Harriers37.50
60A Rose Halifax Harriers37.55
61J AyresF35Doncaster + Stainforth A C37.58
62T EastwoodV45Rotherham Harriers37.59
63S GarrodF45Goole Viking Striders38.06
64M BuskwoodV40Totley A C38.12
65M Jones Doncaster + Stainforth A C38.15
66G LaingV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C38.16
67Unknown  38.23
68N Bant Beverley A C38.24
69N Bentley Goole Viking Striders38.25
70D GillV50Doncaster + Stainforth A C38.26
71C Murray Doncaster + Stainforth A C38.27
72R HallV55Halifax Harriers38.29
73M LalleyV55Rothwell Harriers38.38
74T RookesV50Unattached38.43
75T MinettV40Ackworth R R38.44
76G Beaumont Unattached38.45
77J WroeV50Barnsley A C38.48
78A ByromV40Ackworth R R38.49
79P MulleryV40Rothwell Harriers38.51
80G WilloughbyV40Kimberworth Striders38.53
81J HolmesV50Unattached38.54
82L HarrisF40Kippax Harriers38.54
83Aa RowbottonV40Unattached38.55
84S Griffiths Unattached39.00
85S Swallow Barnsley Harriers39.01
86C GibbsV40Unattached39.03
87M Walsh Ackworth R R39.06
88C WolstenholmeF55Hallamshire Harriers39.08
89J EdwardsV60Lincoln Wellington39.11
90G BalchinV40Beverley A C39.19
91I Rawson Milton Arms39.23
92R CapewellV40Denby Dale Travellers39.30
93G Sykes Barnsley A C39.30
94G BainbridgeV45North Shields Poly39.30
95R NixonV45Kimberworth Striders39.31
96A Jones Doncaster + Stainforth A C39.38
97R HarrisV50Kippax Harriers39.39
98T HawkinsV60Mansfield RC39.42
99K Barns? Steel City Striders39.44
100L MortonV45City of Sheffield39.46
101G GuestV40One to One39.50
102A Ruddock Unattached39.55
103D GraysonV55Doncaster + Stainforth A C39.58
104C Hartley Ackworth R R39.59
105K BextonF35Goole Viking Striders40.00
106A JoyceV45Rotherham Harriers40.03
107G FlanaganV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.04
108P Cassell Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.05
109S Faulker Wakefield Harriers40.06
110A KirkV40Unattached40.08
111D BeecroftV40Rothwell Harriers40.13
112G Shaw Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.16
113P WatkinsonV50Beverley A C40.17
114G MitchellV40Goole Viking Striders40.21
115R AconleyV55Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.23
116M Finn Pudsey Pacers40.25
117R ScholesV55Barnsley A C40.26
118P WadeF40Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.26
119B CoomberF40Denby Dale Travellers40.30
120I Nolan North Derbyshire40.31
121G JonesV50Ackworth R R40.36
122M BarkerV60Barnsley A C40.40
123T BaileyV50Barnsley A C40.46
124A Lakeland Unattached40.46
125A SchofieldV40Barnsley Harriers40.51
126P OliverV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C40.52
127K Hoole Unattached40.57
128M SimpsonV45Unattached40.58
129C Dugher Selby Striders41.02
130W Smith North Derbyshire41.04
131C TaylorV50Ackworth R R41.07
132S Sharman North Derbyshire41.10
133J Cocking Pudsey Pacers41.12
134S WilliamsV45Askern District RC41.19
135S BellamyFRotherham Harriers41.25
136J McCormackV60Longwood Harriers41.33
137D NeedhamV55Hallamshire Harriers41.37
138D Barnes South Yorkshire Polci41.43
139N GrimleyV55Kimberworth Striders41.47
140R LewisV50Scunthorpe + District A C41.50
141B MasseyFBarnsley A C41.52
142D ClarkV50Scunthorpe + District A C41.54
143R BrahamV40Goole Viking Striders42.06
144R Sharp Steel City Striders42.10
145K ChapmanV60Kimberworth Striders42.11
146M BerryV40Barnsley A C42.14
147H SmalesV45Unattached42.15
148N WarnerV50Goole Viking Striders42.16
149L MuldowneyV50Doncaster + Stainforth A C42.20
150R Butterworth Rotherham Harriers42.21
151D FarringtonF40Rothwell Harriers42.25
152P BurtV45Askern District RC42.27
153C HousemanV40Goole Viking Striders42.28
154A HarmanV45Thirsk + Sowerby42.30
155J Greaves Unattached42.31
156D Turnbull Unattached42.46
157S Reid Halifax Harriers42.52
158R ThomasV40Kirkstall Harriers42.59
159G Goodwin Unattached43.07
160L BrewisF45Longwood Harriers43.08
161R CrabtreeV50Beverley A C43.11
162L HardwickF35Barnsley A C43.14
163R Masters Unattached43.16
164D MosbyV55Rothwell Harriers43.21
165D Helas Unattached43.27
