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Newport-Ryde 7, Isle of Wight

22nd April 2000

Results courtesy of Runner's World
1 47STAMP, Vince1    City of Portsmouth AC38:54
2 9COOPER, Tristan    1Isle of Wight A.C.39:17
3 30MEACHEN, Jason     Harwich Runners39:30
4 51VOLLEY, Chris    2Wight Tri39:48
5 82TUCK, Grenville2   3Isle of Wight A.C.41:14
6 21KNOTT, Graeme     Harwich Runners41:56
7 34O'BRIEN, David     Portsmouth Joggers42:10
8 8COOPER, Steve    4Ryde Harriers42:16
9 84ELTRINGHAM, Jim     Highgate Harriers42:55
10 57WILLIAMS, John3    Neath Harriers43:17
11 37PIMENTEL, Peter4   5Isle of Wight A.C.43:39
12 42RUMSEY, Paul    6Ryde Harriers44:12
13 28McGILVRAY, John 1   Striders of Croydon44:23
14 92LEAL, Andrew    7Ryde Harriers45:05
15 91SCIVIER, Paul5   8West Wight Road Runners45:10
16 36PICK, Robert Harry6    Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers45:17
17 19HOLMES, Adam7    Fleet + Crookham AC45:30
18 5BRITTAIN, Christopher 2   Stubbington Green Runners46:19
19 54WELLS Paul    9Wight Tri46:26
20 60YOUNG, Peter 3  10Ryde Harriers46:36
21 56WHITEWOOD, Alan 4  11Ryde Harriers46:37
22 46SMITH, Simon     Striders of Croydon46:44
23 27MAITLAND, Graham8   12Ryde Harriers46:52
24168LANSDOWN, Jane     Striders of Croydon47:11
25 22LEAKE, Martin9    Marlow Striders47:13
26 90VALENTINE, William     Torbay A.C.47:17
27 23LETSOME, Mark     Marlow Striders47:45
28 12DODD, Matthew     Elmbridge Road Runners47:54
29 11DIBDEN, Paul10    Eastleigh Running Club48:06
30 52WATSON, Peter11   13Ryde Harriers48:32
31 55WHITE, Derek12    Eastleigh Running Club48:36
32 25LOW, Kenneth     Striders of Croydon48:52
33 33MUNTZER, Stephen     Striders of Croydon48:59
34 20HOPKINS, Stephen  1 14Eastleigh Running Club49:05
35 2ALLEN, Trevor13    Marlow Striders49:08
36265DIGGINS, Sabrina 1   City of Portsmouth A.C.49:17
37 89SWAN, David14   15Ryde Harriers49:38
38 39READ, Richard15    Eastleigh Running Club49:43
39 44SKELLEY, Graham16   16Ryde Harriers49:49
40 15GABRIELLI, Silvano    17Isle of Wight A.C.50:02
41 81CLEMENS, Nigel     Stragglers50:06
42 59WORRALL, Richard    18West Wight Road Runners50:13
43367JACKSON, Christine    1Ryde Harriers50:21
44 38PURCHASE, Alan17    Striders of Croydon50:26
45 43SHEPPARD, Keith18    Unattached (Hedge End)50:33
46480NORMAN, Mary Louise1   2Isle of Wight A.C.50:45
47 29McNAIR, Steve     Overton Harriers A.C.51:31
48 77GAUNT, John19    Unattached (Horndean)51:34
49 85ELTRINGHAM, Richard     Unattached (Eastleigh)51:34
50562BIRD, Rachel    3Unattached (Shanklin)51:36
51 40REED, Jim 6  19Harwich Runners51:47
52 45SKELLEY, Roger    20Ryde Harriers51:52
53 1ADAMS, Keith 7  21Wight Tri51:55
54 17HARRIS, Ian    22Unattached (Ryde)52:01
55675WELLS, Lucy    4Wight Tri52:22
56 31MILLS, Geoffrey  2  Hardley Runners52:38
57 14FURNESS, Jeff20   23Unattached (Ryde)53:08
58 41RICE, John 8   New Forest Runners53:16
59 50TRUSCOTT, Peter21   24West Wight Road Runners53:30
60761BALLARD, Diane     Striders of Croydon54:36
61 24LITTLEWOOD, Tom     Striders of Croydon54:40
62876WHITE, Sue2    Eastleigh Running Club54:49
63 18HOBEN, David22    Striders of Croydon55:12
64 48TIMS, Brian 9   Southern Vets55:16
65 6BROWN, Ian 10   Claremont Road Runners57:08
66 26MADDOCKS, Stephen23    New Forest Runners57:14
67 53WEBSTER, Bob24    Seaford Striders58:10
68 13ELDRIDGE, Keith 11  25Ryde Harriers58:36
69 49TRODD, Ron   1 South West Vets A.C.58:43
70973READ, Lorraine3    Eastleigh Running Club59:03
711069LEVRIER, Kath 2  5Isle of Wight A.C.59:40
721172PICKERING, Anna4   6Isle of Wight A.C.59:45
73 7CARTER, Michael 12   Unattached (Devizes)59:53
741266DIXON, Sarah5    Striders of Croydon1:02:06
751364DIBDEN, Stephanie6    Eastleigh Running Club1:02:30
761470McEWEN, Diana 3   Stubbington Green Runners1:02:47
771574SCOTT, Jane 4  7Isle of Wight A.C.1:06:09
781679RUSSELL, Wendy7   8Isle of Wight A.C.1:06:09
79 10DENNIS, Jason     Unattached (Paddock Wood)1:06:45
80 78THEED, Heby     Serpentine Running Club1:07:26
81 86WILSON, John 13   Unattached (Southsea)1:11:51
82 16GAMMAGE, David   226Isle of Wight A.C.1:15:20
831887KERR, Rebecca     Unattached (London)1:18:03
84 88KILLICK, Mark     Unattached (Bromley)1:18:03
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