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West Wight Three Hills MT 8m (900ft), Isle of Wight

24th April 2000

Results courtesy of Runner's World
    F35F45  IW  
115COOPER, Tristan    1Isle of Wight AC00:48:15
2228MEACHEN, Jason     Harwich Runners00:48:41
33105VOLLEY, Chris    2Wight Tri00:49:02
4480CHAPMAN-JONES, David     Verley A.C.00:49:51
5541SMITH, Ian     Clevedon Athletic00:50:09
6672HOTSON, Neil1    Southampton Running Club00:50:18
7719KNOTT, Graeme     Harwich Runners00:51:05
8886ELTRINGHAM, Jim     Highgate Harriers00:51:09
99113ARNOLD, Dave     Denmead Striders00:51:21
10109ELDRED, Mark2    Hardley Runners00:52:27
111173HAGERTY, Steve     Southampton Running Club00:52:45
12124COOPER, Steve    2Ryde Harriers00:52:57
131371KELLEWAY, Andrew     Hardley Runners00:53:09
141449WELLS, Ben    3Isle of Wight A.C.00:53:19
1515108LEAL, Andrew    4Ryde Harriers00:53:41
161640RUMSEY, Paul    5Ryde Harriers00:53:45
1717110SCIVIER, Paul3   6West Wight Road Runners00:54:07
181827McGILVRAY, John 1   Striders of Croydon00:54:47
191978ANGLIM, Mick 2   Hardley Runners00:54:51
202039ROWDON, Kristian    7Wight Tri00:55:08
212134PICK, Robert Harry4    Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers00:55:11
222247WELLS Paul    8Wight Tri00:55:13
232317HOLLOWAY, Stephen    9Unattached (Totland)00:55:28
2424106CHERVIS, John     Unattached (East Cowes)00:55:44
252535PRITCHETT, Chris5   10West Wight Road Runners00:56:05
262643SMITH, Simon     Striders of Croydon00:56:07
272712GALLING, John6    Hardley Runners00:56:55
282896HAYTER, Dave    11Wight Tri00:56:58
2929100MOTHERSALE, Robert7    Collingwood A.C.00:57:06
3030102MOREY, Keith     Unattached (Newport)00:57:26
31161LANSDOWN, Jane     Striders of Croydon00:57:49
323118JENKINS, Steve8    Hardley Runners00:58:19
333223LETSOME, Mark     Marlow Striders00:58:28
343367VALENTINE, William 3   Torbay A.C.00:58:32
353426MAITLAND, Graham9   12Ryde Harriers00:59:13
36358DOWNER, Dave10   13Ryde Harriers00:59:35
373675NOKE, Ray11    Hardley Runners00:59:49
383781KAY, Nicholas12    Unattached (Totland)01:00:07
393845WATSON, Peter13   14Ryde Harriers01:00:31
403983WORRALL, Richard    15West Wight Road Runners01:00:47
41293DIGGENS, Sabrina 1   City of Portsmouth A.C.01:00:49
42401ALLEN, Trevor14    Marlow Striders01:01:08
434151WILLIAMS, Peter15    Woking AC01:02:07
444295MARSHALL, Tim16   16Ryde Harriers01:02:35
45365WELLS, Lucy    1Wight Tri01:02:39
464331MITCHELL, Keith John 4   New Forest Runners01:02:39
474497PEACOCK, Allen17   17Isle of Wight A.C.01:02:41
4845112DINES, Steve18   18Wight Tri01:03:12
4946109TRUSCOTT, Peter19   19West Wight Road Runners01:03:15
504711FURMIDGE, Dave20   20Ryde Harriers01:03:25
514884DEETMAN, Marc     Unattached01:03:44
524998MURPHY, Chris  1  Unattached01:03:45
535014FRY, Brian21    Hardley Runners01:03:55
545130MILLS, Geoffrey  2  Hardley Runners01:03:57
555266PARKMAN, Trevor    21Isle of Wight A.C.01:04:09
56454BALLARD, Diane     Striders of Croydon01:04:12
575394McNAIR, Steve     Overton Harriers01:04:16
58556DAVIDSON, Alan 5   Liss Runners01:04:30
59560JACKSON, Christine    2Ryde Harriers01:04:52
605491GANNAWAY, J22    New Forest Runners01:04:52
6156107BAKER, Dave     Unattached (Chale Green)01:05:03
625752WOODS, George 6  22West Wight Road Runners01:05:28
635885HENDY, Malcolm23   23Ryde Harriers01:05:47
645929MEANING, Jason    24West Wight Road Runners01:06:06
6560115FURNESS, Jeff24    Unattached (Ryde)01:06:06
666122LEE, Stephen 7  25Ryde Harriers01:06:11
676224LITTLEWOOD, Tom     Striders of Croydon01:06:12
68669OSBORN, Rosemary 2   New Forest Runners01:06:14
69755COURAGE, Dawn1   3Isle of Wight AC01:07:15
7063111PARKER, Colin25   26West Wight Road Runners01:07:39
716482SCOTT, Ron 8  27Isle of Wight A.C.01:07:50
726542SMITH, John  3  Road Runners Club01:08:34
73889DRAKE, Vivien 3   New Forest Runners01:08:47
74987POWELL, Caroline2    New Forest Runners01:08:47
75663BELFORD, Chris26   28Wight Tri01:09:33
7610114BATT, Gina     Denmead Striders01:09:53
771188KIRK, Maggie 4   New Forest Runners01:10:18
786744TRODD, Ron   1 South West Vets A.C.01:10:21
796846WEBSTER, Bob27    Seaford Striders01:10:45
806976HARRISON, Graham  4  Hardley Runners01:10:47
811262LEVRIER, Kath 5  4Ryde Harriers01:12:05
827048WELLS, Alex    29Unattached (Ryde)01:12:06
837170OSBORN, Alex  5  New Forest Runners01:12:17
847216HOBEN, David28    Striders of Croydon01:12:38
8573104BUCKETT, Peter29   30Ryde Harriers01:14:00
867450WELLS, Peter 9  31Unattached01:14:40
871374NOKE, Linda 6   Hardley Runners01:14:47
8814101MOTHERSALE, Ann3    Collingwood A.C.01:14:49
897520LANGRISH, Ray 10   Sepora (Post Office Affiliated)01:14:54
907668DELANEY, Michael30    Hardley Runners01:15:27
911556DIXON, Sarah4    Striders of Croydon01:15:47
927790TAYLOR, Tony 11   New Forest Runners01:17:52
931658HARRIS, Chris 7   Hardley Runners01:17:56
947892GANNAWAY, Chris   2 New Forest Runners01:18:52
951777ANGLIM, Tara     Hardley Runners01:22:13
961879ANGLIM, Jan 8   Hardley Runners01:23:40
971957FURMIDGE, Joy 9  5Ryde Harriers01:28:04
9879103LEWIS, Chris31   32Ryde Harriers01:28:04
992099LYNN, Alison     Unatttached (London)01:35:17
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