166I Micklethwaite Unattached43.28
167S Hayes One to One43.29
168F DaviesFOne to One43.30
169P RamsdenV45Denby Dale Travellers43.32
170M LeggettV40Doncaster + Stainforth A C43.34
171A Eshelby Doncaster + Stainforth A C43.35
172D AlekseevskyV60Beverley A C43.36
173R WildV45Steel City Striders43.41
174S IngledewV50Selby Striders43.42
175N HunterV45Unattached43.43
176M Oliver Doncaster + Stainforth A C43.44
177M Poole Unattached43.48
178K Sidling Unattached43.54
179S Hewitt Unattached43.55
180S KayF50Denby Dale Travellers43.56
181S LongfellowV50Crossgated44.07
182I Wilson Ackworth R R44.09
183D WhiteheadV40Unattached44.20
184J FaulknerV40Ackworth R R44.20
185N Jackson Selby Striders44.24
186G HutchingsonV40East Hull Harriers44.25
187G ShawcroftV50Clowne Road Runners44.26
188P FenelonF50Goole Viking Striders44.27
189B O’ConnerV50Beverley A C44.28
190G Jenneson Unattached44.28
191R HemsowrthV45Unattached44.32
192E VerrokerFUnattached44.32
193D Whittaker Scunthorpe + District A C44.35
194M RhodesV50Rotherham Harriers44.36
195A ShallieV50Unattached44.38
196M Thompson Goole Viking Striders44.40
197J Stokes Selby Striders44.48
198R TomlinsonV50Beverley A C44.50
199C PidcockFRothwell Harriers44.56
200C Hathaway Unattached45.00
201M Cox Unattached45.00
202J ThomasV45South Yorkshire Police45.06
203T WadeV45One to One45.10
204J PeckF40Beverley A C45.15
205L HeasmanFBeverley A C45.19
206A EmertonV50Unattached45.22
207C Taylor Goole Viking Striders45.29
208G TombsF50Ackworth R R45.33
209F GregoryV40Beverley A C45.38
210J Arrowsmith Unattached45.40
211M WhiteV50Wolds Vets45.43
212R SykesV50Wakefield Harriers45.46
213S NolanV50Kingston upon Hull45.47
214M Boyes Unattached45.50
215S Mailee Unattached45.55
216J Murray Unattached45.58
217N Taylor Doncaster + Stainforth A C45.59
218A WilsonF35Askern District RC46.05
219M Noakes Unattached46.13
220D WrightV45Rotherham Harriers46.14
221R ColbeckV50Goole Viking Striders46.16
222J DavisF45Ackworth R R46.18
223M FenelonV50Goole Viking Striders46.19
224C TurtonV40Steel City Striders46.22
225M LimbV50Askern District RC46.23
226T Weston Unattached46.33
227P Vicente Unattached46.35
228M SellersV45Beverley A C46.43
229G ThompsonV55Kimberworth Striders46.47
230D ShawV50Ackworth R R46.48
231P MarshallV40Kirkstall Harriers46.52
232Unknown  46.54
233I MorwoodV50Wolds Vets46.54
234A High Unattached46.58
235B PinderV55Unattached47.02
236I VoganV45Ackworth R R47.05
237D PullmanV50Goole Viking Striders47.07
238B Devine Rother Valley Swallows47.09
239J Thomas Saxilby Road Runners47.10
240K BentleyF35Rother Valley Swallows47.16
241A BennettV45Ackworth R R47.18
242R GrimleyF55Kimberworth Striders47.20
234M WalkerF35Ackworth R R47.21
244T LeeV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C47.22
245A TattersallV45Ackworth R R47.23
246G ParkerF40Unattached47.24
247D BancroftV50Ackworth R R47.25
248G FirthV55Unattached47.28
249J CurryV55Beverley A C47.34
250N HardyV50Unattached47.38
251N Hide Unattached47.43
252M LeneghanF60Crossgates Harriers47.44
253H EllerkerF45City of Sheffield47.45
254N A Binting Unattached47.46
255K BingleyV70Ackworth R R47.50
256P Ounsley Goole Viking Striders47.50
257C RimmingtonF45Beverley A C47.51
258A TimsonV40Rothwell Harriers47.52
259T Jenkinson Unattached47.54
260K StrawbridgeF35Unattached47.56
261N Stanley Unattached47.59
262S HaighV50Ackworth R R48.06
263R CookV50Kimberworth Striders48.07
264T WalkerV55Kimberworth Striders48.08
265D StaceyV50Unattached48.14
266T DeanV50Ackworth R R48.18
267D Thompson Unattached48.19
268J DonaldFBeverley A C48.26
269J MannV40Unattached48.27
270K RichardsF40Unattached48.28
271S ClarkF40Goole Viking Striders48.31
272T StocksV60Unattached48.32
273A Dixon Selby Striders48.36
274J Morrison Unattached48.41
275J BreckonV50Beverley A C48.53
276P RaybouldFUnattached48.55
277M BednallV45Rothwell Harriers48.56
278G SheenV50Clowne Road Runners48.57
279S ApplebyFDoncaster + Stainforth A C48.59
280S WardF45Steel City Striders49.00
281S FrowV45Scunthorpe + District A C49.05
