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Askern 10 Mile, Yorkshire

10th August 2003

Results posted in by Gary Dawson - thanks Gary!
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1D Watson Holmfirth Harriers53.28
2D Bilton Leeds City AC53.45
3M HallV40Barnsley A C55.55
4J ConveryV40Bingley Harriers56.31
5J CoxV40Hallamshire Harriers57.29
6S Wright Doncaster + Stainforth A C57.43
7K NewmanV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C58.46
8S Cotter Leeds City AC58.58
9D DarbyV45Barnsley A C59.02
10T Smith Redhill Road Runners59.12
11M FarranV40Leeds City AC59.20
12J Broom Barnsley A C59.28
13J AtkinsonV45Rotherham Harriers59.31
14P Hoole Rotherham Harriers59.38
15J Guveya Doncaster + Stainforth A C60.18
16A Meskimmon Dewsbury Road Runners60.32
17S McCaffrey Holmfirth Harriers60.47
18T LivingstonV45New Marske Harriers60.51
19A White Unattached60.53
20J O'MaraFWakefield Harriers60.59
21D EdwardsV40Liverpool RC61.21
22I ClaytonV40Rothwell Harriers61.29
23K Batt Knavesmire Harriers61.54
24N Brookes Rotherham Harriers61.59
25M PageV50Doncaster + Stainforth A C62.01
26D Kennedy Huddersfield RR62.06
27P Goucher Clowne Road Runners62.48
28P Harries Unattached63.15
29P Sankey Liverpool RC63.29
30C Osborne Sheffield Tri63.31
31A Fowler One to One63.34
32N Shyplka Scunthorpe + District A C63.47
33N Haggas Kippax Harriers63.55
34M SavageV40Steel City Striders64.06
35T HawleyV55Rotherham Harriers64.27
36M CollinsV40Liverpool RC64.46
37C GillV55St Theresa's AC64.55
38D DonaldsonV40Rotherham Harriers65.10
39R FrodshamV50Liverpool RC65.13
40A Masterman Unattached65.31
41J PriceV50Liverpool RC65.36
42J Ogle Handsworth Roadhogs65.56
43K LincolnV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C66.22
44P Cassell Doncaster + Stainforth A C66.37
45R BorysiewiczV50Valley Hill Runners66.48
46D WallaceV45Barnsley A C67.10
47B ShepherdV50St Theresa's AC67.13
48G Shaw Doncaster + Stainforth A C67.24
49P HillV45Dewsbury Road Runners67.36
50L TheobaldV40Kippax Harriers67.56
51T LonerganV55Bingley Harriers68.10
52L CrowV50Kimberworth Striders68.11
53A BainV50Northern Vets68.15
54P RowlandV55Doncaster + Stainforth A C68.26
55M WalkerV60Horwich RMI68.28
56S Swallow Barnsley A C68.40
57C UttersonV55York Acorn AC68.44
58T EastwoodV45Rotherham Harriers68.45
59C GibbsV40Unattached69.15
60C HorsfallV45Handsworth Roadhogs69.18
61J ZapleV45Hearne Hill Harriers69.27
62I Brookes Kimberworth Striders69.36
63G WilloughbyV40Kimberworth Striders69.45
64P CharlesV45Miskin Manor RC69.47
65M FoxV50Scunthorpe + District A C70.00
66K BexonF35Goole Viking Striders70.06
67L FentonV50Spenborough AC70.08
68S KempV45Hallamshire Harriers70.16
69D GillV50Doncaster + Stainforth A C70.24
70S GriffithsV50Unattached70.31
71M Young Liverpool RC70.55
72P LycettV40Ackworth R R70.55
73J MoorhouseV45Meltham AC70.57
74D BeechV45Steel City Striders70.59
75A BexonV45Goole Viking Striders71.02
76M Hurrell Barnsley A C71.07
77K BrennanV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C71.09
78C WatsonV50Hull Springhead Harriers71.14
79A ByromV40Ackworth R R71.16
80S FordV40Kimberworth Striders71.19
81G Goodwin Unattached71.20
82K RichardsonFAckworth R R71.23
83C McCarthyF40Kippax Harriers71.37
84D McKennaV50Liverpool RC71.45
85A Webster Barnsley Harriers71.48
86P Minns Unattached72.05
87J BarleyF35Kippax Harriers72.14
88R NixonV45Kimberworth Striders72.27
89R Bore Unattached72.55
90R Sharp Steel City Striders73.00
91D MartinV55Abbey Runners73.10
92J Maxfield Scunthorpe + District A C73.23
93R Burke Liverpool RC73.37
94N CheersFLiverpool RC73.39
95L MuldowneyV50Doncaster + Stainforth73.40
96C FirthV55Doncaster + Stainforth73.55
97R Butterworth Rotherham Harriers74.01
98M BraundV40Unattached74.06
