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Andy O'Sullivan's 50th Birthday Race
Littleborough, Rochdale

9th February 2003

I would like to thank all those who assisted or competed in this race.
Andy O’Sullivan BEM Race Organiser
Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1K. Chapman Salford Harriers26.30
2D. Lockett Salford Harriers26.42
3M. Gosling Unattached27.13
4R. HaworthV40Middleton Harriers29.00
5D. GregoryV40Clayton le Moors Harriers29.17
6R. Ingham Oldham + Royton AC29.48
7S. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers30.43
8A. Schofield East Cheshire Harriers30.57
9A. Whitehead Unattached31.00
10K. Edge Rochdale Harriers31.03
11P. SinnottV45Northern Vets AC31.13
12R. Todd Hamer31.26
13C. FordeV40Trans Pennine CC31.46
14A. Gotts Rossendale Harriers31.56
15M. GrywiaczV40Longwood Harriers31.57
16N. HillV40GM Police32.03
17P. WilkinsonV55Skipton AC32.03
18P. HaworthJMMiddleton Harriers32.07
19N. GottsV45Rossendale Harriers32.12
20N. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers32.15
21T. HargreavesV45Stockport Harriers32.16
22M. ProctorV50Longwood Harriers32.31
23Alex Tomkinson Wakefield32.46
24M. RowbottomV50Rochdale Harriers32.59
25D. Murphy Rossendale Harriers33.02
26G. Simpson Unattached33.06
27J. Dooley East Cheshire Harriers33.14
28K. ParkinsonV45Todmorden Harriers33.16
29D. HughesV40East Cheshire Harriers33.23
30M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers33.36
31I. HollowayV50Rochdale Harriers33.38
32S. RatcliffeJMUnattached33.44
33N. ShawV50Rochdale Harriers33.51
34Kath DrakeV40Spenborough AC34.12
35W. HowarthV40Unattached34.14
36T. DunkerleyV45East Cheshire Harriers34.17
37Glynda CookeV40Rochdale Tri34.26
38D. Emmanuel Unattached34.27
39Michaela Bromley Unattached34.34
40R. GouldJMEast Cheshire Harriers34.48
41S. GreeneV45Reebok34.48
42A. KellyV40Burnley35.00
43A. HayesJMDarwen Dashers35.08
44G. EntwistleV55Horwich RMI Harriers35.24
45Maria Lowe Salford Harriers35.30
46G. Spencer Unattached35.41
47Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers35.47
48A. O’SullivanV50!Rochdale Harriers35.55
49A. McAllisterV45Blackburn Road Runners36.02
50M. Broderick GM Police36.08
51Sheila Clough Unattached36.22
52C. Conway Unattached36.34
53J. KellyJMBurnley36.37
54I. MurphyV40Preston Tri36.44
55S. Howell Todmorden Harriers36.50
56R. HirstV50Clayton le Moors Harriers36.51
57L. HigginsonJMBolton Harriers36.53
58H. MolloyV40East Cheshire Harriers36.53
59C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC36.53
60C. Robinson Andems36.59
61J. ArmstrongV50Rochdale Harriers37.07
62D. FittonV50West Pennine Runners37.25
63J. BrighouseV40Blackburn Road Runners37.29
64D. AthertonV45Oldham + Royton AC37.34
65S. BrownV45Halifax Harriers37.42
66M. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers37.44
67J. FoxV50Rochdale Harriers37.48
68Sue ExonV45Trafford AC37.51
69C. TimpsonV50East Cheshire Harriers37.53
70R. Halstead Unattached37.57
71Sarah Heffron Oldham + Royton AC38.00
72Gay LearyV50Halifax Harriers38.19
73G. PalmerV55Unattached38.20
74D. Rushden Hamer38.29
75P. WilliamsV45Oldham + Royton AC38.39
76Katie KeeleyJFOldham + Royton AC38.39
77S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers38.44
78P. GeldhartV55Rochdale Harriers38.48
79J. PickupV50Longwood Harriers39.03
80A. Smith Trans Pennine CC39.05
81E. RiddallV55SELOC39.34
82Lisa Riddall Preston Tri39.39
83P. MarchV50Swinton RC39.41
84O. Choudry Hamer40.07
85D. MelvinV50Saddleworth Runners40.21
86D. ClutterbuckV70!Rochdale Harriers40.32
87J. McArdleJMHamer40.38
88M. Kay Horwich RMI Harriers40.39
89Pauline DoreV50Rochdale Harriers40.40
90W. KnoxV50Middleton Harriers40.45
91Mel Blackhurst Todmorden Harriers41.00
92J. WhiteV50Unattached41.23
93Jane WalkerV40Unattached41.26
94D. Hall Middleton Harriers41.46
95N. KershawV50Northern Vets AC41.57
96J. TaylorV50Darwen Dashers42.05
97J. MarshallJMHamer42.19
98T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers42.24
99J. Knowles Unattached42.34
100J. AdsheadV50Unattached42.34
101N. DalyV40Unattached43.10
102Sandra Cotterill Unattached43.10
103Chris EdgertonV40Clayton le Moors Harriers43.32
104K. DawsonV50Todmorden Harriers43.45
105G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers44.31
106B. PreeceV40Unattached44.46
107Brian S. ColeV55Winston Runners44.46
108M. FogartyJMRossendale Harriers45.16
109Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers45.38
110Sue GeldhartV55Rochdale Harriers46.55
111B. ArmisteadV50Oldham + Royton AC47.00
112Jan BarkerV50Saddleworth Runners48.16
113Linda RiddallV50SELOC48.19
114T. ParrV60Bolton Harriers49.05
115D. CommissarV55Unattached49.10
116T. ScottV55Unattached49.30
117Kath AllisonV50Rochdale Harriers49.39
118P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers50.23
119Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers50.37
120Allison BrettV40Unattached52.27
121Margaret WeaverV50Unattached52.27
122W. WoodJMHamer53.18
123Melody ThompsonV35Unattached53.41
124D. GillV70Bingley Harriers54.05
125A. WhitemanJMHamer55.38
126Barry S. ColeV55Winston Runners56.08
127Carol BarnesV40Winston Runners56.08
128Sandra Parry Unattached57.18
129Kath SkeltonV40GM Police57.39
130Pat ParrV60Bolton Harriers60.37
131Allison HigginsonV35Northern Vets AC61.20
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