282C LeethamF40Goole Viking Striders49.06
283R SmithV40Goole Viking Striders49.07
284J BeecroftF40Rothwell Harriers49.09
285P TurnbullV40Unattached49.12
286M McLeanV50Barnsley A C49.14
287D WhiteleyV45Unattached49.16
288A MarsdenF35One to One49.18
289J WhelanV55NVAC49.19
290G BurwellF50Rothwell Harriers49.24
291S BradleyV45Unattached49.27
292H JonesFBarnsley A C49.28
293B BlaxeyV65Steel City Striders49.33
294J NelsonV50Steel City Striders49.36
295D PullmanF45Goole Viking Striders49.47
296K BaileyF35Barnsley A C49.48
297A KirkbyV45Denby Dale Travellers49.58
298T Pipe Unattached50.08
299G WhitworthV55Wakefield Harriers50.12
300P WakefieldV55Unattached50.13
301R AllanV45Unattached50.14
302P AndrewsV55Denby Dale Travellers50.16
303G WalkerV50Goole Viking Striders50.16
304J LinneyV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C50.18
305R Hurley Unattached50.21
306M WalkerV40Unattached50.22
307D NoutchV45Unattached50.41
308S DavisFBeverley A C50.42
309D AndrewF35Goole Viking Striders50.43
310D Bulgin Unattached50.48
311P Kimber Unattached51.04
312W BaxterF40Beverley A C51.12
313A MortonV50Unattached51.13
314P Clarkson Unattached51.16
315A ScholeyV45Ackworth R R51.26
316C HawF45Ackworth R R51.30
317J HughesF40Steel City Striders51.31
319B CooperV65Wakefield Harriers51.33
320P Furr Unattached51.44
320J WalkerV45Unattached51.44
321H RobinsonV40Notts A C52.04
322S Poulter Unattached52.09
323P Tuczemsky Unattached52.19
324A MooreV40Unattached52.25
325B StraceyF60Lincoln Wellington52.32
326A GoughV40Unattached52.41
327D Berger Unattached52.42
328J RossV50Rothwell Harriers52.44
329L Washby Dewsbury RR52.51
330A CockingV65Pudsey + Bramley AC52.58
331S Donald Beverley A C53.08
332M Kimber-HiltonV45Unattached53.25
334J WebbF35Valley Hill Runners53.35
335J HoltV50Unattached53.41
336P CrossV50Penistone Footpath Runners53.54
337G Clarke Saxilby Road Runners54.02
338L WellsF55Wolds Vets54.06
339R BainbridgeV50Unattached54.17
340C BassindaleV40Unattached54.19
341F CrossleyV60Unattached54.21
342B EdwardsF60Lincoln Wellington54.36
343D ScottV60Scunthorpe + District A C54.43
344A WrightV40Unattached54.44
345A Walker One to One54.47
346J McFadyenFScunthorpe + District A C54.50
347A HoggarthF35Goole Viking Striders54.54
348D SlaterV65Ackworth R R55.14
349L Tuczemsky Unattached55.25
350D BridgewoodV50Unattached55.27
351D NicholsonV45Unattached55.29
352A MaxwellV50Unattached55.29
353B DoddV65Ackworth R R55.31
354L Wilson Unattached55.32
355J BellV60Ackworth R R55.32
356M BurgessV45Unattached55.35
357S OwensV45Unattached55.39
358R Shaw Unattached55.40
359A PooleV45Unattached55.41
360G WilliamsV55Linclon City55.43
361R NelsonF55Steel City Striders56.03
362L BowdenF55Northern Vets56.05
363S ScottF55Scunthorpe + District A C56.11
364M MaiseyF55Unattached56.13
365J UrryF50Scunthorpe + District A C56.14
366J FaulknerF50Scunthorpe + District A C56.15
367E Fenandez Unattached56.38
368M Adams Unattached56.40
369A KennedyV65Doncaster + Stainforth A C56.41
370J MounceyFGoole Viking Striders56.43
371G TaylesF40Unattached57.00
372D AmoryV40Unattached57.07
373K Hennessey New Marske57.09
374P Walker Unattached57.16
375S AndersonV55Unattached57.37
376D Andrew Unattached57.37
377D Zaman Wakefield Harriers57.41
378J Darwin Unattached57.52
379R FaulknerV60Scunthorpe + District A C57.55
380M WoodF45Unattached58.18
381Shoults Unattached58.24
382T SimpsonV40Unattached58.30
383K ParkhouseV45Askern District RC59.04
384M WoodF65Ackworth R R59.13
385A DavisFUnattached59.23
386A ReynardV55Unattached59.57
387H MachinV65Spewnborough A C59.58
388D WestermanFUnattached59.59
389A HopkinsV55Unattached60.01
390E TuczemskyV40Unattached60.22
391J ReedmanF35Unattached60.23
392G Roberts Unattached60.49
393C Hutton Unattached60.50
394M HayterV45Unattached60.53
395S JamesF40Unattached61.07
396D HorsfallV60Penistone Footpath Runners61.35
397J ButterworthF60Clowne Road Runners64.23
398A RichardsonV50Ackworth R R64.35
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