99B RidingV40Unattached74.07
100C EastwoodV40Doncaster + Stainforth74.13
101L DayF40Doncaster + Stainforth74.13
102B Moore Royton RR74.14
103S RouseV40Barnsley Harriers74.16
104J BettsF40Unattached74.18
105S Wiles Steel City Striders74.21
106I McCreadieV45Doncaster + Stainforth74.43
107T MinettV45Ackworth R R74.53
108I WhiteV45Gainsboro Morton Striders74.56
109I Palin Liverpool RC75.01
110J NeweyFKimberworth Striders75.08
111K Rains Steel City Striders75.23
112G EatoV40Unattached75.30
113J Cochrane Unattached75.32
114J ElvinV55Doncaster + Stainforth75.36
115D Keeling Clowne Road Runners75.37
116T BarracloughV40Selby Striders76.01
117A SchofieldV40Barnsley Harriers76.11
118M Johnes Liverpool RC76.22
119D PaverV50York Acorn AC76.31
120R MarshV40Unattached76.32
121K ChapmanV60Kimberworth Striders76.35
122M CaseyV55Barnsley A C76.37
123G Hartley Ackworth R R76.38
124G HamiltonV40Maltby RC76.57
125A Eshelby Doncaster + Stainforth77.02
126P Howson Steel City Striders77.10
127S MackleyV45Unattached77.12
128A BamfordV65City of Sheffield77.15
129B MasseyFBarnsley A C77.18
130D Hodgson Unattached77.32
131R Chambers Unattached77.41
132P BurtV50Askern District RC77.46
133J CraythornF35Doncaster + Stainforth A C78.00
134D Johnson Clowne Road Runners78.16
135K BingleyV70Ackworth R R78.22
136R StevensonV55Steel City Striders78.34
137R ScholesV55Barnsley A C78.37
138T WootonV45Valley Hill Runners78.48
139B HoylandF45Holmfirth Harriers78.49
140L ThorntonF40Liverpool RC78.51
141K FisherFDenby Dale Travellers79.03
142M PrestonV40Stainland Lions79.10
143L EatoF35Unattached79.10
144S Redshaw Unattached79.26
145M Damms Unattached79.33
146P BrittonV55Unattached79.33
147D Woodhead Unattached79.41
148M Hargreaves Unattached79.47
149N Taylor Doncaster + Stainforth A C79.56
150D Greenwood Dewsbury Road Runners80.14
151G DawsonV45Liverpool RC80.16
152D Owen Unattached80.20
153G ShawcroftV50Clowne Road Runners80.29
154S AndersonV65Wakefield Harriers80.35
155D BeaverV50Kimberworth Striders80.47
156J JohnsonV70St Theresa's AC80.53
157M Elvin. FUnattached80.55
158S KayeF50Denby Dale Travellers81.02
159P WilsonV50Holmfirth Harriers81.06
160K FoleyF35Unattached81.14
161C WeatherillV45Unattached81.21
162R BrownV60Penistone Footpath Runners81.25
163I Wilson Ackworth R R81.29
164I InghamV45Liverpool RC81.30
165I BassF55Harrogate HAC81.35
166D CooperV45Halifax Harriers81.44
167S LudlowV50Steel City Striders82.06
168K SiplingV40Unattached82.11
169T DoyleV55Liverpool RC82.16
170P SmithV50Ackworth R R82.31
171J DavisF50Ackworth R R82.40
172J Chambers Liverpool RC82.56
173P FenelonF50Goole Viking Striders83.03
174N Hindley Road Runners Club83.17
175S JonesV40R A F Menuith Hill83.21
176C Taylor Goole Viking Striders83.48
177J HerbertF40Wombwell AC84.02
178L BanfieldFYork Acorn AC84.06
179S BorysiewiczF50Valley Hill Runners84.19
180D Cartwright Unattached84.27
181G HardmanV65St Theresa's AC84.36
182D MaddoxV45Denby Dale Travellers84.45
183M LeneghanF60Kippax Harriers84.49
184K Dale University of Derby84.54
185A BennettV50Ackworth R R84.58
186A Wilson St Theresa's AC85.14
187A TattersallV45Ackworth R R85.18
188J MastermanF35Goole Viking Striders85.38
189P BlackwellF45St Theresa's AC85.58
190K Maccluskey Liverpool RC86.00
191A Stott Unattached86.02
192N Pointing Unattached86.07
193D TrickettV55Hallamshire Harriers86.15
194C DowneyV45Unattached86.28
195J LinneyV45Doncaster + Stainforth A C86.34
196A DewhirstF45Holmfirth Harriers86.54
197T Weston Unattached87.10
198G ThompsonV55Kimberworth Striders87.16
199J Mannion Clowne Road Runners87.27
200C MaltbyV45St Theresa's AC88.00
201S WardV40Totley A C88.09
202J Hunter Steel City Striders88.14
203S LayV40Kippax Harriers88.25
204S WardF45Steel City Striders88.28
205M KirkbyF60Hull Springhead Harriers88.40
206J WoodheadV50Unattached88.47
207D BancroftV50Ackworth R R88.55
208F GreenV55Liverpool RC89.03
209J HipshonV40Unattached89.09
210C HaighF40Unattached89.11
211B BentonF40Unattached89.16
212S MurrayF40Unattached89.17
213S BierisV50Askern District RC89.17
214J MannV40Unattached89.18
215J HallV40Unattached89.20
216H WinterFUnattached89.28
217A Booth Unattached89.30
218C Godfrey Unattached89.38
219P O'RourkeV40Liverpool RC89.42
220B SinarV60Ackworth R R89.44
221R HelmV45Unattached89.51
222K BazeleyV50Road Runners Club90.20
223P WoodV60Unattached90.36
224J GoodsonV55Unattached90.47
225S MyallV45Huddersfield RR90.50
226P AshfieldFHolmfirth Harriers90.53
227M WilliamsFUnattached90.55
228P Williams Unattached91.05
229A High Unattached91.19
230J Sutton Unattached91.24
231T WalkerV55Kimberworth Striders91.32
232C Lawrence Unattached91.52
233P Gray Unattached92.10
234D HeyV50Penistone Footpath Runners92.26
235T PlattsV65Clowne Road Runners92.37
236M FenelonV55Goole Viking Striders92.41
237A RatcliffeV60Keighley + Craven92.49
238M KirshbaumF40Denby Dale Travellers92.51
239A GardnerV50St Theresa's AC93.01
240D WadkinV40Steel City Striders93.02
241L RodgersF40Liverpool RC93.04
242P AndrewsV55Denby Dale Travellers93.20
243P WoodF45Wakefield Harriers93.43
244H Macquarrie Unattached94.02
245V SkipperF45Barnsley Harriers94.11
246J McAloonV70Liverpool RC94.26
247L Bursley Unattached94.27
248A BurgessV50Handsworth Roadhogs94.30
249J Sugden Unattached91.48
250J AdamsV55Valley Hill Runners95.12
251S OwensF45Unattached95.17
252P HardmanF55St Theresa's AC95.19
253D MarshV55Retford AC95.51
254G WhitehouseV40Unattached96.15
255C HallF45Ackworth R R96.23
256A BrydenV60Rotherham Harriers96.44
257A HolmesV40Unattached97.05
258G RichardsonV65Clowne Road Runners97.05
259N DunnV60Unattached97.20
260P WellsF55Rotherham Harriers97.29
261N HardyV50Unattached97.30
262D PerryV45Unattached97.40
263D MitchellV60Unattached97.42
264K CarrollF35Liverpool RC97.52
265J Fisher Unattached97.57
266I GilbertV40Unattached98.11
267A ScholeyV45Ackworth R R98.16
268M RawlinsFPenistone Footpath Runners98.37
269M Havers Keighley + Craven99.15
270S WallV60Unattached99.43
271M PotterFUnattached99.46
272J BellV60Ackworth R R100.08
273F WilsonF50Holmfirth Harriers100.40
274A MooreV40Unattached101.00
275D WatsonF50Hull Springhead Harriers102.00
276R MilneF35Unattached102.55
277J RossV50Rothwell Harriers103.15
278D HalewoodF40Walton Park RC103.17
279M DeanV40Unattached103.19
280B ClubbF45Liverpool RC104.00
281S BullockFKeighley + Craven104.55
282A WrightV40Unattached105.05
283M Jackson Unattached105.05
284P BentonV40Unattached105.13
285S ReynardF55Unattached105.24
286A DaviesFUnattached105.31
287J ButterworthF60Clowne Road Runners105.55
288J DaleV60Selby Striders105.59
289M WoodF65Ackworth R R106.21
290R Shaw Unattached106.44
291   107.33
292J NewburyV65Liverpool RC108.55
293S Clubb Liverpool RC110.15
294P WaterhouseV70Unattached111.26
295G NixonF35Kimberworth Striders111.46
296S McKiernanV40Unattached112.49
297G DayF40Unattached113.56
298D GillV70Bingley Harriers114.04
299A RichardsonV50Ackworth R R116.18
300G DawsonV60Horsforth Harriers123.48
301? BrownV45Unattached123.55
Fun Run
1S. NixonM14Unattached17.06
2S PunterM11Unattached18.14
3A PunterM38Unattached18.15
4E GodfreyF28Unattached18.20
5D JamesM7Unattached22.30
6M JamesM40Unattached22.31
7P AllenF28Unattached22.36
8G Allen Leeds/Bradford Tri22.37
9N JacksonF15Unattached24.22
10S DanbyF48Unattached25.34
11A JeffreyM9Unattached26.22
12H JeffreyV45Otley AC26.30
13C SkipperM10Unattached27.12
14E NixonF8Unattached28.00
15E HaighF6Unattached28.01
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